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Metamoris 2 results, LIVE fight coverage stream online for 'Gracie vs Aoki' on June 9 in Los Angeles

Metamoris will deliver a blockbuster card filled with grappling super fights this afternoon (Sun., June 9, 2013) from UCLA’S Pauley Pavilion, featuring a wild main event between Kron Gracie of Brazil and Shinya Aoki of Japan. Get your Metamoris 2: "Aoki vs. Gracie" results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW below.

Metamoris will hold its second event this afternoon (Sun., June 9, 2013) from Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles, Calif., featuring a dozen of the finest Brazilian jiu-jitsu players today who will compete against each other in 20-minute bouts with one shared objective: submissions. will provide complete Metamoris 2: "Aoki vs. Gracie" results and coverage below, beginning with the online pay-per-view (PPV) stream (more details here) that begins at 7 p.m. ET.

In the main event, a dynamic match up is on tap between Kron Gracie, the son of legendary Rickson Gracie, and Shinya Aoki, who has spent the better part of a decade tapping out Lightweight mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters around the world. Kron is famous for his aggressive style and stance on submissions over points, while Aoki carries the moniker "Tobikan Judan," or the grand master of flying submissions, which means fans are in for an electric match.

After a successful first show, Metamoris has changed the rules a bit, adding in a panel of three experienced judges. Rather than give out points or create rounds, a winner is decided based on his performance as a whole. However, the emphasis is on submissions, which will naturally end the match instantly.

Metamoris has stacked the card to support the main event, adding the Estima brothers, "The Black Belt Hunter" Rodolfo Vieira and the explosive ADCC champion Andre Galvao, among others. In addition, arguably the best American jiu-jitsu practitioner ever, Rafael Lovato Jr., will make an appearance, as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

As always, MMAmania is the place to be for live discussion and reaction. Our readers will dissect this card while it happens and long after, so feel free to chat up the other Maniacs in the comments section below as you watch several of the best grapplers on the planet do their thing.

Last and certainly not least, rest assured that we will cover the event with the latest news, recaps and analysis following Metamoris 2: "Gracie vs. Aoki"


Main Event:

Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki Gracie via Guillotine

Main Card:

Braulio Estima vs. Rodolfo Vieira Vieira via Decision
Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu vs. Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub Cyborg via Decision
Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini Draw
Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.Galvao via Decision
Victor Estima vs.Jonathan "JT" Torres Draw


Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki

Gracie wearing the black shorts and white rash guard, with Rickson in his corner. Aoki is in all black. Gracie is smartly keeping his arms very close to his sides as the match begins. Both guys are very cautious on the the feet, and they are testing the waters with grips and small trip attempts. After a few minutes, Kron pulls closed guard.

Gracie is trying to climb his legs up Aoki's back, looking for an opening. Aoki doesn't let him, and they move to Kron's open guard. Gracie grabs a guillotine as Aoki moves back into his guard! It's tight, but Aoki rolls a few times and gets out. Gracie still controlling his head, while Aoki tries to sneak around his guard. Gracie reverses his guard and goes back to the guillotine! Rolls to mount, and it's tight. Aoki taps!

Final Result Gracie via guillotine


Braulio Estima vs. Rodolfo Vieira

Estima wearing the blue Storm gi and "The Black Belt Hunter" is wearing a white venum gi. Braulio quickly pulls closed guard and is reaching under Vieira's ankle. Vieira's posture is very strong, and Braulio is forced to open his guard. Braulio is controlling Vieira's very well by grabbing the lapel. Vieira attempts a pass, but Braulio rejects it.

Braulio is using open half guard and has tried to roll inverted a few times. However, Vieira's pressure is excellent, and he nearly has a pass. Braulio prevents it! That was close. Braulio's lapel grip is the only thing preventing Vieira's pass. Right as I say that, Vieira breaks the grip. Vieira is trying to circle around Braulios guard, but Braulio is keeping up with him.

Braulio is sitting butterfly guard and controlling the tail of Vieira's gi. Neither man is able to accomplish much just yet. Braulio is now attempting to wrap up one of Vieira's legs. Braulio determined to get the leg, so he goes inverted. With ten minutes remaining, Vieira is finally able to pass Braulios guard. He immediately goes for a gi choke. Braulio counters by spinning back to his guard.

Vieira is very close to being past Braulio's guard again. Vieira is trying so hard to break Braulio's grip on his lapel, but he can't, and Braulio gets back to open guard. With four minutes left, Braulio's grip is STILL preventing the pass. Not much is happening, as Vieira's pressure is being countered by Braulio's intelligent use of grips.

The crowd isn't booing, but they're anxious. Suddenly, Vieira jumps onto an armbar mid-pass! He has the position, but Braulio has his head wrapped up with his own feet. Thirty seconds left and Vieira breaks the grip! He goes belly down, and it looks tight! Braulio is able to tough it out and escapes with a few seconds left.

Not a very active fight, but the last minute was intense.

Final Result: Vieira via Decision


Roberto Abreu vs. Brendan Schaub

Schaub is wearing the black rashguard with the lime green and black shorts. Cyborg is wearing all black. Schaub is significantly bigger, as expected.

Schaub bounces around while Cyborg walks him down. Cyborg looks completely unconcerned with Schaub. Every time Cyborg looks to clinch, Schaub backs away. Cyborg attempts a single, but Schaub sprawls nicely. Cyborg rolling around, inviting Schaub into his guard, but Schaub is very cautious about entering his guard. Schaub is literally doing nothing but pushing Cyborg's head and backing away. Schaub enters his guard momentarily but retreats quickly.

Schaub isn't doing jiu-jitsu, he's just pushing his head and running away. The crowd boos angrily for the first time of the night. Cyborg looks bored and is playing dead to amuse himself. A miracle happens, as Schaub enters Cyborg's half guard. Cyborg rolls inverted, but Schaub backs away... again. The ref stands them up.

Schaub finally engages again in half guard. Cyborg attempts a tornado sweep, and nearly trips Schaub up as he runs away. Back to the half guard. Cyborg goes inverted, while Schaub retreats. Back to the half guard again. This match is becoming a frustrating pattern of half guard, retreat, repeat.

This is the jiu-jitsu equivalent to Starnes-Quarry right now. With nine minutes left, Schaub has yet to do anything at all. The crowd boos every half minute. A new position! Cyborg locks up full guard. Not his style, but at least Schaub can't back out as easily. Just as a write that, Schaub backs away. The athletes are back on their feet with seven minutes remaining.

Cyborg pulls and gets deep half guard. He rolls to a kneebar. Schaub retreats(again), but it was the closest Cyborg has gotten to implementing his game. Cyborg trying very hard to get underneath Schaub, but Schaub moves away and motions for Cyborg to stand up. The crowd is booing more and more.

They're back to their feet. Neither man is committing to any takedowns. Now Cyborg shoots, but Schaub successfully sprawls and looks for a guillotine. Schaub goes for a double, but it's defended easily. Thirty seconds left. Cyborg shoots and Schaub goes for a guillotine. It fails, and he ends the fight with Cyborg, finally, on top of him.

That was an awful match and embarrassing display by Schaub.

Final Result: Cyborg by Decision


Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini

Dern is in the blue gi, and Nicolini is rocking the white koral. Nicolini pulls guard and Dern immediately goes for a twisting foot lock. It looks tight, but Nicolini escapes and begins attacking Dern's foot. The ref moves them back to the center. Very fast paced in the first two minutes, especially compared to the last match.

Dern nearly passes Nicolini guard, she's very aggressive. Too aggressive, as she gets swept from the butter-half guard. Back to looking for footlocks and fighting grips. The pace slows a little as they look for a position to get up from.. Dern takes top position, and gets swept. Instead of stabilizing position, Nicolini goes for the arm, but it isn't close. Back to Nicolini's open guard. Nicolini wraps up Dern's leg but doesn't do much with it.

Nicolini uses X-guard to go for a footlook, but Dern's ankle slips out. Dern tries to silp past Nicolini's defenses and take her back, but she's back in the guard once again. This match is now reminiscent of the Estima-Torres match up. Now Nicolini goes for a one-handed twisting foot look. Dern is controlling her second hand, which prevents her from finishing, and the ladies are moved back to the center.

Not a whole lot going on right now. As Nicolini tries to pass, Dern throws up a triangle attempt. The triangle isn't tight, but the armbar following it looks pretty nasty! Nicolini sneaks her arm out and is safe. Back to Nicolini's open guard for more grip fighting. Five minutes remain and a dominant finish from either girl could earn them the decision.

Dern attacking with a kneebar, but Nicolini kicks out. Now Nicolini is looking for a kneebar, while Dern tries to sneak around her back. Neither succeed, and they land in Nicolini's guard. Two minutes remain, still anyone's match. Dern is pressuring hard, but Nicolini's grips prevent the pass. Nicolini uses Dern's pressure against her and lands in a kneebar position. Looks like a dangerous position, but Dern is controlling her. Nicolini hipping in HARD, but Dern still escapes. That was very close. The time runs out as they scramble.

If I had to pick, I'd give Nicolini the decision, but I expect the judges to score it a draw.

Final Result: Draw


Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Galvao in the blue storm gi, and Lovato wears the white gi. Lovato is light on his feet and looking for a grip. They move back to the center and engage in a clinch. Galvao pulls guard and attempts a sweep as he does it. Lovato shuts it down, and Galvao goes back to his feet.

Galvao leaps into the air for a flying triangle! It looks tight at first, but Lovato sneaks his second arm in while maintaining good posture. Galvao settles for guard before returning to his feet. Lovato has tried for a couple of inside trips, but none looked close. Five minutes in, and neither guy has successfully done much of anything.

Galvao attempts a single leg and might have got it, but he had to stop driving, because he neared the edge of the mat. Both still fighting for grips on the feet. At the eleven minute mark, the fight has only spent a few seconds at most on the mat. Suddenly, Galvao pulls half guard. Lovato works for a pass but gets swept for his trouble. Lovato tries to stand up, and Galvao jumps at a flying armbar! Slick move, but Lovato was never in danger.

Back in Galvao's guard, and he sweeps Lovato with a leg wrap. Lovato reverses with a modified X-guard sweep, and they're back to their feet. The match has been very exciting whenever they hit the ground. Lovato pulls guard, but Galvao has double underhooks. Galvao tries to pass, which Lovato counters with a triangle choke attempt. Lovato works back to his feet only to be taken down again. After nearly getting his guard passed, Lovato escapes back to his feet.

With six minutes left, it looks like Galvao might be tiring a little bit. He pulls half guard, and Lovato is pressuring him hard. Now in full guard, Lovato is attempting a standing pass. He makes it to the half guard before getting locked back up. As Lovato attempts to pass, Galvao rolls him over into Lovato's own half guard. Galvao is aggressively trying to pass on both sides of Lovato's guard. After about a minute of failing to pass, Galvao hops around Lovato's legs in one smooth motion following some misdirection.

They move them back to the center of the mat. Galvao is trying to isolate one of Lovato's arms. He stepped over for a mounted triangle, but the ensuing scramble allowed Lovato to get back to his feet. With a minute and a half left, Lovato needs something big. He pulls guard, and Galvao is again trying to pass. Galvao fails on another flying armbar. Galvao passes off of a Lovato kneebar attempt, but Lovato gets back to his guard. Very good match, and Galvao should win the decision.

Final Result: Galvao via Decision


Victor Estima vs. J.T. Torres

Torres in the white Tatame gi, while Estima is in the blue storm gi. JT pulls half guard and hunts for grips. Victor grabs his foot and rolls into his own open guard, keeping the foot wrapped. JT is slowly stacking Victor and doesn't seem to be in much danger. Both are fighting for grips. Victor goes for a knee bar, but JT gets out and maintains top position. Victor manages to grab a straight foot lock, but JT doesn't let him extend it.

Five minutes in and Estima is still going after JT's foot and Torres is defending well. Estima attempts to go inverted and take the back but fails. JT sits back on a foot but has nothing, and winds up on the bottom. Pretty slow, technical match so far. JT moves to X-guard and hits a sweep. Estima wraps up his leg. JT is sweating profusely. Victoris trying to sweep and JT dives over for a twisting foot lock! Estima survives but nearly gets his back taken. Now Estima is going for a toehold of his own but JT gets out.

Back to their feet and Victor jumps guard. About 9 minutes remain. Rener remarks that they are neutralizing each other, which is spot on. Estima grabs a toe hold! Looks tight! Estima switches to a kneebar, but JT gets out and stands up over him. They're moved back to the center. Estima tries to roll for a kneebar, but JT defends. Again, Estima rolls into a kneebar. It looks like JT nearly tapped, but he wiggled out and still is on top.

Four minutes remain and they're in the 50/50 guard. Estima uses the 50/50 to sweep JT. Torres reverses. A minute left and not much has changed. With thirty seconds left, they both scramble for footlocks. Estima ends with a tight straight ankle lock.

JT walks around with his hands up, but I imagine he loses this decision. Outside of one serious twisting footlock attempt, he didn't accomplish much.

Final Result: Draw


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