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Maidana vs Lopez results, LIVE fight Showtime boxing coverage stream online tonight

Marcos Maidana will attempt to keep his current win streak alive TONIGHT (Sat., June 8, 2013) against the always-game Josesito Lopez LIVE on Showtime from Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Get full "Maidana vs. Lopez" results and live fight coverage right here, right now below!

Kevork Djansezian

This is what we in the combat sports business call a solid scrap.

In a clash of hard-charging bruisers, Argentine knockout machine Marcos "Chino" Maidana will look to further establish his place among the Welterweight elite when he takes on iron-jawed Cinderella story Josesito Lopez at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., later this evening (Sat., June 8, 2013).

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of "Maidana vs. Lopez," starting with the Showtime broadcast at 10 p.m. ET.

After a disappointing 147-pound debut opposite Devon Alexander, Maidana rebounded in a slugfest against Jesus Soto Karass, dropping and stopping the durable veteran over eight rounds. He was last seen stopping an overmatched Angel Martinez in his home country in just three rounds.

A fellow longtime Junior Welterweight, Lopez rose to prominence in 2012 by breaking Victor Ortiz's jaw, defeating the heavily-favored young star in what was expected to be a rout meant to hype up a fight between Ortiz and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Taking Ortiz's place, Lopez demonstrated major heart against the much larger Alvarez, but eventually succumbed to a vicious onslaught to the body.

Also on the card will be a pair of Light Middleweight title fights as Cuban sharpshooter Erislandy Lara takes on Mexican knockout artist Alfredo Angulo and Demetrius Hopkins defends his belt against unbeaten Jermell Charlo.


Welterweight: Marcos Maidana def. Josesito Lopez by TKO at 1:18 of Round Six

Junior Middleweight: Erislandy Lara def. Alfredo Angulo by TKO at 1:50 of Round Ten

Junior Middleweight: Jermell Charlo def. Demetrius Hopkins by unanimous decision (115-113 x3)


Marcos Maidana vs. Josesito Lopez

Round one: Rare jabs early from both men. Lopez moves in with a flurry that hits air. Lopez lands a hard straight, the first good punch of the fight. They continue to trade jabs, Lopez lands another good right as Maidana leans away. Solid left hook at point-blank range from Maidana. El Chino stings him with a solid overhand right and they briefly brawl. Savage left to the body by Maidana, Lopez rips to the body and head in response. They exchange in the clinch to end a solid round. 10-9 Lopez.

Round two: They start the round throwing bombs; Maidana with a solid hook before getting tied up. Nice right to the body from the Argentine bruiser. Short overhand right from Maidana met by a pair of body shots. Two bog blows to the body by Lopez. Big right cross from Lopez, who bullies Maidana to the ropes. Stiff jab and Maidana cracks him to the body. Maidana briefly hurts Lopez with a big right hand and Lopez ties up in response. Nice body shot by Lopez and another. Maidana lands one of his own in the clinch. Maidana left hook and right hand land. Chopping right. Bell ends an excellent round. 19-19.

Round three: Both men back to the jab. They tie up again. Maidana lands a right behind three jabs. Lopez jabs to the body and lands a pair of rights to the head. Clinch. Maidana walks him down with some big shots. Winging right gets around Lopez's guard. BIG overhand right from Lopez followed by a pair of body shots. Another good right from El Chino. Maidana blasts Lopez with some hard shots against the ropes, staring with a left downstairs. Lopez waves him on and stairs to through. BIG 3-2 from Lopez. Very close fight. 29-28 Maidana.

Round four: Jabs to start the round. BIG shots from Lopez hurt Maidana and force him back to the ropes. Maidana gets his bearings and Lopez backs off. Three-punch combo from Lopez and a big left hook. One-two from Lopez connects. Good body shots by both men. Lopez hurts Maidana again with a left upstairs and tries to pressure. Maidana tries to tie up and slips. Big counter straight from Lopez, who has completely shut down Maidana in this round. Two more big rights by Josesito and another left hook up top. 10-8 despite no knockdown. 38-37 Lopez.

Round five: Jab to the body from Lopez. Maidana lands a right of his own. Maidana seems extremely tentative. Lopez clubs Maidana again to the head and body. Both men land body shots. Good right from Maidana met by body shots. Clinch. Maidana lands a couple of short punches int he clinch. Good overhand from Marcos, who thumps Lopez's body against he ropes. Maidana unloads powerful blows against the ropes, especially to the body. Bell. Marcos stole the round at the end. 47-47.

Round six: Good overhand from Maidana. Lopez meets a series of body shots with hooks up top. Clubbing right downstairs from Maidana. Left hook into the clinch. Beautiful overhand right from Maidana buckles Lopez enough to force him to one knee. Lopez beats the count and is back up and throwing. MONSTROUS right hands from Maidana and Lopez covers up. Clouds of sweat erupting from Lopez's head as Maidana blasts him with huge shots. Lopez isn't doing enough and the referee stops it. TKO win for El Chino.

Final result: Maidana def. Lopez by TKO


Erislandy Lara vs. Alfredo Angulo

Round one: Lara lands a pair of solid left straights as Angulo stalks forward. Angulo trying to pin Lara against he ropes and corner and lands a couple of body shots. Angulo again lands a couple of lefts downstairs, eats a big left upstairs. More body blows from Angulo as Lara covers up. Erislandy uncorks a huge left hand but can't faze Alfredo. Another chopping left and a third temporarily stings Angulo. Beautiful three-shot combo lands for Lara. Lara fires off a couple jabs. Angulo trying to walk him down and eats another big left before the bell. 10-9 Lara.

Round two: Angulo pressing Lara again into the ropes and chiseling away with body blows. Again, but Lara lands a short right hook before Angulo can unload. Lara again punches his way off the ropes. Big right hook from Lara as Angulo digs in. Right-left combo connects for the Cuban. One-two again. One-two again for Lara, more short body hooks from El Perro. Good counter left from Lara temporarily backs off Angulo. Clinch. Good body shot by Angulo, Lara circles away. Glancing right hook from the Cuban ends the round. 20-18 Lara.

Round three: Angulo continuing to stalk forward. Straight left connects for Lara and one to the breadbasket. LAra answers a liver shot with a right hook up top. More digging blows by Angulo. Hard left straight from Lara, who takes a few more body hooks and stalks after Lara with punches. Angulo landing better shots this round, although he takes a left up top. Angulo continues ripping the body. Two more bog shots met by a hard right hook. Lara lands another stinging left hand to the head and then digs one to the body. Good combination with his back on the ropes. Angulo bludgeons Lara from inside. Much better round for El Perro. 29-28 Lara.

Round four: Lara very mobile early on, landing potshots and staying away from the ropes. Angulo gets him to the ropes and triples up the body hook to good effect. Body shot met by a right hook. HUGE left hook from Angulo puts Lara on his seat hard; the Cuban is up and seems lucid. Angulo in pursuit; Lara trying to punch his way out of trouble as Alfredo thumps him with digging shots. Lara landing hard counters and has opened Angulo up just below his right eye. Lara pinned against the corner, stays out of trouble. Lara lands a good left straight. Lara right hook meets an Angulo left hook. Lara did enough to make it a 10-9 round in my book, so we're all tied up at 38-38.

Round five: Lara's feet seem stable. Angulo lands a pair of body shots. Lara returns a pair of jabs. Good straight left from Erislandy. Good right hook from Lara. Another one and a flicker jab. Good combination from Lara. Angulo with some more bodywork. More liver shots. One-two by Erislandy. Left to the body, short right up top by Angulo. Angulo pursuing with punches. Lara lands a hard left-right. Lara stings him with one more left to end a very good round for him. 48-47 Lara.

Round six: Nice uppercut from Erislandy. Angulo met by a series of powerful punches as he tries to close the distance. Short body blows from Angulo. Good series of chiseling blows from El Perro. Good jab and straight from the Cuban. Two short left hooks from Angulo. Angulo switches southpaw and lands a few jabs. Lara with another good left. Stiff jab. Clinch. Lara with a solid right hand. Another left through Angulo's guard. Angulo tries to pursue to no avail at the end. 58-56 Lara.

Round seven: Lara lands a good right hook early. One-two connects. Another left as he circles away from the ropes. Angulo unable to pin his man against the ropes this round and eats another one-two. Now he lands a few good liver shots. One-two from the Cuban. More body shots by Angulo. Hard right hook from Erislandy. Angulo gets him to the ropes again but can't land anything solid. Two solid left hands by Lara, who takes another few body shots and a right uppercut. Good left-right from Lara and Angulo responds with a straight right. Good fight. 68-65 Lara.

Round eight: Another big left hand by Lara. Solid right hook. Yet another left. Angulo gets him to the ropes and lands two body blows. One-two from Lara lands. Angulo continues his strategy and getting some decent results from the rare instances he gets Lara into the corner. Lara with a right hook to the body and one up top. Angulo lands some short blows. Good left hooks to the body and head from the Mexican brawler. Lara with a body shot of his own.One-two up top. Phone booth range and Angulo connects to the body again. Very close round, but still Lara's. 78-74 for the Cuban.

Round nine: Lara sneaks in a left hand. Another. Angulo eating everything Lara gives him. Angulo low blow. Right hook from Erislandy as he circles away. Angulo ripping to the body and gets one to land upstairs. MASSIVE left hook from El Perro and Lara is down again. Erislandy beats the count but El Perro is after him. Nasty body shots on sa static Lara. Lara clubbed by a right but stuns Angulo with a straight left. Hard right hook from Lara is ignored. Lara lands his big left again. Angulo is having more and more success pressing Lara into the ropes and landing. Nice right hook from Lara in the waning seconds. 86-84 Lara; anyone's fight at this point.

Round ten: One-two from Lara early. Again. Angulo stalking forward, gets one left in before getting clubbed by Lara. Nice counter left from the Cuban. Another left from Lara. Lara escapes the ropes without taking damage. Right to the body from El Perro. Body shot as he gets Lara into the corner. More chiseling blows from Angulo but Lara erupts with four huge shots and something breaks in Angulo's face. El Perro turns his back and the ref calls it off. Angulo’s eye is absolutely jacked; there might be a broken orbital. Good call in my book.

Final result: Lara def. Angulo by TKO


Demetrius Hopkins vs. Jermell Charlo

Round one: Charlo's jab looks the sharper of the two. Hopkins pokes the body with a jab, avoids a one-two. Hopkins comes in with punches and is tied up. Nice jab to the body from Charlo. Hopkins fires off a four-piece combo, gets contact on one. Charlo generally in the middle of the ring, working Hopkins towards the ropes. Straight to the body from Charlo, then a solid one-two up top. Both men land rights in succession to end the round. 10-9 Charlo.

Round two: Hopkins doubles up the jab and gets clinched up. One-two from Charlo is dodged and met by a clinch. Stiff jab from Charlo and some clubbing blows from both inside. Charlo avoids a six-shot string of punches. Clinch. More jabs from both fighters. Charlo tries a 1-3, doesn't land. Neither does Hopkins' return fire. Clinch after Hopkins avoids a one-two. Garbage fight so far. 20-18 Carlo.

Round three: Nobody committing to power shots. Charlo generally the one moving forward and landing a couple more jabs. Short right from Charlo, clinch. Nice counter straight from Hopkins as Charlo moves in. Charlo presses forward, lands a glancing left hook at the end of a four-punch combo. Hopkins uncorks a one-two that makes decent contact. Charlo triples up on the left hook, lands none. Bell. 30-27 Charlo.

Round four: Still just jabs landing, with power shots coming up a mile short. Counter right from Hopkins. Charlo misses with a one-two. Hopkins one-two is deflected. Clinch. Sneaky lead right from Hopkins. Double jabs from Hopkins. Charlo misses with a one-two. Stiff jab connects for Hopkins, round ends. 39-37 Charlo.

Round five: Quick phone booth exchange. Hopkins with a hard right hand over the top, then a counter straight off a Charlo one-two. Hopkins avoids a rush. Lead right connects. Clinch. There is literally nothing worth writing about going on in this fight. Neither one is committing to anything and their accuracy is in the toilet. Clinch. 10-9 Hopkins, I guess. 48-47 Charlo.

Round six: Nice counter right again by Hopkins. Charlo just misses with a lead right, just avoids a counter left and ties up. Right hand lead from Hopkins after a jab salvo from Charlo. Clinch, short punches to the body and head from Charlo. One-two lands for Jermell. Both men land stiff jabs. Charlo presses forward hitting air. 10-9 Hopkins for counter punching. I don't care. 57-57.

Round seven: More jabs. Good right from Hopkins. Charlo finally lands a solid right hand with Hopkins against the ropes, clinched before he can capitalize. Hopkins reverses and tries to work Charlo against the ropes but gets forced back by a flurry. Charlo misses a body shot. Overhand right connects by Hopkins. One-two. Round ends. 10-9 Charlo, 67-66 same.

Round eight: Charlo lands a body shot. One-two up top. Hopkins flurries as Charlo approaches. Hopkins narrowly misses with a counter right. Glancing overhand from Hopkins. Clinch. These guys have combined for 44 total landed power shots this whole fight. Blargh. One-two from Charlo. Solid counter right by Hopkins. One-two-three fails to land for Charlo.. Bell. 77-75 Charlo.

Round nine: Both throw clubbing shots inside. Good one-two from Charlo, Hopkins responds with an overhand right. Clinch. Both exchange and land heavy rights up top. Charlo chases and connects with a long left hand. Hopkins lands a left hook after narrowly missing with a one-two. Another left hook. Overhand right. Clinch. Bell. 10-9 Hopkins, 86-85 Charlo.

Round ten: Body blows from Hopkins lead into a clinch. Less than 120 combined landed punches; wonderful fight so far. Clinch. Charlo answers a right with one of his own, then a one-two. Clinch. Hopkins digs to the body, roughs up Charlo inside. Quick exchange. More body shots. 95-95. Nobody deserves to be ahead in this fight.

Round eleven: They whiff big punches. Corners imploring their fighters to throw. More whiffs. Charlo lands a right, Hopkins tries to come in with body blows. Nice one-two from Hopkins connects. Counter left to the body from Charlo. Hopkins lead right met with a left. Stiff jab by Charlo. 105-104 Hopkins.

Round twelve:The two swing inside and lands glancing shots. Right from Charlo lands. Jab exchange. One-two from Charlo. Hopkins lands body shots. Charlo JUST landed his hundredth punch of the fight. Charlo misses with a one-two, connects with a left hook on the exit. Charlo doubles up the left hook low and high successfully. Hopkins with two to the body. They trade jabs. Clinch. Fight thankfully ends. 114-114.

Final result: Charlo def. Hopkins by decision


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