Who Should Fight Who? UFC 160 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.

Velasquez should fight Dos Santos - Reason: Cain dominated Bigfoot like we all knew he would but what was so surprising is how fast he got it done. I read that Silva had only landed 4-6 strikes on Cain in their two fights. Thats ridiculous. Cain just proved that Bigfoot didn't belong in there with him, I really wish Werdum didn't go and do TUF, he would have been the one fighting Cain at 160 and I'm sure it would have been much more competitive. Oh well, hopefully we'll see that fight soon. I thought and said before 160 that even if JDS knocked out Hunt I wouldn't want to see him fight Cain again so soon but after his performance I'm 100% fine with the third fight happening next and its going to happen so thats that and it should be great. I'm looking forward to it, these two are absolutely the Two Best Heavyweights on the Planet and I'm sure the Rubber match will be great. This fight will be booked soon.

Silva should fight Struve - Reason: Bigfoot shouldn't have even been in that title fight, he got whooped again which was no surprise. I want to see him fight someone ranked outside the top 10 next, I think Stefan Struve would be great. I think that would be a very good fight and I think I makes sense so I hope that one gets booked. Silva could also fight Mark Hunt or Todd Duffee.

Dos Santos should fight Velasquez - Reason: Dos Santos looked great, he dominated the fight he hit hard a couple of times but he never looked hurt and he just beat the shit out of Hunt for 3 rounds before knocking his fucking head off with a Spinning Heel kick! It was amazing. What a way to end a fight, 40 seconds left, thinking its going to a decision and then BAM. It was fantastic . Now hes getting the rematch with Velasquez that hes wants very badly and a chance to get his belt back. It should be a great fight, I'm excited about it. It'll be booked soon.

Hunt should fight The Loser of Nogueira vs Werdum - Reason: Hunt did a good job in his fight with JDS, he got knocked out and outclassed but he stayed in there with one of the best Heavyweights in the world for almost 15 minutes and he kept coming forward, gotta respect that. I'd like to see him fight The Loser of Nogueira vs Werdum next. I think it would be a great fight and I hope it happens. Hunt could also fight Antonio Silva or The Winner of Barry vs Jordan.

Teixeira should fight The Winner of Henderson vs Evans - Reason: Teixeira went in there and got it done fast, hes a well rounded beast and he needs a solid top 10 opponent next and hes already said he wants The Winner of Henderson vs Evans so I hope he gets the Winner. Thats a fight that makes sense and would be great so I hope it happens. Teixeira could also fight The Winner of Shogun vs Sonnen or Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Te Huna should fight Manuwa - Reason: Te Huna's very solid but he got caught in a choke and that happens I expect him to bounce right back and look great in his next fight. I'd like to see him fight Jimi Manuwa next, I think that'd be a fantastic fight. That just has Bangfest written all over it, I hope it gets booked. Te Huna could also fight Fabio Maldonado or The Winner of Cavalcante vs Silva.

Grant should fight Henderson - Reason: UnFuckingBelievable. I doubted Grant before this fight, I thought Maynard would push the pace and control the fight with his boxing and wrestling but I had no idea what type of beast Grant was at the time. Now I know. Maynard was doing good at the beginning of the fight but that didn't last long, Grant cracked him a couple of different times and hurt Maynard then he got swarmed on and that was it. Maynard is very very good and for Grant to finish him the way that he did Benson Henderson better keep his fucking hands up. This guy is a killer and hes coming for that belt. Grant vs Henderson is happening next, it'll probably happen in August on that Fox Sports1 card and It should be awesome. Can't wait for this fight, I hope Grant destroys Bendo.

Maynard should fight Melendez - Reason: Maynard looked good early in the fight but once Grant had him hurt he never let him recover and he put him away. It was very shocking, Grant is a monster and I know Maynard will come back better than ever for his next fight. I'd like to see him fight Gilbert Melendez next. I think that fight makes a lot of sense and it would be a very good fight. I hope this fight gets booked. Maynard could also fight Jim Miller or Evan Dunham.

Cerrone should fight Dos Anjos - Reason: Well its already announced, I didn't really want Cerrone to fight Dos Anjos, I'd rather have seen him fight Josh Thomson next but oh well Hopefully we'll see that down the line. This fight should be good even though many think Dos Anjos lost his last fight, I'm sure it'll be good.

Noons should fight Gomi - Reason: Noons is good, hes a good fighter but he keeps on losing and hes gotta change that in his next fight or he'll be cut. I want to see him fight someone who will stand in front of him and throwdown, I think a fight against Takanori Gomi would be fucking awesome. I can see it being an all out war and I desperately want to see this fight. I really hope this fight happens, Book this shit! Noons could also fight Anthony Njokuani or Matt Wiman.

Pyle should fight Kim - Reason: This was a close fight, I was fine with the decision because I thought it could've went either way. I would have been happier with a Draw because I thought it was that close but whatever Pyle won. I like Pyle a lot, he seems to be getting better and hes 37 thats pretty crazy. I'd like to see Pyle fight someone in the Top 10 next and I think it should be Dong Hyun Kim. I think this fight makes sense and I also like it stylistically. So I hope it gets booked. Pyle could also fight The Winner of Brown vs Alves or The Winner of Shields vs Woodley.

Story should fight Marquardt - Reason: Story had Pyle really hurt in that first round, pretty much out I think Pyle landing on the cage woke him up, Story couldn't finish it and he lost a decision. I want to see him fight a top guy who is also coming off a loss next, Nate Marquardt. I think that would be an amazing fight and I hope it happens. Story could also fight Mike Pierce( I know he has a fight already booked, he could fight Story after that whether he wins or loses his next fight) or Jordan Mein.

Bermudez should fight Siler - Reason: This was another close fight, I actually thought the judges got it right. Every fight Bermudez is in its close and he gets dropped a couple of times, they're always fun. I'd think a fight against Steven Siler would be very entertaining. They were on the same season of TUF together and I just really like this fight. I hope it gets booked. Bermudez could also fight Jeremy Stephens or Nik Lentz.

Holloway should fight Elkins - Reason: It was a close fight and Holloway did a great job, I don't expect him to fall down the rankings after this fight. I want to see him fight Darren Elkins next. I think that fight makes sense and I hope it happens. Holloway could also fight Hatsu Hioki or Hacran Dias.

Whittaker should fight McGee - Reason: Whittaker looked good, I don't think it was a great stoppage, Smith was clearly hurt but he wasn't that hurt. Enough about that, Whittaker's striking look really good and I wanted to see him beat up Paulo Thiago next but then Thiago got booked in another fight then I wanted to see Whittaker fight another TUF Winner in Court McGee and the next day it was booked. I love that shit, I was very happy about that. I think that'll be a great fight, McGee's a lot better than Smith so I don't think Whittaker will be doing that one hand up defense to be ready for the takedowns in this one. I'm looking forward to this fight.

Smith should fight Burrell - Reason: Smith didn't look that bad in his fight with Whittaker, I know he lost but he landed some nice punches and he looked a lot better all around than he has in his previous fights, I hope he continues to get better. I'd really like to see him drop down to 155 but I don't think he will before his next fight so I'll pick someone from WW for him to fight and I think it should be Nah-Shon Burrell. I think it makes sense and I hope it gets booked. Smith could also fight The Loser of Silva vs High or Dan Miller.

Nurmagomedov should fight Healy - Reason: Nurmagomedov looked awesome, he set a record for the most takedowns in a fight and he just completely dominated Trujillo. Hes the real deal, can't wait to see him back in there. I want to see him fight a Top 10 guy next, I think a fight against Pat Healy works. I think that makes sense and it would be great. I hope they make that fight next. Nurmagomedov could also fight Josh Thomson or Jim Miller.

Trujillo should fight Couture - Reason: Trujillo's a strong athletic guy but he had no answer for Nurmagomedov's grappling. He was getting tossed around like a ragdoll for 15 minutes. For his next fight I'd like to see him fight someone much lower ranked than Nurmagomedov. I think a fight against Ryan Couture makes sense. I like that fight, book it. Trujillo could also fight Thiago Tavares or Tim Means.

Thompson should fight Amagov - Reason: It wasn't a very good fight but Thompson got it done. I want to see him fight a striker next. A fight against Adlan Amagov would be awesome. I think that would be a fantastic fight and I really hope it gets booked. Thompson could also fight Hyun Gyu Lim or Papy Abedi.

Burrell should fight Smith - Reason: Burrell looked alright in his fight and I don't think hes in danger of being cut. I'd like to see him fight Colton Smith next. I think that fight makes sense and I hope it happens. Burrell could also fight Dan Miller or Benny Alloway.

Roop should fight Dillashaw - Reason: Roop shocked the shit out of me. I knew he was tough and all that but I was fucking shocked when he beat Bowles's ass. And now it turns out that Bowles was on something for that fight, he was using testosterone and he still lost. Hes having a bad couple of weeks. Alright back to Roop, so I was surprised but lets see if Roop can beat another top ranked guy. T.J. Dillashaw is a guy that I've had in my top 10 for a while now and hes finally being recognized as one of the best Bantamweights in the world and I'd like to see George Roop fight him next. I think it makes sense and I think its exactly who Roop should be fighting next. I hope it happens. Roop could also fight Scott Jorgensen or Takeya Mizugaki.

Bowles should fight Menjivar - Reason: I know he hadn't fought in a long time but I really expected him to come out there and dominate Roop and it just didn't happen. He got finished and he failed his drug test, he tested positive for elevated T/E levels and he's been suspended. Even though its looking like Bowles's stock is totally plummeting I don't think hes done and I think he's still capable of fighting the best guys in the world. For his next fight I'd like to see him fight someone who he should have already fought Ivan Menjivar. I think it makes perfect sense and it would be a great fight. I hope it gets booked. Bowles could also fight Mike Easton or Hugo Viana.

Stephens should fight Blanco - Reason: Stephens looked good at 145, he dominated Payan and I'm excited to see what he does next. I'd like to see him fight Maximo Blanco next. I think it makes sense and it would be an action packed fight. I hope it gets booked. Stephens could also fight Dennis Bermudez or Cole Miller.

Payan should fight Grice - Reason: Payan was a bleeding all over the place in that fight, it was one of the bloodiest fights in UFC history I would imagine. He got whooped, Stephens is just the better fighter. I think Payan will get another fight in the UFC. I'd like to see him fight Matt Grice next. I think it makes sense and I hope it happens. Payan could also fight The Loser of Jason vs Wilkinson or The Loser of Arantes vs Pepey.

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