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Rampage Jackson guarantees big change in MMA with new Bellator/TNA hybrid deal

Former PRIDE and UFC star "Rampage" Jackson is going to help change the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), thanks to his new landmark deal with Bellator and TNA, though I get the feeling Eddie Alvarez may be of dissenting opinion.

Bellator MMA

Chris Weidman wanted nothing to do with Bellator MMA once he read the fine print on their contract.

Eddie Alvarez is taking them to court to try to break free of their stranglehold over his career and recent signee, Paul Daley, is furious over the restrictions they've placed on his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

I guess Quinton Jackson knows something they don't.

"Rampage" signed an exclusive deal with Spike TV and Viacom on Tuesday (see the details here) and tells TMZ that not only is he living his dream, but he's paving the way for other fighters who (like him) may be unhappy with the way Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is doing business.

"When you look at my deal in the UFC, and the scope of what my deal with Bellator and TNA is, this is a dream come true. When other fighters get the chance to see everything I'm able to do with this deal and the benefits it provides, you're going to see a big change in MMA. I guarantee it."

Those benefits are likely the same ones shared by former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Lawal, who also joined the Viacom family roughly one year ago. And, like Jackson, "King Mo" will also pull double duty as a professional wrestler.

When and against who, remains to be seen.

Jackson's dream may soon become a nightmare if he's unable to capitalize on this new opportunity. Lawal suffered a serious setback when he was knocked out by Emanuel Newton earlier this year (see it here) and "Rampage" is already mired in a three-fight slump.

You know the old saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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