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Barnett breaks down UFC on Fuel TV 10 video: 'Goofus' Werdum will plow through 'punched out' Nogueira

Josh Barnett is back in the UFC fold, predicting upcoming Heavyweight match ups like only he can.

Within the span of three months in late 2006, Josh Barnett and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira spent a combined 40 minutes inside the ring together, splitting a pair of decisions under the Pride FC banner.

Nogueira was a different animal back then, renowned for a granite chin that wouldn't truly be dented until Frank Mir stopped him at UFC 92 in 2008 to take the interim Heavyweight title. Wrestling-minded Cain Velasquez would prove 14 months later that the Mir knockout was no fluke, scoring a surprise finish of the durable Brazilian at UFC 110 in early 2010.

It was certainly uncharacteristic for Nogueira, but a reality that Barnett -- who recently inked a multi-fight deal to return to the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion -- now says is the rule rather than the exception.

His analysis (transcribed from the video above):

"Nogueira's biggest problem is that he has lived on his chin. There are a lot of fighters who are built that way, they just take shots, take shots and take shots and eventually come back on their opponents, either because they are tired or taken four and given the one that counts. He can't do that anymore. He's punched out. Nogueira is very knockout-able guy. I've seen him take some good shots, but at the same time I've just seen him get clipped and he's done."

Nogueira, who most recently returned from a broken arm suffered inside the Octagon in his rematch with Mir at UFC 140 to submit Dave Herman at UFC 153 in Oct. 2012, is set to compete again this weekend (Sat., June 8, 2013) at Paulo Sarasate Arena in Fortaleza, Brazil. He is slated to headline UFC on Fuel TV 10 opposite Fabricio Werdum, who he defeated via unanimous decision at Pride FC: "Critical Countdown Absolute" back in 2006 (watch full video here).

It's a result that Barnett does not predict Nogueira will duplicate thanks to a confluence of new factors, including his suddenly suspect chin.

His analysis (transcribed from the video above):

"Werdum has been feeling pretty froggy with his striking as of late. And he's 6'5," so I expect that big 'ole goofus to come in there and [cue bulldozing sound effects] probably just plow through him. That's really going to be the difference in this match."

Barnett goes onto explain that he wouldn't be surprised to see Nogueira "out roll" Nogueira on the ground, but that a submission finish is unlikely. On the contrary, he expects the 'long in the tooth" Nogueira to get his wig clipped again, which will ultimate lead to his downfall … again.

He would know … right?

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