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UFC Quick Quote: Fertitta brothers ‘use' the ‘predictable' Dana White to verbally attack others

Randy Couture believes the Fertitta brothers "use" UFC President Dana White to be a reactionary, hurtful and insulting figure for the company in the media if a relationship goes south.


"Of course it was hurtful. That's how Dana operates. That's the sword that he wields. That's how the Fertittas use him. They know how he's going to react. They know he's going to say the things he's going to say. He goes out of his way to be hurtful, to be insulting, to drop F-bombs and try to push buttons. That's how he operates. He's very predictable in that regard. At the press conference for Fight Master I thanked him for creating such a media storm for the brand new show. And since then we haven't heard a word from him. [...]"

"But this is how Dana operates. I don't operate that way. It's not personal for me. It's about making the best business decisions I can for my brand and for the sport of mixed martial arts."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall-of-Fame inductee Randy Couture tells Sports Illistrated about his ugly divorce from the UFC and the fallout of his decision to leave the world's premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization and sign a multi-prong deal with Viacom, Spike TV and rival promotion Bellator MMA. Couture says it was "hurtful" that White verbally attacked him in the media by saying, among other things, that the former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion has "never been a good guy". The break up between the two parties spilled over to Couture's family life, as White banned "The Natural" from cornering his son, UFC lightweight Ryan Couture, in a move Randy believed to be "over the line". Couture feels the majority owners of the UFC, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, "use" White in a kind of attack-dog role where he will publicly trash anyone who doesn't want to play ball, a former two-division champion and Hall-of-Famer included. Couture is clearly a little rattled about how his relationship with White went sour, but ultimately doesn't have any regrets as all of his decisions were for the betterment of his personal life and career.

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