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Golovkin vs Macklin results stream, LIVE online HBO Boxing fight coverage from Foxwoods

Middleweight boxing standouts Gennady Golovkin and Matthew Macklin are set to light each other up TONIGHT (Sat., June 29, 2013) LIVE on HBO from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., with a start time of 9:45 p.m. ET. Get full "Golovkin vs. Macklin" results and live fight coverage right here, right now below!


In what is practically guaranteed to be an entertaining slugfest, Kazakh mega-puncher Gennady Golovkin will face his stiffest test yet in the form of hard-charging bruiser Matthew Macklin TONIGHT (Sat., June 29, 2013) from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., headlining an intriguing three-fight "Boxing After Dark" card.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of "Golovkin vs. Macklin," starting with the HBO broadcast at 9:45 P.M. ET this evening.

Golovkin, a fantastic amateur standout, has erupted onto the Middleweight scene, stopping his last 13 opponents in an impressive streak that dates back to 2008, claiming the WBA and IBO 160-pound titles along the way. He was last seen annihilating Nobuhiro Ishida in one of the year's most savage knockouts (watch it here).

Macklin was likewise impressive in his last effort, wiping out Joachim Alcine in less than three minutes for knockout win No. 20. Previously, he put up a valiant effort against divisional kingpin Sergio Martinez before a vicious series of shots led his corner to call it off in round 11.

Rising prospects Thomas Oosthuizen and Willie Nelson will also be in action, Oosthuizen in a 12-round contest against Brandon Gonzales and Nelson in a ten-round bout versus Luciano Cuello.


Middleweight: Gennady Golovkin def. Matthew Macklin by TKO at 1:22 of Round Three

Super Middleweight: Thomas Oosthuizen and Brandon Gonzales fight to a draw (92-98, 96-94, 95-95)

Junior Middleweight: Willie Nelson def. Luciano Cuello by unanimous decision (97-93 x2, 96-94)


Gennady Golovkin vs. Matthew Macklin

Round one: Macklin the aggressor initially, preesing forward behind his jab. Golovkin left hook. Now Gennady is on the front foot. They clinch, Macklin lands some short shots. Macklin with a right downstairs. Stiff jab by Gennady. Macklin pumping the jab and lands an overhand right. Macklin getting cornered and takes a big right. Another right and Macklin ties him up. Short left hook by Gennady and another stiff jab. One-two. Lead right from Gennady sends Macklin stumbling back into the ropes. Good work early, but the end of the round doesn't bode well for Macklin. 10-9 GGG.

Round two: Golovkin aggressive early. Another right hand hurts Macklin and he ties up. Again after a left hook. One-two from the Kazakh. Macklin steps in to the body and ties up. Good jab by Golovkin. Another. Good right hand from Golovkin, who has Macklin against the ropes again. Mack ties him up. Macklin takes another big right and a body shot. Gennady corners him, lands a right to the body but takes one upstairs. Clinch. Bell, and Macklin is cut. 20-18 Golovkin.

Round three: Macklin to the body. Macklin points out a bad spot in the corner. Good left hook from Macklin. Gennady thumps the body with a right. Macklin firing back but eats another big right. Macklin firing to the body and head. Golovkin lands a brilliant left hook to the body and Mack is writhing in pain on the mat. He doesn't even come close to beating the count. Who can stop this guy?

Final result: Golovkin def. Macklin by TKO


Thomas Oosthuizen vs. Brandon Gonzales

Round one: Oosthuizen southpaw, Gonzales orthodox. Thomas hanging on the outside, Gonzales reaching with punches and falling short. Good counter hook from Thomas. Good counter right hook from the South African. Gonzales lands shome short blows to the body. Oostuhuizen pressed into the ropes and takes some glancing shots. Good overhand by Gonzales. Hard left hook connects. Body shot by Gonzales. Nice one-two from Thomas. Nice counter right hook. Good round. 10-9 Gonzales.

Round two: Nelson reaching in with good body blows. Clinch. Oosthuizen jabs to the body, takes a jab up top. Phone booth fight now, favoring Gonzales. They're broken up by the ref, but Gonzales goes right back to it. Hard shots inside by Brandon to the body and head. Oosthuizen lands the counter right hook. Two big rights up top from Brandon. Big left up top snaps Oosthuizen's head back. Oosthuizen lands a jab and straight downstairs. Left hand from the South African at the bell. 10-9, 20-18 Gonzales.

Round three: Oosthiuzen snapping out the jab early. Steps in with a one-two. Left hand up top. Gonzales nullified by the range so far. Gonzales again gets inside and thumps the body briefly before getting tied up. Gonzales to the body and head near center ring. Oosthuizen lands a left hand. Gonzales to the body after stepping in. Long left by Thomas. Gonzales lands a combination at the bell. Oosthuizen controlled the early round, but took some good shots at the end. 30-27 Gonzales.

Round four: Gonzales aggressive right off the bat. Oosthuizen lands a good one-two. Hard pair of left hands from Thomas. Stiff jab answers. Gonzales eats a counter right hook, lands a lead straight. Good left hands by Gonzales. They trade inside. Good shot by Gonzales, he takes an uppercut. Oosthuizen stuck against the ropes and they go tit-for-tat. Gonzales goes to the body, snaps his man's head back with hard shots as soon as the hands drop. Ref separates them, Gonzales again pins and lands until the bell. 40-36 Gonzales.

Round five: Oosthuizen connects with an early left. Oosthuizen working behind the jab. Counter left hook meets an Oosthuizen one-two. They tie up and Oosthuizen again content to trade there despite losing those exchanges. Hard left hands by Gonzales. Oosthuizen lands a cracking counter right. Both land good lefts. Lead left from Oosthuizen. Yet another good Gonzales left connects. Clinch. Oosthuizen lands a counter left to the body at the bell. Still a clean sweep for Gonzales, 50-45.

Round six: Nice right hook by Oosthuizen, who gets swiped by a winging right from Gonzales. Slow first minute. Lead left from Oosthuizen. Now one to the body. Left hook up top from Gonzales met by a left downstairs. Oosthuizen snaps out the jab, eats a pair of stiffer ones. Hard jab from Gonzales, he takes a straight left. Uppercut as Gonzales comes in to the body. Bell. First round I'm giving to Oosthuizen, 59-55 Gonzales.

Round seven: Oosthuizen lands a one-two. Uppercut as Gonzales reaches in. One-two again. Good left from Thomas and a hard right hook. Gonzales to the body. Oosthuizen follows the jab with the uppercut to good effect. Left hook from Gonzales and a pair of stiff jabs. Another one-two from Oosthuizen, but he takes a hard right inside. Gonzales tags the body before getting tied up. Good left upstairs from Gonzales. Oosthuizen meets the jab with a good one-two. Uppercut from Oosthuizen, left hook from Gonzales. Hard left from Gonzales. Gonzales lands a pair of rights inside as he ties up. Bell. Better late work from Gonzales, but still Oosthuizen's round. 68-85 Gonzales.

Round eight: One-two from Oosthuizen. Another. Big left hook by Brandon, clinch. Stiff jab from Gonzales and they trade body shots. Clinch. Nice jab by Gonzales, Oosthuizen answers with a straight left. Lead left to the body and a counter right as Gonzales moves into the clinch. Good left inside by Oosthuizen and they trade to the body. Another stiff jab from Brandon. Gonzales clubs in the clinch. Close round, could go either way, but Oosthuizen's in my book. 77-75 Gonzales.

Round nine: Nothing really landing early, although they are throwing. Right hand lands for Gonzales, left for Oosthuizen. They trade hard with Oosthuizen against the ropes. Brandon to the body. Clinch. Good left up top by Brandon, Oosthuizen answers with a left uppercut. Oostuizen doubles up the jab to good effect. Gonzales moves into the clinch and eats a handful of glancing blows. Again. Good lefts by Oosthuizen. Gonzales lands a hard right and eats a left at the same time. Round ends, another close one, but Oosthuizen's. 86-85 Gonzales.

Round ten: Gonzales lands a solid right hand early. Oosthuizen pinned against the ropes, flurries to the body in response. Nice left uppercut from Oosthuizen and a left-right combo. Two more good lefts and a right hook. Counter right hook. Clinch. Clinch. Right-left lands for Oosthuizen and Gonzales elects to clinch. Uppercut by Thomas and another. One-two from Thomas as Gonzales advances. Gonzales is extremely tired. Short uppercut by Thomas. Gonzales presses Oosthuizen into the ropes and they savagely smack each other in the body until the bell. 95-95.

Final result: Split draw


Willie Nelson vs. Luciano Cuello

Round one: Both fighters land early body shots. Nelson's body hook looks sharp. Cuello lands a right straight downstairs, takes a left hook. Another left. Clinch. Another hard left. Cuello lands one. Almost every landed hit has been to the body. Nelson left hook up top knocks Cuello slightly off balance. Nelson sneaks an uppercut through and a hard right cross. Both land to the body. Willie bounces some shots off the guard. Cuello downstairs. Uppercut to the body from Nelson. One-two for Nelson at the bell. 10-9 Nelson.

Round two: Cuello pokes the body with a right. Nelson lands a pair of hooks to the body after blocked shots upstairs. Cuello with a left to the body. Nelson lands a combo to the head and body. Cuello with two to the body and an uppercut through the guard. Nelson cornered, manages to tie up. Nelson again backed into the corner, circles out without taking damage. Cuello lands an uppercut and left hook to the body. Nelson bounces some blows off the guard. Nelson right to the body met by an uppercut. Nelson tags him with some stiff jabs at the end. Narrow round, 10-9 Cuello. 19-19.

Round three: Cuello on the offensive early, lands a glancing overhand right. Cuello to the body. Borderline low blow from Nelson. Hard right hand downstairs from Willie. Right uppercut to the body. Nelson pumps out a handful of jabs. Cuello with a left hook downstairs. Good combination low and high from Cuello. Nelson digs a right downstairs, takes an overhand right. Good left hook from Cuello. Left hook to the body. Glancing overhand connects as Cuello pressures with wide shots. Cuello lands to the body and gets stung by an overhand right. Great late work from Luciano, 29-28.

Round four: Cuello still pressing forward. Willie with a right downstairs and a jab. Three-piece from Nelson. He's backed into the ropes and takes a right. Nelson reverses and lands some clubbing blows. Stiff jab by the American. Another. Short uppercut by Nelson and a clinch. Short shots by Nelson through the guard and a good right. Slower round, 10-9 Nelson. 38-38.

Round five: Cuello closes the distance and clubs to the body. Nelson briefly cornered, takes a right downstairs. Left hook downstairs from the American. Cuello gets Nelson to the ropes and whiffs a big right. Nelson working the jab, sneaks a right to the body under it. Cuello gets inside and lands a pair of short shots to the body. Left hook upstairs. Cuello lands a right off a Nelson jab. Willie controlling distance well, sneaks in a left in a combo. Right downstairs. Cuello digs downstairs. They exchange left-right combos. Good overhand from Cuello near the bell. 10-9, 48-47 Nelson.

Round six: Cuello gets in, lands short shots to the body and uppercuts up top. Nelson with a steady jab. Nelson controlling range with the jab, lands a left to the body and takes one upstairs. Great double jab from Willie. Clinch after some body blows by Cuello. Right uppercut from Nelson as Cuello backs him to the ropes. Cuello gets him into the corner and slams a pair of body shots in. Cuello overhands bounce off shoulders at the end of the round. 58-56 Nelson.

Round seven: Nelson again backed into the ropes and takes some shots from Cuello upstairs. Short uppercuts by the Argentinian. Body hook from Nelson met by an uppercut. Cuello landing well against the ropes and may have wobbled Nelson. Cuello in pursuit, has him cornered and is landing potshots through and around the guard. Nelson seems stable but not firing back. Uppercuts and rights landing for Cuello, but he gets backed off by a series of right hands. Nelson drills the body with some hooks and again eats that overhand right. Another uppercut lands for Cuello, Nelson doubles up the left hook up and downstairs. Another hard uppercut. Left hook by Cuello. They trade uppercuts at phone booth range. Nelson lands a left hook to end the round. 10-9 Cuello, 67-66 Nelson.

Round eight: Nelson again electing to stand at point-blank range. Nelson lands to the body, takes an overhand right. Solid rights through Cuello's guard, Cuello responds with a pair of left hooks. Nelson clubbing him inside. Overhand right by Cuello. Cuello takes an uppercut, lands a body shot. Good right hand up top from Willie. Left uppercut. Cuello overhand, responds to body shots with hard uppercuts. Nelson takes a left hook and lands a stiff jab. Cuello tattoos the body. Uppercut and hook from Cuello. Nelson lands a left hook and they continue slugging it out in center ring. Close round, 10-9 Cuello. 76-76.

Round nine: Nelson pumping his jab again. Good left hook from Nelson. Cuello lands a left hook. Nelson with a steady diet of long, straight punches. Nelson digs to the body. Cuello effectively muzzled this round by the jabs. Good left hook inside by Cuello. Relatively uneventful round, 10-9 Nelson. 86-85 same.

Round ten: Cuello aware he's behind and swinging hard. Nelson slightly wobbled by a right and ties up. Hard uppercuts by Cuello hurt Nelson and Willie holds on for dear life. Cuello wades in and is again tied up. Nelson in full retreat, trying to tie up at all opportunities and taking uppercuts. Nelson gets tagged downstairs as he tries to close the distance, still manages to. Hard left hook by Nelson after taking an overhand. Clinch. Clinch. Nice right from Luciano. Clinch. Clear 10-9 round for Cuello. 95-95, but I feel I was generous towards Cuello.

Final result: Nelson def. Cuello by decision


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