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Bellator 97: ‘King Mo’ Lawal calls Jacob Noe a 'bitch' for phony low blow to his 'soft-ass stomach'

Never at a loss for words, “King Mo” unloaded his verbal clip on upcoming Bellator 97 opponent Jacob Noe, labeling him a “bitch” for complaining about invisible low blows, quitting during a fight and bad mouthing him behind his back.

Esther Lin for Showtime

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Lawal didn't have too many kind words to say about his upcoming Bellator 97 foe Jacob Noe, verbally blasting "The Psycho" during an interview with Bloody Elbow, labeling him a "bitch" for complaining about a low blow that didn't occur during his fight against Renato Sobral last week at Bellator 96.

And while Noe was able to collect a technical knockout victory over "Babalu" -- who retired after the loss -- "King Mo" wasn't impressed, describing his technique and takedown defense as "trash."

Furthermore, Lawal hopes Noe puts on the same kind of effort against him like he did with Sobral, so he can take him down with relative ease thanks to his NCAA Division-1 All American wrestling credentials.

He explains his beef:

"He looked like some trash to me. I wasn't impressed at all. Babalu should have beaten him. His (Noe) takedown defense is trash, and I hope he tries that against me, because if he uses that trash, he'll get taken down with ease. That shit was garbage. He's a bitch. Jacob Noe is a bitch. He's a f*cking bitch Babalu should have beaten him. It was tied up 1-1, and Jacob was complaining about low blows. One was low, but the other one wasn't even low. Babalu hit him in his soft-ass stomach. He gonna try and complain about getting hit low to take a breather and shit. That's all it was. Dude got tired because Babalu touched him up to the body, and hit him with the fast jab. He didn't have no answer for it, then he got hit in the stomach, and tried to claim it was low."

However, Lawal's issues with his Bellator MMA stablemate didn't start there.

Muhammed revealed that Noe had been talking trash behind his back in his hometown of Memphis -- Jacob's home base for training. While he didn't go into exact details, the former champion did reveal that he saw Noe crying backstage after his loss to Mikhail Zayats at Bellator 90 and could also be heard admitting he had quit during the fight.

Another reason, at least to Lawal, to label him a "bitch."

To add fuel to the fire, "King Mo" also says it's Jacob's fault that he is no longer training at Syndicate MMA, revealing that when "The Psycho" decided to put in some work at the Las Vegas-based camp, he was asked to leave by head coach John Wood.


These two will collide at Bellator 97 in the finals of the promotion's Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, on July 31, 2013.

And judging by the already existing animosity between them, the "Land of Enchantment" could be in for one hell of a main event scrap.

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