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Video: Former UFC Octagon Girl Edith LaBelle grapples with busty sidekick

Skip to 0:55 if you're just here for the palming.

Remember Edith LaBelle?

Or course you do. She is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon Girl with giant cans and a sexy accent (at least to a dopey 'Murican like me) and she's been cranking out a bunch of grappling "How-to" videos where she rolls around the floor with another bangin' babe.

No complaints here.

I'm not sure anyone looking to improve their jiu-jitsu is actually scribbling down notes or having an "A-ha!" moment, but I appreciate the guise of mixed martial arts (MMA) training. It feels less dirty. Speaking of, the promotion did her dirty just a few days before UFC 101, sending LaBelle on her way and replacing her with Natasha Wicks.

Easy come, easy go.

To see more from Edith and her LaBelles, check out her armbar submission video tutorial (with bright pink bikinis to boot), as well as her raceway melon drifting, by clicking here and here.

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