Adam Sandler f----d Corky: Matt Mitrione vs. Brendan Schaub Twitter war turns ugly ahead of UFC on FOX 8

Ryan Pierse

Heavyweight "Meathead," Matt Mitrione, has been booked to throw down against fellow Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 contestant Brendan Schaub at the upcoming UFC on FOX 8 event from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington, on July 27, 2013.

But it looks like they're getting the fight started a few weeks earlier.

While "The Hybrid" recently said they were BFFs, talking on the phone like middle school girls and sharing clothes for the big dance, the relationship appears to have been a fragile one. Either that, or they made a conscious decision to throw each other under the bus to help generate some buzz for their FOX fracas.

A sampling of their Twitter barbs (follow them here and here):

Matt Mitrione ‏@mattmitrione Hey @BrendanSchaub you asked to fight me, cool. Them sparse whiskers you grow can't hide that chin, son! #YaDunPhuckedUp

Brendan Schaub ‏@BrendanSchaub @mattmitrione I didn't ask to fight you. Your being disciplined remember? Well.. joe silva thought of a terrible match up for you.

Matt Mitrione ‏@mattmitrione Planned parenthood should stop giving out birth control & start giving out copies of @BrendanSchaub's 15 min. dry humping of Lavar Johnson

Brendan Schaub @BrendanSchaub @mattmitrione my man remember when you pissed your pants on TUF and you said fighting wasn't for you. I do and Well it still isn't.

Matt Mitrione @mattmitrione remember when you fought Lavar Johnson? Yeah, me neither

Matt Mitrione ‏@mattmitrione Someone asked me if @BrendanSchaub is married. Seriously? I saw his Jiu Jitsu match. How you gonna get married when you refuse to engage?

Matt Mitrione @mattmitrione @BrendanSchaub looks like Adam Sandler f---ed Corky from "Life Goes On"

Brendan Schaub @BrendanSchaub I might look like adam Sandler/corkey mix your wife when we did appearances together sure seemed to like it. How's that going by the way?

Matt Mitrione ‏@mattmitrione Nothing and I mean nothing pisses me of more than someone I considered a friend doing me dirty. I Gotchu @BrendanSchaub #BenedictArnold

Brendan Schaub @BrendanSchaub @mattmitrione #dosomethingaboutit

Matt Mitrione ‏@mattmitrione Don't count on seeing @BrendanSchaub on the Maury Povich show anytime soon. Cuz after we fight next month, he'll know exactly who his dad is


Those sound like fighting words to me. Talking about a guy being scared to fight and insinuating something about someone’s wife. I know, I know, they could be selling wolf tickets (they're real) for a mediocre 265-pound scrap … but maybe these are two guys with big egos and sensitive skin?

I'm sure they'll be buddies again after the fight (once their checks clear), but I still find this little exchange entertaining. Well, how about it? Who took the first round in their war of words?

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