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'Fight Master' Episode 2 results recap for Bellator MMA reality show on Spike TV

What did you think of Bellator and Spike TV's new reality show "Fight Master" and what are your expectations for round two tonight?

From left to right: Joe Warren, Greg Jackson, Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock continue their coaching escapades on Fight Master
From left to right: Joe Warren, Greg Jackson, Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock continue their coaching escapades on Fight Master
Photo via Spike TV

Episode two of Bellator's new mixed martial arts (MMA) reality show "Fight Master" hits the airwaves tonight (Weds., June 26, 2013) on Spike TV, featuring four coaches in Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren.

If you're expecting a knockoff of UFC and Spike's original brain child, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), think again.

A group of 32 welterweights will be whittled down to 16 competitors, and that's when things get interesting. The twist is that each winning fighter will then have an opportunity to "choose their destiny" by interviewing and ultimately selecting one of the panel of four coaches to be their mentor for the upcoming season.

Each coach will have four fighters to specifically focus on through the course of the show, and from their history, you can expect some healthy competition. The coaches will also eventually seed all 16 fighters who advance and the top seed will get a chance to choose their destiny by having control of their next fight.

Only five of the 16 fights to get in the house took place in the debut episode, so expect something similar tonight as more fights take place to officially get onto the series and more fighters whittle their options and choose their destiny.

Fighters confirmed thus far:

Team Jackson

Tim Welch
Eric Bradley

Team Warren

Eric Scallon
Evan Cutts
Jason Norwood

Team Shamrock

Nick Barnes
Chris Lozano
Mike Dubois

Team Couture

A.J. Matthews
Cole Williams
Cristiano Souza


Round of 32 Fight #6: Mike Dubois vs. Rob Mills

Dubois talks about his background as a Repo man and how he earned a "Zombie" nickname. Mills discusses being in law enforcement in the UK. He says he can knock anyone out.

Dubois presses forward but gets stuck in a guillotine choke. He's not concerned, however, pulls his head out of the hold and gains a superior position. Dubois softens Mills up with some punches and is thinking about a choke. As Mills works back to his feet, he commits to a guillotine choke of his own and Mills taps!

Dubois doesn't waste much time. He accepts Frank Shamrock's push to join his team.

Round of 32 Fight #7: Tom Gallicchio vs. Eric Bradley

Gallicchio brings up how fighting brings out the best in him, but Bradley trumps him by discussing his All-American wrestling credentials and having to go to jail, now seeking redemption.

Gallicchio lands a few right hands early but Bradley is clearly the superior fighter, beating Gallicchio up with big takedowns and dominant top position on the canvas. Despite his advantages, he can't score a finish, but easily holds on to win a decision after two dominant rounds which featured takedown after takedown after takedown.

Bradley admits he's leaning towards Couture after working with him previously but "The Natural" pushes him toward another camp. Bradley instead decides to join Greg Jackson's team.

Round of 32 Fight #8: Brett Nakamura vs. Evan Cutts

Nakamura brings up fighting for Hawaii and his young family. Cutts discusses being the king of the nerds, playing Dungeons and Dragons, online games and being in high school band.

Big striking exchange to get things started. Nakamura throws an ill-advised spinning back kick and Cutts dives onto his back. He gets both hooks in, then a body triangle. He softens Nakamura up with punches and sinks in a rear naked choke for the finish.

Cutts says he's leaning toward Jackson and Shamrock even says he should go there but he instead chooses to join Joe Warren's team.

Round of 32 Fight #9 Cole Wililams vs. Joe Williams

Cole states he's doing this for his family who lives in a trailer. Joe says he wants to glorify God but he loves punching people in the face.

Joe Williams scores an early takedown and is able to remain on top for the majority of the frame, working to keep his position by staying active to take round one. The second round is the complete opposite as Cole Williams keeps the fight standing and outpoints the grappler on the feet to force a third and final round. In the decisive third round, Cole Williams scores on the feet, hurting Joe Williams with a big right hand but he can't finish. Joe Williams responds with a takedown but this time he can't keep Cole on his back and they finish the fight standing.

Cole Williams is awarded a decision and despite Shamrock saying he should join Team Jackson and three coaches fighting to have him choose them, he ultimately decides with Randy Couture

Round of 32 Fight #10 Jacob Ortiz vs. Jason Norwood

Ortiz discusses quitting his job and having his house foreclosed upon to advance his MMA career. Norwood bring sup his military career and his passion to do this for his family.

After a brief exchange on the feet, Norwood shoots in for a double leg takedown attempt. It's deep and he eventually finishes it, putting Ortiz on his back. Norwood completely dominates the first round with repeated takedowns, even hurting Ortiz with a good right hand. In the second round, Ortiz tries to fight back with a guillotine choke but he can't secure it and Norwood dominates him on the canvas.

Norwood takes a decision and asks the coaches about religion, saying it's very important to him. Warren tells him he thinks religion has no place in business and Norwood chooses him anyways

Round of 32 Fight #11 Cristiano Souza vs. Steve Montgomery

Both men discuss being training partners at American Top Team and Montgomery admits his surprise that he's fighting a friend just to get onto the show. He'd hoped they would have thrown down at some point during the show instead.

Souza looks like he's just stalking his prey here, as both men circle each other in a feeling out process. Montgomery flashes some jabs and he's overaggressive here, leaving a big opening and Souza clocks him with a huge right and left hook that send him to the ground. He pours it on with huge strikes on the ground and Montgomery goes out. Souza is emotional from knocking his friend out of the competition.

Souza asks each coach what they can do for him, admits he's a big fan of Randy Couture and ultimately selects Couture's team

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