Dan Henderson is 10x the man GSP is...

So, while I was in the Vitor thread the TRT bashers came out, none more slanderously so than Violent Mike. While bashing on Vitor, he oddly shared that his favorite fighter, Dan Henderson (also a TRT user) was 10x the man that GSP is. I do not know how GSP came into the conversation. Oh that's right...when VM began to lose and look like a fool he changed the argument. But nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to dive into this bold declaration and examine it further. After all, no one on this site knows FACTS more than that guy...except maybe jaywolf, FACT!

Let’s see if we can solve this little conundrum of who is the better man, okay? How should we do it?

How about common opponents? Oops, no not that one (cough) Jake Shields (cough, cough).

Ok…lets use UFC titles. Oh wait..hendo has lost every title fight he’s had in the UFC.

Umm...lets try overall record. Hendo has had a long and illustrious career and is lauded to be the GOAT by some of his loyal following. Surely he has a better record than that Canadian-frenchy, man-hugger, right? about that GSP 24-2 (92%) to Hendo 29-10 (74%). Strike 3

Let's keep trying though. I mean, even the best strike out sometimes.

Ok…ok…I got it. Hendo had titles in 2 other orgs so lets use title defenses. What’s that you say? He didn’t defend them? Oh…this is harder than I thought.

I"VE GOT IT! Hendo has that massive right hand so lets go by finishing percentage since we all know GSP can’t finish anyone, right? WHAT??!!! His finishing percentage is higher than Decision Dan’s? Unbelievable..but yet somehow true...FACT! (which in this case - unlike facts in VM and jaywolf's arguments - it really IS a fact)

Well there you have it in plain black and white, folks. Hendo is ten times wishes he was the man GSP is.

P.S. Be kind...I'm a Fan Post rookie. (I almost said Fan Post virgin - but I know you guys too well. I'm looking at you OC!)

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