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WAR MMA Quick Quote: Nick Diaz says MMA scoring criteria is ‘ass-backwards'

Nick Diaz opens up with his thoughts on the MMA scoring criteria ahead of WAR MMA 1 tonight (June 22, 2013) in Stockton, California.


"[MMA scoring is] all geared toward this certain scoring criteria that's really ass-backwards. Spastic movements are made on account of a lack of technical aspects. so some fighters try to make up for this lacking technical aspect with some sort of frantic, spastic movement. And they're awarding points for more of that stuff. They spazz out, all over the f***ing place. And, all of a sudden, at the end of the fight, you realize ... Hector Lombard lost [to Tim Boetsch]? What the fuck is that? He landed all the clean shots and stood his ground. That dude [Boetsch] had to bounce around and move around all over the place. Frantically! ... When I fought Sean Sherk, he threw punches in the air and moved around a little more than I did. He threw combinations that weren't even landing or doing any damage. [MMA judges] don't know what they're doing out there, and I've proven it. I've f***ing proven it, over and over again."

-- Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight contender turned mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter Nick Diaz tells Bloody Elbow about his beef with the unified rules of MMA and why he sees them as "ass-backwards". Diaz, who promotes his first show, WAR MMA 1, tonight (June 22, 2013) in Stockton, Calif., has been pushing to have his organization implement the rules used on the Japanese MMA circuit, such as yellow cards for stalling, counting damage over activity, no elbows, knees to the head of a grounded opponent and more. Diaz recalls a fight against Sean Sherk from his early UFC days as a prime example of why he is not a fan of the unified rules and is eager to create change in a way he believes will benefit the fighters competing in WAR MMA.

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