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LIVE! GLORY 9 results online coverage stream, updates for 'New York'

Tyrone Spong and Daniel Ghita, among other dangerous combat sports professionals, will descend on Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, N.Y., this evening (Sat., June 22, 2013) for Glory 9, which will feature the kickboxing promotion's eight-man Light Heavyweight tournament, as well as five super fights. Get full GLORY 9: "New York" results, live updates and real-time coverage below right here, RIGHT NOW!

GLORY World Series (GLORY) will stage its first major kickboxing card on United States soil this evening (Sat., June 22, 2013) when it lights up historic Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, N.Y., with a star-studded combat sports special.

Slated for action in the one-night, single-elimination contest is world champion Tyrone Spong (69-6-1 43 KOs); knockout artist Brian Collette (19-1, 16 KOs).; developmental "Road To GLORY" USA Light Heavyweight tournament winner Dustin Jacoby (9-3, 7 KOs); four-time world champion Danyo Ilunga (51-4, 41 KOs); Muay Thai sensation Filip Verlinden (40-9-1, 16 KOs); Peter Aerts protege Mourad Bouzidi (75-20-2, 34 KOs); world Muay Thai and karate champion Steve McKinnon (42-5, 29 KOs); and Michael Duut (38-3, 17 KOs).

Spong is the prohibitive favorite to win the Light Heavyweight tournament (95 KG/209 LBS), but combat sports are often unpredictable, especially when we're talking about three fights in one night.

There are plenty of superfights to keep the crowd entertained, including two Top 10 Heavyweight standouts in Daniel Ghita and Errol Zimmerman. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the GLORY 9: "New York" main card this evening starting with the PPV, which is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET RIGHT HERE.


Light Heavyweight Tournament finals
Danyo Ilunga vs Tyrone Spong - Spong wins via TKO (punches, 0:16 Rd 1)

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals
Dustin Jacoby vs Danyo Ilunga - Ilunga wins via UD (29-28 x3)
Filip Verlinden vs Tyrone Spong - Spong wins via UD (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals
Tyrone Spong vs Michael Duut - Spong wins via KO (punch, 0:31 Rd 1)
Filip Verlinden vs Steve McKinnon - Verlinden wins via SD (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)
Brian Collette vs Dustin Jacoby - Jacoby wins via SD (29-28 x2, 27-30)
Danyo Ilunga vs Mourad Bouzidi - Ilunga wins via UD (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Super Fights
Rico Verhoeven vs Errol Zimmerman - Verhoeven wins via UD (29-27 x2, 28-28)
Daniel Ghita vs Brice Guidon - Ghita wins via KO (punch,0:49 Rd 1)
Daniel Sam vs Anderson "Braddock" Silva - Silva wins via UD (30-27 x3)
Joseph Valtellini vs Francois Ambang - Valtellini wins via TKO (leg kicks, 1:24 Rd 3)
Wayne Barrett vs Mike Lemaire - Barrett wins via KO (punch, 1:12 Rd 2)

Brett Hlavacek vs. Paul Marfort - Hlavacek wins via UD (29-28x3)
Casey Greene vs. Robert Plotkin - Plotkin wins via TKO (referee's decision 1:16 Rd 1)
Andrea DeAngelo vs. Laura Byrnds - DeAngelo wins via UD (30-26 x3)
Andrew Ball vs. James Smith Jr - Ball wins via KO (punch, 1:34 in Rd 3)
Chris Mauceri vs. Niko Tsigaras - Mauceri wins via UD (30-27, 30-28, 29-28)
Nick Pace vs. Levan Makashvili - Pace wins via SD (28-29, 30-27 x2)

Reserve fights
Artem Vakhitov vs. Luis Tavares - Vakhitov wins via KO (punch, 1:06 rd 1)
Randy Blake vs. Koichi Watanabe - Blake wins via UD (29-27, 30-27, 29-28)

(Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Braiterman here!

LHW Tournament Finals

Danyo Ilunga vs Tyrone Spong

Round 1: Well, that was anticlimactic. Big flurry in center ring, and Ilunga covers up. The ref jumps in and waives the fight off, without even a standing 8 count. The ref is showered with boos and Ilunga demonstrates he's fine by standing on one leg.

Results: Tyrone Spong wins via TKO (punches) 0:16 Rd1


LHW Tournament Semifinals

Filip Verlinden vs Tyrone Spong

Round 1: Measured start here. Both guys throwing very hard here. The right side of Filip's body looks like he had relations with a bobcat. Left from Spong wobbles Filip for a split second. Thudding left kick from Spong to the waist. Filip jabs and Spong counters with a leg kick.

Round 2: Spong backs Filip into the ropes and hits a hard shot to the body and one upstairs that gets blocked. A sweep knocks Spong over, which might be bad news for Filip. Yep, about 30 seconds later, Spong hits a straight left that sends sweat flying off Filip's head. Spong keeps backing Filip into the ropes and getting in a couple good shots. Filip punches away from the ropes but is backed up against them again. Jab from Filip. Low kick times two for Spong. Jab to the gut from Spong.

Round 3: Exchange of low kicks. Spong misses a big right. Jab from Spong and a 1-2. Filip tries a jump knee that falls short. "Let's go Ty Rone" chants in the house. Jab for Spong. Leg kick for Filip and one for Spong. Filip with a flurry that hits forearms. Huge inside leg kick that buckles Filip's knee. Spong takes it, but a good showing for the Belgian.

Results: Tyrone Spong wins via Unanimous Decision


Danyo Ilunga vs Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Jacoby a big underdog here again. Danyo being aggressive, peppering Dustin. Jacoby holding his own so far. Right and a left from Dustin both land. Boht fighters miss rights. Jab from Danyo. Jumping knee from Jacoby. Glancing overhand from Danyo. Jab from Dustin. Ilunga stalking forward. Jab and a right from Jacoby. Close round.

Round 2: Hard pace both guys are setting here, and both have landed clean quite often. A third jump knee from Jacoby. Danyo tries for a Thai plumm but gets shrugged off. Jacoby with a punch and makes Ilunga miss. Danyo seems to be tiring a bit, but is still throwing. Danyo kicks the back leg. A knee pops the mouthguard out of Jacoby's teeth and they pause while he gets it rinsed. Right from Danyo. Trade of jabs. Danyo back to pushing the pace again and Jacoby looks to be fading a bit. Uppercut from Danyo and he takes the round on my card.

Round 3: The ring card girls are tossing free t-shirts in the crowd and one of them shows off a great arm, hitting the 25th row. Danyo coming out aggressive here and is landing a lot of low kicks here. He trips Dustin to the canvas. Dustin is too worried about the kicks and he's just not on balance when he throws, so he's not landing hard. Big low kick from Danyo stumbles Jacoby. Dustin is gassing, but game. Missed spin kick from Jacoby. Slapping outside leg kick from Danyo. Right from Dustin. Thus ends the Cinderella ride for Jacoby.

Results: Danyo Ilunga wins via Unanimous Decision.


Zombie Prophet yet again. Seriously, follow him @zprophet_mma on twitter

LHW Tournament Quarterfinals

Tyrone Spong vs Michael Duut

Round 1: AND TYRONE SPONG WINS! Ok, we'll wait for the fight to actually happen. Duut coming out firing and Spong takes offense to that. Fight over. Spong wins.

Results: Tyrone Spong wins via KO (revenge punch).


Zombie Prophet gifs the entire fight...

Filip Verlinden vs Steve McKinnon

Round 1: Filip throwing HARD to begin. Steve with a slapping body kick. McKinnon slips, although it looked like it came at the same time as a strike, but whatever. Big right kick from Filip. Filip flurrying as the frame finishes (yes, I did that on purpose).

Round 2: McKinnon trying to switch stances into southpaw here, but he just uses it to step forward. Jab from McKinnon, but he eats a huge kick to the ribs. Right kick then a straight punch from McKinnon. Filip is landing harder, but that hasn't prevented McKinnon from getting in his shots as well. 1-2 to the body from McKinnon. McKinnon catches a kick and dumps him, but then knees him in the grill as he's down. The ref gives Filip time to recover. McKinnon gets another warning for holding onto the leg just after that, but the round ends before anything else happens.

Round 3: McKinnon dumps Filip with a low sweep. McKinnon misses an ax kick. McKinnon tries a spinning back kick, but it doesn't land clean. McKinnon has the volume again, Filip with just one or two at a time here. Filip glances up at the round clock and there's 50 seconds left. McKinnon is limping a bit. Filip tries a flying knee but gets punched midair. Close round, but McKinnon might've taken two rounds here.

Results: Filip Verlinden wins via Split Decision that earns boos from the crowd.


Once again, all gifs courtesy of the man, Zombie Prophet

Brian Collette vs Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Collette gets his rematch against Jacoby here. Slow-paced, measured start here from both dudes. Body kick from Collette. Double jab from Jacoby. 1-1-2 from Jacoby gets blocked. Good leg kick from Collette. And a right. Close round, but I'll guess Collette.

Round 2: Left from Jacoby. Collette circling and Jacoby lands a jab. Right from Jacoby. Collette looking to counter here, but not landing clean on anything so far. Collette with a left high kick that's partially blocked. Jacoby lunging here to try and land on a circling Collette. Jacoby with a lead left. Jacoby's round on volume here.

Round 3: Collette corners Jacoby and lands a solid left that Jacoby eats. Right from Jacoby. Another right that gets slipped. Jab from Jacoby and a right from Collette. A shot jars Jacoby's mouthpiece loose, although he seems fine. It gets rinsed off and put back in. Jacoby bulls Collette back and lands a left. Collette circling away, looking to counter. Straight right lands clean for Jacoby. Closefight here, but I think Jacoby takes it.

Results: Dustin Jacoby wins via Split Decision.


More gifs from Zombie Prophet:

Danyo Ilunga vs Mourad Bouzidi

Round 1: Quality entrance from Ilunga, who would have had like, a hundred backup dancers with him if this was back in Pride. I actually can't see anything at the moment, because there's a boom mic in front of our position at the media table. OK, that went quick. Lots of clinching early, mostly from Bouzidi. Nice uppercut from Ilunga. Ilunga gets a right in. Bouzidi lands one, too. They kick each other and Ilunga goes down, but not count from the ref. A shove from Bouzidi topples Ilunga and Bouzidi nearly kicked him in the face as he was down.

Round 2: Fast and furious start here. Bouzidi thuds a left in. Ilunga's shorts are having a wardrobe malfunction. Bouzidi falls off a push. Clean left lands for Ilunga. Ilunga topples. Slow round here, perhaps a 10-10.

Round 3: Ilunga misses an uppercut but hits a left hook. Big jab for Ilunga and he backs up Bouzidi into the ropes. Combo ending in a leg-kick for Bouzidi. Ilunga slips after landing a solid right. Straight right from Ilunga sends sweat flying. Bouzidi is staggering a bit on the ropes. Bouzidi has recovered, but he's still getting tagged. Ilunga wins this if you ask me.

Results: Danyo Ilunga wins via Unanimous Decision.

gifination from Zombie Prophet's twitter:


Rico Verhoeven vs Errol Zimmerman

Round 1: Stumbling left to the body from Zimmerman. FIGHT! STOP! Great work from the ref here. Zimmerman stumbles to the ground and Verhoeven rabbit punches him. The ref continues his decisive work by taking a point from Rico. Stand and wang! Bangfest! That slowed down. RIco backs Erol into a corner and is working there. High kick from Rico misses. The smoke and haze from the entrance pyro is getting awful in here.

Round 2: Big chopping leg kick stumbles Rico. Rico with a jab. Some really loud woman is yelling in Dutch at Rico in the seats underneath my balcony. Big knee from Erol to the ribs. Jab and leg kick for Rico. Erol just misses a huge hook. Nice exchange for both fighters here. RIco's jab has been effective the entire night, and he foot jabs with a teep.

Round 3: Front kick to Erol's teeth. Straight right from Rico. Low blow from the Dutchman. Jeez this woman is not shutting up! Spleen kick from Rico and a leg kick sends Erol to the mat. Erol's definitely slower here, but he's got power and lands a right that stumble Rico for a second. Erol falls from a legkick. Left from Erol but Rico comes over the top and Verhoeven should take this easily.

Results: Rico Verhoeven wins via Unanimous Decision


Daniel Ghita vs Brice Guidon

Round 1: Time to feed the Ghita. Big low kick to open. Ghita backs Guidon back to the ropes and starts unloading. Guidon tries to punch out, but gets ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED AND HE FALLS LIKE A TREE CHOPPED DOWN!

Results: Daniel Ghita wins via KO (punch) 0:49 rd 1


Guidon gets flatlined. Hat tip to Zombie Prophet, of course:

Joseph Valtellini vs Francois Ambang

Round 1: The fireworks as each fighter comes in are loud as hell indoors here. Completely unexpected too. Big leg kick from Valtellini... I'm just gonna call him Joe. Ambang is the only defeat on undercard fighter Brett Hlavacek's record. Francois slips. Joe misses on a combo and backs off. Big overhand right staggers Joe, but he recovers before Ambang jumps on him.

Round 2: Big exchanges in the clinch, with Ambang getting the best of them. Joe gets a right leg kick, but eats a punch in return. Ambang gets in a right, but is shoved into the corner. Joe lands two clean punches that slow down Ambang a bit. Rising hook from Joeand a left. Left high kick. Spinning heel kick misses. All Joe right now. Ambang punches his way out of the corner, but he did not win that round.

Round 3: Big outside leg kick from Joe buckles Ambang's knee and he's limping. Joe starts targeting it and after about half a dozen solid, brutal kicks, Ambang goes down and the ref waives it off.

Results: Joseph Valtellini wins via TKO (leg kicks) 1:24 Rd 3


The destruction of Francois Ambang's knee, courtesy of Zombie Prophet:

Wayne Barrett vs Mike Lemaire

Round 1: And the pills get busted from the start as Lemaire nails him low. Barrett with an inside trip. Jab for Barrett. Lemaire eats a couple and clinches out of danger. Barrett trying to pour it on here. Right hand lands up high then down low for Barrett. A lead uppercut and a hook turns Lemaire around and the ref administers a standing 8.

Round 2: Barrett is feeling it here. Clinch knee floors Lemaire for another ref intervention. A jab snaps LeMaire's head back. Lemaire clinches and the ref breaks, which gives Barrett room to send Lemaire flopping to the canvas like a fish out of water.

Results: Wayne Barret wins via KO (punch) 1:12 RD 2


Zombie Prophet shows Mike Lemaire doing the chicken dance:

Daniel Sam vs Anderson "Braddock" Silva

Round 1: Defensive fight to start, as neither are landing much clean. Sam's guard is high and tight, while Silva is feeling for danger with his head pressing close. Wild swings from both. Silva's corner cries for a body kick, but he ignores him and stumbles an off-balance Sam. Not much to really go on, but I'll call it for Silva.

Round 2: Liver kick from Silva. Knee from Silva. Sam catches a kick and goes upstairs, but Silva had turned away and it just glanced up his shoulder. Kick to the butt from Sam. Sam looking a bit lethargic here. Best action of the round has been the booty shorts of the ring card girl.

Round 3: Front kick from Sam. Sam weighed in at 272 last night, Silva was 250. Both guys look to want to counter each other here. Front kick from Silva lands and BELFORT IS DOWN! Er..... never mind. They land simultaneous lefts as someone from the crowd yells at Sam that he's losing and needs to go. Sam's high kick gets blocked.

Zombie Prophet posted this gif on his twitter from the round 1 action:

Results: Anderson Silva wins via Unanimous Decision


Artem Vakhitov vs. Luis Tavares

Round 1: 1-2 from Vakhitov. Bull rush and Vakhitov clips him with a spinning backfist. Down goes Tavares as he answers the count… but not for long. Vakhitov lands a punch that knocks Tavares' liver into the cheep seats. He crumples and is down for a good minute.

Results: Vakhitov wins via KO, body punch (1:06 Rd 1)


Randy Blake vs. Koichi Watanabe

Round 1: Blake nearly Mark Coleman's himself getting into the ring. Good kicks from Koichi to start. 1-2-low kick from Blake. And a jab. Blake tries a high kick that doesn't land. They kick each other in the shins. It's kind of shocking the amount of times that happens, and how conditioned to it they are. That'd send me crying onto the nearest open piece of floor. Blake gets out of the way of a lunging left from Koichi and lands a short straight. Probably Blake's round.

Round 2: Stiff jab from Blake. Koichi has a cut on his face, looks to be the bridge of the nose, and the doc looks at it, but calls him OK. Broken nose from that jab, probably. Blake doing well now, and wobbles Koichi briefly against the ropes. Good body knee from Koichi to the spleen side. Teep to the jaw from Blake. Easily Blake's round.

Round 3: Koichi more aggressive here as he must feel he's down or at best even on the scorecards. Blake is fighting a bit conservative here, clinching his way out of danger. Not as if he's doing nothing, but he's definitely content with getting a decision here. Big right kick from Koichi to the dome. They splatter into the ropes. Clinch knee from Koichi. Blood running freely from Koichi's nose as the fight ends. Koichi's round, probably Blake's fight.

Results: Randy Blake wins via Unanimous Decision


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