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Malignaggi vs Broner results stream, LIVE online Showtime Boxing fight coverage from Brooklyn

Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner results live online for WBA Welterweight boxing match tonight (Sat., June 22, 2013) from Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., with Showtime Boxing start time planned for 9 p.m. ET, including play-by-play stream.

John Gichigi

Somebody is going to get his mouth shut tonight (Sat., June 22, 2013) at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York. And with the way Paulie Malignaggi and Adrien Broner have been talking, it might be wires that do so.

After a protracted war of words, the rising boxing superstars will compete for Malignaggi's WBA Welterweight championship, headlining a three-fight Showtime card in the champ's hometown.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of "Broner vs. Malignaggi" event, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

The grudge match will be joined by a rematch between American heavyweight hopeful Seth Mitchell and the man who took his "0," Jonathon Banks. In addition, long-time Super Middleweight contender Sakio Bika will take on unbeaten Mexican Marco Antonio Periban for the vacant WBC belt.


Welterweight: Adrien Broner def. Paulie Malignaggi by split decision (115-113, 113-115, 117-111)

Heavyweight: Seth Mitchell def. Jonathon Banks by unanimous decision (115-112, 117-109, 114-112)

Super Middleweight: Sakio Bika def. Marco Antonio Periban by majority decision (114-114, 116-112, 115-113)


Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner

Round one: Malignaggi the aggressor early, Broner's head movement on point. Paulie active with his jab, although his left hand, as always, is dangerously low. Broner lands a hard jab of his own. Another hard jab; every time Paulie throws Broner shakes his head. Broner not throwing, but nothing Paulie is throwing has really gotten through the gloves. Clinch, Broner lands a left hook on the break and gets a warning from the ref. Paulie lands a body shot. Counter left hook from Broner as Paulie throws a combo. Malignaggi with a flurry at the end. 10-9 Malignaggi by default.

Round two: Broner more active now, lands a counter right as Paulie continues pecking away at the body. Good over hand for Paulie connects. Paulie jabs the body and head. Paulie slips a jab, lands two downstairs. Body attack continues for Paulie, although how effective the punches are with Broner's left blocking them remains to be seen. Good lead right form Adrien. Paulie extremely active, Broner landing the occasional straight right upstairs. Broner talking trash, Paulie responding in kind. Another good body shot by Paulie, who eats another straight right. Broner knees Paulie during a low clinch and blatantly punches on the break. There's the bell, 20-18 Malignaggi.

Round three: Broner lands a big left hook; Paulie showboating but definitely hurt by that punch. Paulie looking flashy and continues targeting the body with his left hook. Paulie slugs two more to the gut and a right up top. Lead right connects for Adrien, Paulie's does as well. Paulie continues attacking the body, Broner hits him with another left hook. Broner simply walking forward, gets Paulie to the ropes and lands a right. Good right from Adrien and a good left hook up top. Paulie for volume, Broner for impact. I'm going with Paulie, 30-27.

Round four: Clinch. Paulie continues to attack, throwing about ten punches in sequence and landing some good ones. Lead right from Broner again connects. Body shots by Paulie. Another lead right. Couple of clinches. Good body blow from Bernard, Paulie with four or so in response. Jab exchange, Broner's obviously the stronger. More combinations from Paulie as Broner continues jawing. Broner with a right downstairs. Another lead right from Broner at the bell. 40-36 Malignaggi.

Round five: Paulie flurries, Broner mouths off. Broner barely throwing, although what he does land has thump. Good lead right from him as Paulie attacks the body. Another right up top. Good lunging right from Broner, Paulie lands good shots inside. Broner gets Paulie to the ropes, can't capitalize. Good inside shots from Broner. Chopping right as he gets Paulie to the corner. Paulie continues his high output and Broner continues to be an ass. Broner getting Paulie to the ropes but eating shots. Two good rights from Broner end the round. Still Paulie's in my book, but closer. 50-45 Malignaggi.

Round six: Broner with a good right upstairs, Paulie flurries to the body. Lead right lands for Adrien. Both land right hands. Another lead right lands. Clinch. Broner with a short right uppercut as Paulie peppers the body. Good body shot by Broner. Broner with a right-left combo, then a left hook. Another good body shot from Broner and some hard right hands. More rights from Broner and a hard copping shot. Paulie continues to fire back, takes another right hand. Broner round, 59-55 Malignaggi.

Round seven: Paulie's face doesn't look pleasant at the moment. Broner abandons the shoulder roll, lands a couple jabs. Good left hook by Adrien. Broner digs to the body and lands a short right hand. Right uppercut. Paulie countered twice hard by rights after trying to flurry to the body. Broner again counters over the top with a right straight. Anotehr good right. Body shot. Short left hooks, right hand, body shot from Broner. Paulie flurrying in response but not landing clean. Another uppercut by Broner. Clear Broner round, 68-65 Malignaggi.

Round eight: Broner with a pair of stiff jabs and a right up top. Paulie jabbing to the body. Another flurry. Both land rights inside. Pauile jabbing emphatically, but takes another right hand and another. Good left hook by the Magic Man. Broner body shot, Paulie responds with his own. Broner still jawing as he pursues Malignaggi. Good sequence of lefts from Broner and a hard right has Paulie retreating. Broner firing away at Paulie, who is still trying to fight back at the bell. 77-75 Malignaggi.

Round nine: Broner doubles up the left hook. Paulie still showboating, Broner still talking. Broner with a body blow as he gets Paulie to the ropes. Another. Broner left hook, Paulie overhand right. Clinch. Paulie's head snapped back by a hard right. Paulie thumping the body and head to no effect. Broner stalking him, takes a right. Another stiff right and another from Broner. Broner digs to the body, lands a good right uppercut. Paulie throwing with Broner against the ropes and eats a pair of right hands and another after throwing a body shot. Good right-left from Paulie. Two more rights from Broner and a third to end the round. 86-85 Malignaggi.

Round ten: Paulie still throwing to the body, still eating that right hand. Broner with a hard body shot and right upperct. Solid jab by Paulie. Paulie very active this round. Broner takes a left hook. Another right by Broner and a left downstairs. Head shots from Both. Nice right from Broner, but Paulie still working the body. Body shot from Broner. Paulie flurrying against Broner with the latter on the ropes. Broner lands uppercuts and a left hook to end the round. Very, very close, but I'm feeling generous. 96-94 Malignaggi.

Round eleven: Broner with a hard jab and right-left. Clinch. Broner lands a right, Paulie lands a left-right up top. Clinch. Some showboating from both men. Broner to the body. Another. Another left downstairs. Paulie to the head and body. Broner flurries to the body and head, punctuated by a hard left hook. Good lead right from Broner. Paulie lands a good left up top as he takes one to the body. Right lead from Broner and a hard left hook. Paulie on the ropes and takes two big rights. Broner round, 105-104 Malignaggi.

Round twelve: Paulie moves in, takes another right. Double jab from Broner. Clinch. Broner with a left hook on the exit. Paulie backed into the ropes, takes a body and a head shot. Right from Broner. Broner to the body. Paulie lands a left hook downstairs. Another big right from Adrien. Three-piece combo up top for Paulie, Broner to the body and a left hook upstairs. Another lead right. Broner lands a right and left at the bell. 114-114, but that's a best-case scenario for Paulie. In any case, good fight.

Final result: Broner def. Malignaggi by decision


Seth Mitchell vs. Jonathon Banks

Round one: Mitchell rockin' a 27-pound weight advantage. Let's see how he uses it.

Nothing much in the first minute. Banks doing a bit better with his jabs. Ninety seconds in and no power punches yet. Mitchell lands a right downstairs. Right to the body leads to a clinch. Good jab up top from Seth. Crap round. 10-9 Mitchell.

Round two: Just jabs again. Mitchell thumps the body as Banks moves into the clinch. Right-left from Banks. Clinch. Nice left inside by Banks. Clinch. Great uppercut from Mitchell as Banks advances and Jonathon goes down. Back up and lucid. Round ends, 20-17 Mitchell.

Round three: On a second look, that looked more like a slip. Anyway, third round.

Mitchell with a solid right downstairs. Clubbing left by Mitchell as they swing. Another good left hook from Seth. Solid counter jab from Banks connects. Banks leans in with an overhand, Mitchell lands a series of staccato body shots. Banks lands an overhand right ind Mitchell is wobbled. Seth clinches up. Mitchell in defense mode right now, blocking most of Jonathon's shots and clinching. Mitchell hurt again and wobbling around the ring desperately trying to clinch. Banks unloading but Seth miraculously survives the round. 10-9 Banks, 29-27 Mitchell.

Round four: Banks initiates the first clinch of the round. Mitchell with a glancing left hook. Clinch. Another. Banks clubbing inside; Mitchell lands a couple of his own with Banks against the ropes. Short left hook connects again for Jonathon. Good body shot from Banks and he sneaks in a couple uppercuts. Action slows down in the last minute, Banks trying to bait him in. Banks lands a check hook and Mitchell responds with a hard right up top. Good overhand from Mitchell just before the bell. Late inactivity cost Banks; 39-36 Mitchell.

Round five: Banks backed into the ropes, absorbs a flurry with his forearms. Mitchell sneaks some hard rights through Banks' guard. Banks shakes his head "no" and takes two more shots for good measure. Mitchell advancing, Banks waiting for a counter, neither man really throwing. Solid jabs from Seth. 49-45 Mitchell.

Round six: Jabbity jab jabs. Very intense staring going on. Both land decent jabs. Solid body hook by Mitchell. Clinch. Jaaaaaaaaabs. Clinch. Clinch. I don't even know. 59-54 Mitchell.

Round seven: Mitchell lands two body shots after a minute of nothing. Good one-two upstairs. Mitchell with another right hand downstairs. Banks finally lands his first punch of the round: a jab. Good lord, this fight is ass. 69-63 Mitchell.

Round eight: One of you assholes knock the other one out so I can get some booze.

Mitchell with a couple body shots. Banks with some enthusiastic covering up. Mitchell lands to the body, Banks finally throws and wobbles Mitchell, who clinches. Banks to the body inside. Good point-blank uppercut from Banks. They separate; Mitchell with a short right downstairs. Short left hook from Mitchell, then one to the body with Banks against the ropes. Banks just sitting there letting Mitchell recover. Now some short punches. Mitchell lands a hard left hook, Banks taunts at the end. 10-9 Mitchell despite getting hurt. 79-72 Mitchell.

Round nine: Right to the body from Mitchell, left to the head from Banks. Short left hook from Mitchell, then an uppercut. Banks left hook. Banks backed into the ropes, takes a right. Banks with a short right. Mitchell landing some short uppercuts and a left hook. Good body shots by Seth. More good mauling from Mitchell. Banks sitting there getting punched on the ropes. Clinch. Banks taunting some more. Clinch. 89-82 Mitchell.

Round ten: Mitchell bounces some punches off Banks' guard. Uppercut gets through. Nobody is doing anything worth writing about. This is pathetic. Mitchell with some body shots inside. 10-9 Mitchell, I guess. 99-91.

Round eleven: Mitchell lands a right to the body. Banks, as usual, does nothing. Really, they both ought to be ashamed for themselves, especially Banks. Mitchell with another right downstairs. Jabbing. Watching the ring mat bounce up and down as they move is more entertaining than watching them fight. 109-100 Mitchell.

Round twelve: Mitchell body shot. Banks left hook. Again. Clinch off a missed Banks right hand. Nothing happens in the last minute. Screw them both. 0-0 round. 109-100 Mitchell. I don't care.

Final result: Mitchell def. Banks by decision


Sakio Bika vs. Marco Antonio Periban

Round one: Feeling-out process early. Bika misses a lunging left hook. Periban advances, Bika forces him to retreat with some hard shots off the gloves. Bika left hook strays low. Periban committed to jabbing the body. Bika steps in and takes a left hook to the body. One-two downstairs for Periban and a stiff jab up top. Periban lands a hard counter right, which is in turn countered by a right from Bika. One-two to the body from Periban met by an overhand right. Clinch. Another one-two from Periban. Right downstairs. There's the bell, 10-9 Periban.

Round two: Bika doubles up the jab. Quick exchange in the middle. Periban body shot, right hand countered over the top by Bika's right. Clinch. Another good left to the body from Periban, prompting Bika to land one of his own. One-two from Periban. Another hard body shot after Bika misses a long punch. Bika with a right to the body. Good one-one-two from The Scorpion. Wild hooks from Bika hit shoulder. Wide right lands, as does a left behind the ear. Damn close round. 10-9 Bika for the late work, 19-19.

Round three: Periban lands a thumping counter hook, Bika tanks it and lands a right to the body. One-two downtairs from Bika, Periban with a low straight of his own. Bika lands an overhand from in close. Another left downstairs for Periban after Bika rebounds off the ropes. Bika lands a low hook, Periban jams another right into the breadbasket. Nice double jab from Bika. Another good body shot from Periban. Nice four-piece from Periban, starting downstairs and ending high. Hard one-two from Bika, wild right is blocked. Periban with a one-one-two at the end, Bika lands a right at the bell. 29-28 Bika.

Round four: Bika lands a lunging left hook, which Periban answers downstairs. Both man land hard blows upstairs. Action stops to remove some loose tape from Bika's glove. Both men land good rights downstairs. They clinch and alternate right hands to the body. Periban with some good lefts to the body and head. Right up top. Bika overhand is bocked, as are the wild shots he wades in with. Periban with a long right upstairs. Periban thumping the body as Bika moves in. Hard overhand from Bika. Both men slugging right now, Bika more effective for now. Periban lands a left at the bell that may have been a bit late. Periban winning early, Bika winning late. 39-37 Bika.

Round five: First thirty seconds are all jabs. Periban with a hard counter hook to the body. Bika again wades in and lands some blows to the side of the head. Good right and left hook on the exit by Bika. Periban with a short counter right and slips. Bika moves in with the jab, eats a counter left up top. Bika's right hand landing extremely well off the jab. Hard two-three by The Scorpion; Periban's output seems a bit sedate. Lead right and left hand connect. Periban is active with the jab, but not landing as well as Bika. Overhand right by Bika answers a solid counter uppercut. Momentum is shifting towards the veteran, 49-46.

Round six: Periban lands a good straight. Bika's jab has notably more thump than Periban's and he's moving in with wide blows. Clinch. Periban leads with the right, takes a left hook. Clubbing right from Bika glances off, Periban hits him with a left-right before Bika exits. Hard counters from Periban backs Bika off Good left hook from Periban.. Two to the breadbasket from the Mexican. Counter right from Periban connects as Bika again charges in. Bika body blow ends the round, one in Periban's favor. 58-56 Bika.

Round seven: Good phone booth exchange. Periban lands a right hand inside. Periban stings Bika with a one-two, lands two more good blows in the process. Bika thumps the body. Periban body hook met by a Bika left up top. Again. Clinch off a missed Bika bomb. Another right downstairs by Periban. Periban lands again to the body. Close round, but still Periban's. 67-66 Bika.

Round eight: Periban lands the end of a three-shot combo. Bika winning the jab battle. Double jab to the body. Powerful left hook in close from Periban. Bika forcing his man back and gets a thumping right through the guard. Nice jabs. One-one-two again lands. Periban drills the body. Clash of heads, looks like a small cut opened up on Periban, but well away from his eyes. They briefly examine it before they continue. Good right from Periban. Crazy brawl in center ring with Bika abandoning all semblance of technique but somehow still landing. 10-9, 77-75 Bika.

Round nine: Periban again digs to the body. Lead left hook from Bika connects well. Periban with a short counter right. Bika with his own body blow, then a clinch. Bika with left hooks to the body and head as Periban bounces combos off of him. Nice combination from the Mexican, including a left hook and uppercut. Periban countering extremely well now and teeing off on a free-swinging Bika. A crazy Bika right gets through. Left hook to the body. Hard left by Periban, who is avoiding Bika's bombs and chewing him up in between. Counter body blow form Periban. Beautiful counter right by Periban to end the round. 86-85 Bika.

Round ten: Periban triples up the left hook and lands all of them. Doing well with his jab early on. One-one-two blocked from Bika. Clubbing left lands. Clinch. Phone booth exchange won by Periban. Lunging body shot connects for Bika. Bika lands a pair of hooks before taking a left and right. Not enough work from Periban late. 96-94 Bika.

Round eleven: Periban follows some flicker jabs with a right downstairs. One-two ends to the body. Bika lands a good right, eats some tight blows from Periban. Another headbutt. Good right-left from Periban. Hard right hand upstairs. Bika clubs him inside. Good exchange. Bika left hook to the body. Good right downstairs by Marco. Bika with a jab up top, right hand downstairs. Another winging right body shot. Periban lands a pair of rights. Right hand exchange. Good left-right by Marco. Exchange in the clinch. Bika with a left hook up top. Really, really close. 105-104 Bika.

Round twelve: One-two from Periban as Bika clubs him. Another right from Periban. Exchange inside, punctuated by a Bika left hook. They're swinging free and Periban is beating Bika up right now. Things slow down and Bika lands an overhand right. Another good right from Periban. Bika grazes him with an uppercut. One-two from Bika and two good hooks form Sakio. Clubbing right in the clinch. Good right from Periban and they continus winging tired punches. Zero technique and they're just hurling windmill punches. Bika's seem to be landing better. Damn close round. 115-113 Bika, although this could go either way. Good fight.

Final result: Bika def. Periban by decision


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