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MMA Quick Quote: Nick Diaz fighter, Caleb Mitchell, wants to bitch-slap Charlie Sheen for disrespecting 'Rated X' dad

That's how they do it in the 209. Actually, that's probably how they do it everywhere. Don't disrespect a man's family!

"They came up and done this movie and (Charlie) hung out with my uncle for quite a while. He wined and dined him and gave him girls and things like that, and basically told him what to do, what to put in the movie and not to put into the movie. So they made my dad look like a total jerk, and made my uncle look a lot better than he should have looked. They got a lot of the information wrong, in more than a couple of instances. I'm in the movie (as a character played by an actor), and they make it look like my dad is trying to drown me at the beach, when really what happened, is we got swept out in an undertow for a couple of hours and almost died. I was like seven years old and he went out to save me, and ended up going to the hospital. They just took his life and tore it apart, so I'm not a big fan of Charlie Sheen. If I see him, I'd give him a nice bitch slap. Emilio Estevez, I pretty much feel the same, but it was my uncle who brought them in and re-wrote history."

Nick Diaz Promotions will hold its inaugural mixed martial arts (MMA) event, WAR MMA, tomorrow night (June 22, 2013) at the Stockton Arena in Stockton, California (details here). In main card action, Caleb Mitchell will battle Evan Esguerra for featherweight bragging rights. That's the same Caleb Mitchell who fought off Guatemalan thugs with a machete, nearly drowned to death in the ocean and had his pornographer father murdered by his uncle. It's that last tragedy -- turned into a film by Charlie Sheen -- that has Mitchell irate with the embattled celebrity, and tells Steph Daniels that he wouldn't hesitate to show him the back of his hand if given the opportunity. Let's hope neither of the Estevez brothers are in attendance tomorrow night in Stockton.

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