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Heat vs Spurs Game 7 score, live online stream updates and discussion for NBA Finals 2013

With or without his headband, Miami Heat forward LeBron James will try to repeat his performance from Game 6 of the NBA Finals 2013, when the San Antonio Spurs invade American Airlines Arena for Game 7 TONIGHT (Thurs., June 20, 2013) beginning at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Tune in, fire up the laptop and follow along with your fellow MMA Maniacs in our live thread and discussion below. Live Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Game 7 results below!


With an unbelievable comeback in Game 6 of NBA Finals 2013 on Tuesday (June 18, 2013), Miami Heat -- who were pushed to the absolute brink of elimination -- somehow survived to see another night against San Antonio Spurs.

That night is this evening (June 20, 2013), with Heat and Spurs meeting in the decisive Game 7 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla., after splitting (3-3) their first six encounters in the Finals. It's the culmination of a back-and-forth series, including an epic game that many are calling one of the best ever.

Can the teams recapture the drama and excitement?

Probably not, but if they do -- or even come close -- you can bet your bippy we will watch every second of the action (unlike Heat fans who gave up on their team in Game 6). readers like JellyBelly, ricky~dooby, Ulf Murphy and pabloXL, among others, were glued to their television screens that magical night, sharing their shock and awe in the comments section of this thread.

The crew appeared to have a fun time, so with one very big night remaining in the 2013 season, we've decided to run a Heat vs. Spurs Game 7 NBA Finals 2013 open thread and discussion. That's right, watch the game, chat up the other Maniacs in the community below and create some non-mixed martial arts (MMA) memories.

It beats blowing $100 knuckled up to a cramped bar, trying to figure out who is doing what and why and missing half the action because you're too distracted with the hotties across the bar you're too scared to approach.

At least that's my story.

Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy what promises to be a very good basketball game and quite possibly legacy-defining moments for stars such as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

And "Birdman!"

NOTE: In addition to quarterly updates, including halftime score, we will post the scores during timeouts and television breaks whenever possible.

Start First Quarter:
Spurs 11, Heat 6 -- Time Out 8:16

Spurs 15, Heat 10 -- Time Out 2:12

Shane Battier
led Heat with six points (two three-pointers), while Kawhi Leonard led Spurs with five points
Final Heat vs. Spurs First Quarter Score: Heat 18, Spurs 16

Start Second Quarter:
Heat 21,
Spurs 20 -- Time Out 9:55
Heat 27,
Spurs 27 -- Time Out 6:40
Heat 33,
Spurs 27 -- Time Out 5:21
Heat 37,
Spurs 34 -- Time Out 3:02
Lebron James leads Heat with 15 points (Dwayne Wade has 14), while Tim Duncan leads Spurs with 13 points (Tony Parker has 10)
Final Heat vs. Spurs Halftime Score: Heat 46, Spurs 44
Start Third Quarter:
Heat 54, Spurs 52 -- Time Out 8:02
Heat 54, Spurs 54 -- Time Out 6:48
Spurs 65, Heat 64 -- Time Out 2:34
Lebron James leads Heat with 28 points, while Tim Duncan leads Spurs with 17 points
Final Heat vs. Spurs Third Quarter Score: Heat 72, Spurs 71
Start Fourth Quarter:
Heat 77, Spurs 75 -- Time Out 8:34
Heat 83, Spurs 77 -- Time Out 5:37
Heat 88, Spurs 85 -- Time Out 3:06
Heat 90,
Spurs 88
-- Time Out :39

Heat 92,
Spurs 88
-- Time Out :27.9

FINAL Heat vs. Spurs Score: 95, 88 Heat Beat Spurs!!!

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