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A ‘prime’ Rampage Jackson considers fighting in Bellator MMA's heavyweight division

“Rampage” to stand-and-bang with the big boys? The former UFC light heavyweight champion says he wouldn't mind entertaining fight fans by swinging leather against the larger men of Bellator MMA.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Fighting as a light heavyweight his entire mixed martial arts (MMA) career, fight fans may soon have an opportunity to see Quinton Jackson swinging leather against the big boys.

"Rampage" revealed during a recent media conference call that with his knee getting better, he's contemplating a move up to the heavyweight division in order to "knock out some big guys."

With his new-found love for fighting, Jackson says he has four or five more years of combat sports left in him. And he'll make the most of that time as he recently signed a deal to pull double duty as a fighter for Bellator MMA and a professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling (watch his debut here).

Whatever makes you happy.

According to the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, there are plenty of good fights for him in the 205-pound weight class, but he really wants a chance to "entertain" fans by trading punches with the heavyweights.

His plans:

"Before, I was talking about retiring at 35 which is in a couple days. Now, I feel like I got four or five more years in me. I've just been rehabbing my knee and lifting weights. I'm thinking about going at heavyweight because I'm older now and I want to stand with the big guys. I want to go out there and entertain the fans. I think the fans forget I'm the first ever unified champion. I did that. I just want to entertain the fans, put on great fights, go into pro wrestling in TNA and show what I can do. I think I'm a natural pro wrestler. I want to kick it with them and put on great shows. I want to entertain all my fans."

While Jackson has never made it a habit of missing the required 205-pound weight limit, he did come in a bit heavy at UFC 144 when he took on Ryan Bader.

But you can blame a training-related injury for that.

Currently in the rehabilitation process, Quinton feels a move up to the heavyweight division would benefit him plenty as the years begin to creep up on the 14-year MMA veteran.


Well for starters, he won't have to worry about cutting so much weight trying to hit the 205-pound mark. Plus, he will have a decisive speed advantage over his much bigger foes.

He explains:

"There's some good fights coming up at 205 and I've got enough time to get in shape to do it. I don't have to take a fight on eight week's notice. I'm a big guy. I walk around and won't have to cut weight. A lot of small heavyweights do good. I've never been a guy to turn down fights. It's easier now that I'm older to go to heavyweight, I guess. I'm nearly 35. I'm in my prime but at the same time, I think heavyweight would be a good move. I think I'd be faster than them and I'd like to knock out some big guys."

"Rampage" vs. Mark Godbeer, Richard Hale, Mark Holata, Blagoi Ivanov, Zak Jensen, Alexei Kudin, Manny Lara, or Ruslan Magomedov.

Who wants to see it?

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