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Chael Sonnen talks about how he landed his girlfriend, blonde bombshell Ms. Brittany

"How To Get The Girl," by Chael P. Sonnen.

No, not that Brittney!

Former two-time Ultimate Fighting Championship No. 1 Middleweight title contender, one-time No. 1 Light Heavyweight title contender and three-time title loser, Chael Sonnen, certainly has a way with words.

And, apparently, beautiful women, too.

"The American Gangster" recently shared how he shagged his long-time girlfriend, who he affectionately refers to as Ms. Brittany, in this video for AXE on, "How To Get The Girl." He describes the chase, which apparently took place at a local mixed martial arts (MMA) event in which he was in attendance.

Ms. Brittany shares her side of the story, too, which is good because we can never really believe much that comes out of Sonnen's mouth these days. She seems to corroborate his story, one that unsurprisingly illustrated his persistence and oratory skills.

Sonnen actually admits he is no Mr. Cassanova, but offers the following slice of advice for all the players who won't read this:

"I'm not an expert on love or relationships, but there is some advice: If it doesn't come easy, you need to let it go. And if it's right, you won't have to work for it. It'll be right, it'll be easy. That's my story at least."

His advice certainly does not match his conquest, one that featured repeated escape attempts and a disingenuous distressed phone call.

Far from "easy."

But, his shtick stuck, and it will continue until at least UFC on FOX Sports 1 #1 in mid-August, which is when he returns to the Octagon to fight Mauricio Rua ... hopefully.

Don't hate the player, Maniacs, hate the (mind) game(s).

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