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Lloyd Irvin slammed with over $1,000,000 tax lien by federal government

Pay your taxes, people!

Lloyd Irvin (second from the right) is in more trouble, this time with the federal government.
Lloyd Irvin (second from the right) is in more trouble, this time with the federal government.
Photo by Tracy Lee via CombatLifestyle

The last six months have not been kind to Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) standout "Master" Lloyd Irvin.

It all started with two of his top competition students from the Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts School being charged with a gang rape stemming from an incident this past New Years Eve.

But that was only the beginning. As more news broke out and former team members opened up about alleged sexual misconduct, things went from bad to worse. Several programs like Alliance MMA began to distance themselves from Irvin. In response, Irvin claimed he was the victim of a "lynch mob" and decided to close his affiliate BJJ programs.

As a form of damage control, Irvin even purchased URLs like and redirected them to advertisements about his rape prevention courses.

As it turns out, Irvin probably should have been spending his money on his taxes.

Bloody Elbow is reporting that Irvin lost a judgement against the US government for a tax lien of a whopping $1,021,440.68.

In case you aren't familiar with tax liens, they occur when someone neglects or refuses to pay their taxes. Rather than putting you in jail for tax evasion, the government will instead make sure it gets its money. So Irvin won't be able to make a dime until he pays the government what is owed.

This isn't the first time Irvin has been hit by the tax man, either. According to BE's article:

"Also, an issue in 2011 where Irvin was the defendant in a case where the United States government was successful in getting a $287,148.68 tax lien against Lloyd and Vickie Irvin."

Maybe next time he'll watch his books more closely.

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