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Randy Couture 'doesn't care' about Dana White’s trash talk, but UFC president 'crossing the line' targeting his family

Stick and stones might break bones, but Dana White’s words will never hurt Randy Couture. Unless, of course, his family is injected into the mix.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White truly has a way with words, especially when his bitter rivals are the topics of conversation.

Randy Couture, former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion and member of the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion's Hall of Fame, recently got on White's bad side after "The Natural" jumped ship from ZUFFA and FOX over to Spike TV and Bellator MMA.

Soon thereafter, the Las Vegas fight boss verbally unloaded on Couture, calling him a liar and saying he "stops being a man when his big toes step out of the cage." If that wasn't enough, he banned him from cornering his son, Ryan Couture, at UFC events.

In fact, "The Natural" can't even buy a ticket to get into his show.

Couture, however, decided to take the high road and not fight fire with fire, staying calm and keeping his words and feelings about his former boss to himself. But, if White decides to talk smack about Couture's family and mess with his son's livelihood, then it becomes personal.

"The Natural" explained on a recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"I don't take any of that personal. I don't really tune into the underground and all that other stuff. People come to me and they say, ‘Oh, he said this and he said that.' I don't care; I know what the truth is. I know how I have treated people, how I tried to treat them. And yeah, fighting with them to get a fair shake and be told the truth and, it's been a struggle all along, from ancillary rights down the line. I don't take any of that personal. I don't really tune into it. In the day-to-day running of my life, it's a small thing. But, when you start talking about somebody's kids and their family, yeah, you're crossing the line. I don't think he would like it if I did those sorts of things to him. I know his wife, I know his kids. He's got my sons fate in his hands in some way here. With Ryan competing and not allowing me to continue to progress and work with my son in his fight career is ridiculous and that bothers me. It bothers me that he could affect my son's livelihood. My son has earned his spot. Ryan has done the work, he has the passion for the sport and he's doing all of the right things. So for him to be hindered and hampered by Dana and Dana's feelings towards me, it isn't fair and that bothers me."

While White has yet to say anything derogatory about Couture's family -- at least not in public -- Couture feels preventing him from cornering Ryan like he did two months ago at UFC on Fuel TV 9 in his bout against Ross Pearson is crossing the line.

Because while he hasn't bashed junior verbally, White is impeding his progress as an MMA fighter because of the fact that he doesn't have his father -- and mentor -- in his ear between rounds giving him tips and instructions.

Something he's been used to having all of his combat career.

The younger Couture went on to lose to "Real Deal" via second round technical knockout, a result that may or may not have been prevented had he had his dad in his corner.

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