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Video: Watch Cat Zingano have her knee drained following ACL surgery

When you get your tonsils out, the doctor brings you a big bowl of ice cream. When you have your ACL repaired, the doctor sticks you with a giant needle and sucks your blood. As Mitch Hedburg warned, that's what happens when you go see Dr. Acula.

Remember all those fancy-shmancy recovery videos Georges St. Pierre put out after blowing up his knee?

You'll get no such luxury from former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women's Bantamweight No. 1 contender, Cat Zingano, who was forced to surrender her Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 coaching spot opposite division champion Ronda Rousey -- as well as a corresponding title fight in December -- after having ACL surgery to correct an injury sustained in training.

Miesha Tate, along with her elbow-happy boyfriend, won't be sending get-well cards anytime soon.

That's because "Cupcake" and her "big nose" (their words, not mine) have taken over as both TUF 18 coach and opponent for "Rowdy," who already holds a violent submission win over Tate from back in the days of Strikeforce. Zingano is expected to reclaim her spot in line after her knee is all patched up and ready to go.

Judging by this video, it could be awhile.

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