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UFC Quick Quote: Vinny Magalhaes is as popular as Chael Sonnen in Brazil

UFC light heavyweight Vinny Magalhaes won't be expecting a heroes welcome when he returns to Brazil later this summer.


"I haven't been in Brazil in like forever. The last time I was in Brazil, was before the UFC really got popular over there. If I had to compare myself to someone, I would say that I'm as popular as Chael is in Brazil, right now [laughs]. It's not popular in a good way, either. Remember, I'm the guy who supposedly talked shit about Big Nog on TUF, and I was hanging around with Chael, so yeah, that's how popular I am in Brazil."

-- Normally the Brazilian crowd will blindly cheer for the native countrymen whenever they're competing inside the Octagon, but UFC light heavyweight Vinny Magalhaes tells MMA Sentinal he could be the exception to the rule. That's what happens when you help train Brazil's most hated supervillain Chael Sonnen and help him prepare to take on national hero Anderson Silva before their big rematch in 2012. Magalhaes is expected to make his return to Brazil later this summer (August 3, 2013) when he takes on Anthony Perosh at UFC 163 in Rio De Janeiro. Do you think he'll get a warm welcome?

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