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UFC 161 results recap: Shawn Jordan vs Pat Barry fight review and analysis

How did Shawn Jordan beat Pat Barry at his own game last night? Find out below.


Two very dangerous and powerful heavyweights slugged it out last night (June 15, 2013) as Shawn Jordan took on Pat Barry in the opening bout of the UFC 161 main card in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Barry entered the bout with some momentum, having knocked out a former kickboxing champion in Shane del Roaario, but a former LSU football player would be too much for him.

And it didn't even take a minute.

Barry opened strong, winging a snapping leg kick that landed with authority, backing Jordan off briefly, but his good fortune wouldn't last as Jordan exploded forward with a right uppercut, clocking him on the jaw. A second uppercut dropped him along the fence and "Savage" knew exactly how to follow up, swarming Barry with huge left hands on the ground.

"HD" offered no response other than covering up and the heavy blows began to accumulate. After a few seconds, the referee had seen enough and put a stop to the onslaught.

For Pat Barry, there really isn't too much to glean from this loss as it happened far too quickly. One thing for certain is he has to protect himself better. While Jordan is improving on the feet, he had no business being able to catch Barry as easily as he did considering that's where Barry is most dangerous. The snapping leg kicks were working, but he just didn't have enough time for the damage to accumulate before he got caught.

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