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WSOF 3 results recap: Jacob Volkmann vs Lyle Beerbohm fight review and analysis

How did Jacob Volkmann take out Lyle Beerbohm last night? Find out below


Two talented lightweight grapplers squared off last night (June 14, 2013) as Jacob Volkmann dueled Lyle Beerbohm on the World Series of Fighting main card in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many were hoping for a submission battle, perhaps up to 15 minutes fun scrambles, reversals, sweeps and more.

Fat chance.

Instead, fans were treated to clinching, stalling, ineffective gameplans and multiple referee separations in a grueling war of attrition.

Beerbohm was the aggressor early, throwing a few leg kicks. Despite landing them, he chose to try to outgrapple the standout wrestler Volkmann, hunching over in the clinch along the fence as both men stalemated. Beerbohm proceeded to spend a ridiculous amount of time hunched over at his waist staring at his feet throughout the fight to no avail, as Volkmann's wrestling ability was simply too strong.

Neither man really threw any strikes, but Volkmann was able to get the upper hand in nearly every scramble, finding a way to put Beerbohm in a bad position or at least on bottom whenever the grapplers went to the canvas.

Despite being unable to dump the sprawling Volkmann on the canvas, Beerbohm instead hung out in the clinch with him, sitting inside a head lock. It was very frustrating to watch as both men are solid grapplers but sometimes that cancels out, particularly with Beerbohm's wall-and-stall attack.

Beerbohm's corner told him to go for it in the third round, but this only opened him up to a very easy takedown from "Dr. Feelgood," who proceeded to immediately take his back and eventually sink in both hooks, locking in a body triangle and hunting for a rear naked choke.

Despite having the dominant position for well over half the final round, Volkmann was unable to secure the tap and was instead awarded a relatively easy unanimous decision.

For Lyle Beerbohm, this was just a poor performance all around. Yes, the clinch is his safety net and he was able to secure inside position with it against Volkmann, but he did zero damage and provided zero threat to the Minnesotan. He's have been much better off working some dirty boxing, or even standing and trading in the pocket. Volkmann's stand up is still where he needs the most work as a fighter and while Beerbohm isn't an expert, he definitely had the advantage there. He just didn't press it, much to his chagrin.

Instead,he went to the well far too often and paid for it.

Next up for Beerbohm could be anyone from John Gunderson to Brian Cobb or perhaps Ronys Torres.

For Volkmann, yes, he was able to win, but that fight could have been so much more. Yes, it takes two to tango, and when they did scramble, it was entertaining, but there were too many periods of inactivity for this fight to ever get out of first gear. He used his wrestling, secured superior positions and won a decision, but he had a chance to do something special when he had Beerbohm's back but he couldn't finish.

He'll probably face someone like Dan Lauzon, Justin Gaethje or Nick Newell next. It all depends on what WSOF wants to do with him next.

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