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Roland Delorme vs Edwin Figueroa: UFC 161 'Fight of the Night' early pick

Roland Delorme and Edwin Figueroa will meet TONIGHT (Sat., June 15, 2013) at UFC 161, which takes place at MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in a Bantamweight bout that has the potential to produce several great exchanges. Fisticuffs fireworks that could deliver the "Fight of the Night" once the dust settles.

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At UFC 161, which takes place later TONIGHT (Sat., June 15, 2013) at MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, two incredibly hard-nosed Bantamweight brawlers, Roland Delorme and Edwin Figueroa, will press the action in the opening bout of the FX "Prelims" broadcast.

It's is a 135-pound mixed martial arts (MMA) showdown that has all the promise to deliver some of the best action on the pay-per-view (PPV) under card.

Delorme (8-1, 1 NC), a Winnipeg native, has recorded all eight victories within the distance. His aggressive style dictates the pace of his fights, and while he is a decent enough striker, his ground game has been the key factor in finishing off opponents (he has six career submission wins).

Figueroa, meanwhile, is very similar to Delorme -- a finisher with eight of his nine victories coming within three rounds. His attack focuses more heavily on his striking, but he is every bit as offensive as Delorme. With a powerful and aggressive striking approach, he keeps opponents on their heels with his constant pressure. And while he may not show the best technique, he makes opponents fight as awkward as him, constantly forcing them to move backward.

When these two exchange in the Octagon, it is difficult to predict who will draw first blood. Delorme has demonstrated that he can be caught off guard by opponents who attack in volume, but Figueroa has also shown that he can be beaten in the striking game. Figueroa tends to move forward in a way I can only describe as a much more effective Leonard Garcia, whereas Delorme tends to just tuck his chin and go to work.

Expect for both men to have their moments in this fight, but it should come as no surprise if and when one gets finished early. It is impossible for them to not go toe-to-toe based on their styles, which means the fight could be a back-and-forth war or a one-hit quitter. For bantamweights, both men have shown they have a ton of power, able to pick their shots (though they probably won't) if they want a decisive victory.

Ultimately, expect this fight to become exciting from the start and to continue in that manner for at least a round. Both of these men are durable, scrappy fighters, and even if they are beaten down they'll come out for the next round and go out swinging.

In the end, two battered and bruised fighters will deliver heavy shots each round in a fight that has all the potential to with the UFC 161 "Fight of the Night" in "The Peg."

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