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Thiago Silva willing to fight 'stupid' Bigfoot Silva at catchweight

Too big for light heavyweight, “Bigfoot?” No worries, Thiago Silva will gladly meet you at a catchweight of 220 pounds so he can collect a check and "beat the crap" out of you like he did in training.


Challenge accepted.

Thiago Silva brutally knocked out Rafael Cavalcante last weekend (June 8, 2013) at UFC on FUEL TV 10 in Fortaleza, Brazil. Not long after, 265-pound "Bigfoot," Antonio Silva, had some unflattering remarks for Silva, his former training partner.

The war-minded 205-pounder has never been one to turn down a fight, but he did say that if the heavyweight "hater" wants to tango inside the Octagon, all he has to do is make the drop down to light heavyweight.

And it's an idea "Pezao" is actually entertaining.

But, the massive Brazilian may not have to drop all the way down to 205 pounds, because Thiago is down for a catchweight fight as long as he gets to "beat the shit" out of someone "stupid" and get paid for it.

He breaks it down to

"I can't say too much about Bigfoot, you know? We used to train together, I know him, you know, I think he's a hater. He's jealous because I just beat his friend. If he wants to fight me, it's okay, come to 205. Or much better; I'll give you an idea; we can do like a catchweight, you know, like 220 pounds, 230, I don't know, if he drops. I'll do it, no problem. I want to fight. I fight for money, you know, and I like to beat stupid people like him. So if he wants to fight me we can do a catchweight at 220 pounds and I'll be ready to beat him. Bet on that."

The volatile pair used to train together at American Top Team (ATT), but Thiago bolted to join the Blackzilians last year. And contrary to popular belief, that isn't necessarily the reason why the relationship went sour. The smaller Silva says the fact of the matter is "Bigfoot" has no loyalty, or no "flag," and only likes to train at places where he is better than everybody else.

Furthermore, Thiago revealed that during their training sessions at ATT, he always got the best of the much bigger man and he would have no qualms in "beating the crap out of him" again.

He explains:

"Okay, every sparring we did together, he never did nothing to me. So, I can say I used to beat him every day at the gym. And uh, yeah, I don't know why he wants to fight me. He knows I'm better than him. He knows I used to beat the crap out of him, you know. So I don't know. He's mad and he's jealous, like I said. So, he wants fight me I'll be ready. I fight for money, you know? It would be awesome beating him again."

While he wouldn't divulge too many details, "Bigfoot," says the reason for the rift was because he was stabbed in the back by his former friend who he labeled as "mentally sick." Plus, seeing his buddy "Feijao" get dropped like a sack of potatoes by the man he used to considered a brother, probably only added more fuel to the fire.

How about it Maniacs, any of you down to see this catchweight fight? It's not like either of them are close to a title shot in their respective divisions anyway.

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