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Where do we draw the line? UFCs Josh Thomson compares gay marriage to pedophilia and incest

UFC Top 10-ranked lightweight Josh Thomson recently took to Twitter to make what many would politely characterize as incendiary remarks concerning gay marriage, saying it is a potential gateway to incest and pedophilia, among other crimes. Former UFC champion, Pat Miletich, apparently chimed, supporting Thomson's statements and sharing his conservative beliefs.


In what many will view as a desire to lighten his wallet once the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brass (er, Matt Hughes) gets done with this thanks to its new "Code of Conduct," top Lightweight contender Josh Thomson shared some very unfortunate words to say this past Monday (June 10, 2013) through social media.

The controversial topic? No, it had nothing to do with mixed martial arts (MMA), but rather the lightning rod known as gay marriage.

He starts out:


There's really not too much I'd like to editorialize about this, so I'll just put down the facts. In the original piece over at Bloody Elbow, there are numerous links to Josh's Facebook page, in which he continued on his diatribe:

My next question is, should siblings be allowed to marry siblings? My point is, where do you draw the line? I personally don't care who you marry, but I also am smart enough to know that it opens a gateway to men/women trying to marry young kids, siblings marrying each other and people having multiple husbands an wives. You have to think all of these things are okay otherwise your stopping them from being happy as well which is hypocrisy. Equality doesn't stop with gay marriage, it just starts with it.

He continued when someone brought up interracial marriage, stating that it was "nothing like this" and then, again, bringing up adults marrying children:

Blacks an whites getting married is nothing like this. So your okay with R. Kelly trying To marry lil girls? People trying to marry their brother or sister? Animals? Etc? Those people want the same exact thing, to be happy. Are you gonna tell them no?


Pat Miletich joined the party on Thomson's Facebook as well -- though it appears now to have been deleted it was captured by other sites, including Bleacher Report -- adding a bit more wood to the bonfire of ignorance:

Josh is spot on. It may seem extreme to use some of his examples of 'where does it end' but I guarantee someone will want to marry their 1st cousin or even sibling. At what point does lack of civil liberty put this nation at risk? It's already happened and will only get worse.


In the epic words of Gus Johnson, who used to call fights for "The Punk" on CBS when he competed under the Strikeforce banner, "Sometimes these things happen in MMA."

Just ask Matt Mitrione and Nate Diaz, two fighters who were fined and suspended for "insensitive" social remarks that bear an unfortunate resemblance to those recently posted by Thompson.


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