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UFCs Dana White one-on-one with Bloomberg video: 'We couldn't fit Obama, he'd have to sit on my lap'

Check out what UFC President Dana White had to say in a feature with Bloomberg that came out today.

UFC President Dana White has been keeping busy.

While Jon Jones was getting ready to dismantle Chael Sonnen last month at UFC 159, White was spending some time with mainstream media outlet Bloomberg.

White was in rare form, even going as far as to say the promotion wouldn't have surrendered a seat to President barack Obama in case he decided to show up to the sold out show, although a seat could potentially be available on his lap.

I'm sure Jacob Volkmann would appreciate that.

Not surprisingly, the UFC head honcho was still in a situation where he had to defend the sport from it's past reputation, explaining why the cage is there for safety and how the sport has evolved over the years.

It wouldn't be an interview with White if New York wasn't brought up, but while White said he'd love nothing more than to host an event in Madison Square Garden, the fact that Ultimate Fighting Championship has been this successful despite New York being the lone holdout means they are in no rush to make it happen and they definitely don't need it if worse comes to worse.

On the Fox deal, White even boldly claims big Fox got the UFC "cheap" by paying 700 million dollars for exclusive rights and of course he closes the interview with his "Fighting is in our DNA" schtick and that MMA will be the biggest sport in the world someday..

Learn anything new?

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