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UFC video: Johny Hendricks has a better H-Bomb than Dan Henderson

Unfortunately, Dan Henderson can't make the welterweight limit, as putting him in the cage against Johny Hendricks would be the best possible way to solve the "H-Bomb" debate.

"He's been in [MMA] a little longer than I have, but I think I can catch him, so I'm gonna go with myself."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight number one contender, Johnny Hendricks, was a featured guest on "Octo-questions," talking about everything from his beard (its name is "Goliath") to the 45-pound fish he caught with his bare hands. Minor trivia aside, "Bigg Rigg" also believes he has a better knockout punch -- or "H-Bomb" -- than UFC 161 headliner Dan Henderson, who has made a career out of stiffening fools inside the cage. Hendricks will have a chance to prove he's in the same league this October when he squares off against reigning 170-pound kingpin Georges St. Pierre for the division title (more on that here). Until then, we leave it up to you, the fans. Anyone out there going to side with the bearded brawler in the battle of H-Bombs?

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