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Chael Sonnen clarifies UFC 151 plot with Dan Henderson to 'set up' Jon Jones, gets Kardashian's involved

Liar, liar pants on fire!?!?!?!

Ronald Martinez

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Chael Sonnen sent some ripples through the mixed martial arts (MMA) community over the weekend when he announced that he was in cahoots with Dan Henderson to try and "set up" Jones prior to UFC 151 last year.

Sonnen claimed he had been training for Jones prior to offering to fight the champion on eight days notice at UFC 151, a match that never came to fruition (at that time) because "Bones" stated he didn't have enough preparation time for the Oregon native.

Shortly therafter -- and in a move that had never happened before -- the entire event was canceled because of a lack of star power.

Many wondered about the reason Sonnen would reveal this information nearly a year after the incident, and on Tuesday's (June 11, 2013) edition of FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight," the 35-year-old clarified the reports and flat out admitted that he made the whole thing up ... maybe.

His words:

"All we know for sure is that I lied. I said one thing and then I said the exact opposite. You turned to a liar to tell you the truth? That makes as much sense as going to a Kardashian for marriage advice."

Strange indeed.

While all of this is essentially irrelevant news since Sonnen and Jones later fought at UFC 159 with the champion handily defending his belt by first-round (technical) knockout, Sonnen felt it was necessary to further confuse everyone by saying it was a lie.

Or was it the truth? You be the judge.

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