What the NSA didn't want you to know

In recent days it has come to light that the NSA is working with various corporations in an attempt to gather as much data as possible about as many people as possible, criminal or not. The name of the program is prism and if you haven't heard about this, I recommend reading up on the topic below. This is one of the few topics in the US that is bipartisan. I have linked multiple articles from various "news" sources and they all have the same kind of tone. While these programs are aimed at collecting data from Americans, anyone using Google, Apple or Facebook is being tracked. The NSA knows who you are calling, who you are texting, and what websites you are visiting. Obama has come out and stated that the NSA is not listening to your phone calls but only collecting metadata on users. It is important to understand that while metadata only provides a general overview of your activities it is typically all that is needed to validate a decision to strike an "enemy" via drone. Obama was quoted as saying "I think it’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 per cent security and also then have 100 per cent privacy and zero inconvenience”.

Personally, I don't remember ever having 100% security and find it laughable that anyone would think such an idea is even possible. Secondly, there was no conversation about this, American citizens were not informed of these back room dealings. The only reason we know this is happening is because a whistleblower came forward. The man (Edward Snowden, not to be confused with that asshole Jonathon) knew he would be hunted and moved to Hong Kong prior to releasing the information. If you have been paying attention you would recognize that Obama has gone after whistle blowers with more vigor than any of the presidents that came before him, combined. So, hopefully this man does not spend the rest of his days on the run, or worse yet, in solitary confinement.

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