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Live! EA Sports E3 press conference online video stream featuring Xbox ONE UFC game and Dana White

What does EA Sports have in store for UFC gamers on the new Xbox ONE system? We'll find out some details today (June 10, 2013) during the "EA Sports Video Game Presser" at E3.

Here we go...

EA Sports is set to host a press conference today (June 10, 2013) at 4 p.m. ET from E3 in Los Angeles, Calif., where they will unveil --among other things-- details about the new Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) video game for Xbox ONE.

Not only that, but UFC President Dana White will be on hand for the proceedings where updates regarding the latest version of the UFC video game are expected to be announced.

The "official" retail name will be a part of today's big announcement and you can watch a LIVE video stream of all the proceedings right here on using the video player above.

While nothing is expected for 2013, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced they will update fans with some fresh details and some possible specs on its second effort in the cage-fighting genre.

The wait may be worth it.

Gamers haven't been able to get their fight on since THQ released "Undisputed 3," the third -- and last -- installment in its UFC branded video games. The longtime developer imploded last year and EA Sports was quick to pick up the pieces, announcing its alignment with the Las Vegas-based fight promotion at E3 2012.

Timing is everything.

Instead of rushing something out for the existing Xbox 360, EA is likely waiting for a raucous debut on the 720, or whatever "A New Generation Revealed" has in store. The UFC Trainer, also available on Xbox 360, utilized the console's Kinect hardware, which would be an interesting way to spice up the gameplaying experience.

Just try not to kick your television in the process or even worse, the guy standing next to you.

Watch the press conference live above, and be sure to check back with us right here on later this afternoon for all the news and notes on the upcoming UFC on Xbox video game.

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