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UFC on FX 8: 'Rejuvenated' Vitor Belfort's 'mental preparation' will determine result of Luke Rockhold fight

Ian McCall breaks down the upcoming middleweight showdown between Vitor Belfort and Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8. What's the key to victory in Santa Catarina, Brazil, next weekend? "Uncle Creepy" breaks it down below.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

It's no secret that Vitor Belfort can punch and kick really, really hard. But, will his mind be right when he steps into the Octagon to fight Luke Rockhold next weekend (Sat., May 18, 2013)?

That's the key question, according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Flyweight contender Ian McCall, prior to the UFC on FX 8 main event between "The Phenom" and the former 185-pound Strikeforce champion, a Middleweight scrap planned for Arena Jaragua in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

And while "Uncle Creepy" says Rockhold is a "legitimate" champion in his own right, he still has to be weary of the power his Brazilian foe carries with him every time he steps foot inside the cage, especially now that he feels "rejuvenated."

McCall gave his fight assessment to Rick J. Lee:

"Vitor and Luke, that's a good fight. Luke is a really good prospect. I don't know if you can call him a prospect anymore, he's a legitimate champion from Strikeforce. Vitor is Vitor, he's been phenomenal forever. Now that he's, um, rejuvenated, (laughs) he's back on point. He kicked Bisping's head into the fourth row I think. I want to say Vitor (wins), but, I don't know. Luke is good enough to systematically break him down I think. Can Luke deal with the power? Vitor obviously hit's and kicks really hard. I think it's going to come down to where Vitor's at, really. We know where Luke's at. He seems to have his act together to where Vitor is kind of like me, bounces around and gets confused, a little bit discouraged. I think it comes down to the mental preparation of Vitor."

While McCall didn't say it outright, it's safe to assume that he was referring to the controversial -- albeit legal -- Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Belfort has been undergoing before and after his most recent victory over Michael Bisping.

It's a major bone of contention as Rockhold prepares to make his Octagon debut against a true legend in the sport.

And while the years are creeping up on Belfort, he has won eight of his last 10 bouts with his losses coming to arguably the top two pound-for-pound fighters in sport today, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva andLight Heavyweight kingpin, Jon Jones.

TRT or not.

But, will his mind follow physical suits as he battles an opponent eight years younger? That's what "Uncle Creepy" wants to know.

Do you?

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