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Daniel Cormier plans to stay active at heavyweight while making cut down to 205-pound division

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Daniel Cormier will eventually make the move down to the UFC's light heavyweight division, but as he begins to drop the pounds, he wants to stay active at heavyweight. Even if it means he'll face bigger foes come fight night.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

It's a sprint, not a marathon.

That's the mindset current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight -- and soon to be light heavyweight -- contender Daniel Cormier has as he maps out his plan to make the weight cut down to the 205-pound division.

And sure, while there will likely be an immediate title shot waiting for "DC" once he reaches his mark, that doesn't mean the former Olympian is going to start scarfing down some magic weight-loss pills to lose the weight.

Cormier wants to take his time and do it the proper (and healthy) way.

But don't think the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner is planning on sitting out while he sheds the pounds. Cormier says he is still looking to stay active in the heavyweight division while he makes his transition.

Even if it means he'll be fighting much bigger and heavier guys come fight night.

His broke it down to Bloody Elbow:

"I cannot drop massive amounts of weight any more. My body will not allow it to happen. Can I diet down and make the weight? Yes. Do I want to take six months to do it? Yes. Do I want to not fight during that time? No chance. Heavyweight is anything over 206 pounds. Anybody over 206 pounds can be a fight for me, on my way down to 205. I'm not backing out of this. I would love to fight for the championship, but I need time, and I don't want to be inactive while I diet down. I've only been active for a short period of time, and I don't have time to waste. I'm 34 years old, and I need to be in the cage. I've just got to be fighting as I'm doing the move down. Could I fight at 205 in November? Yes. Could I fight at 205 in August? No. I could fight at 220 in August. Even if I'm fighting a 250 pound guy, it doesn't matter. I could be 220 and still be in the cage, getting experience as I'm making my way down. 220 is the perfect weight, because when I cut to 205, I'll be 220 the next night in the cage."

Cormier made a successful Octagon debut by defeating former three-time heavyweight champion Frank Mir via decision at UFC on FOX 7 a few weeks ago in San Jose, California.

And while a bout against Roy Nelson is out of the question for the time being, "DC" is ready to take on any heavyweight in order to gain some Octagon experience.

Once Cormier hits the 205-pound mark, his prize will likely be a title shot against current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. "DC" has had it out for "Bones" for some time now, declaring he would "kick his ass" once they came face to face.

It almost happened in 2011 outside of the cage after the two had a face-to-face confrontation at the World MMA Awards show. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

How about it Maniacs, who do you want Cormier to face next as he begins his drop down to 205 pounds?