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Boxing's Tyson Fury will accept Dana White’s offer to fight UFC champion Cain Velasquez ... for the right price

WBO heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury says he will gladly take Dana White up on his offer to face Cain Velasquez inside the Octagon, as long as the money is right and Cain signs on the dotted line.


Challenge accepted.

After undefeated (21-0) WBO heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury claimed he would "smash" current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 265-pound kingpin Cain Velasquez, Las Vegas fight boss Dana White opened the door for Fury to bring his pugilistic talents to the Octagon.

And sure, in a straight-up boxing match, Tyson would definitely be the favorite, regardless of how good Cain's boxing skills are. But inside the eight-sided cage, the odds would obviously tilt back over in favor of Velasquez.

Now, Fury is willing to step into the mixed martial arts (MMA) world and take Dana up on his offer, but only if the money is right. Of course, "little boy" Velasquez has to accept the fight first before any contracts are drawn up.

Fury's words to Daily Star:

"I have challenged him before and would consider taking him on in a one-fight deal. I would beat him and then return to boxing. I'm definitely interested but the money would have to be right. I am 100-percent up for a fight with him. I've challenged him to a fight three times but he's a little boy who doesn't want to fight and has said ‘No' to the fight live on television."

As for Cain, he doesn't necessarily have any issues taking on Fury inside the cage, as long as the British brawler earns his stripes and work his way up the ladder and proves he deserves a shot at UFC gold.

Should Fury ever make his way to the Octagon, don't expect him to stay there for long because a fight against Velasquez would be a one-and-done deal.

But, is this back-and-forth talk all for naught? Or will Dana actually put his money where his mouth is?

He's done it before.

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