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Mayweather vs Guerrero results: LIVE online full fight coverage stream of Showtime PPV boxing match on May 4

After more than one full year away from the sport, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will return to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., May 4, 2013) against the gritty Robert Guerrero LIVE on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get full "Mayweather vs. Guerrero" results and live fight coverage right here, right now below!


"Money" is going "Ghost"-busting later tonight (Sat. May 4, 2013) inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the first time since a win over Miguel Cotto in May 2012 and subsequent nine-week stint in prison, WBC Welterweight Champion and pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather will enter the ring this evening in "Sin City," taking on interim 147-pound titleholder Robert "Ghost" Guerrero in the main event of a stacked four-fight card that will air on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV).

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of the "Mayweather vs. Guerrero" action below, starting with the Showtime PPV broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

In addition to the clash between the unbeaten Mayweather and once-beaten Guerrero, the card also includes a match between former Bantamweight and Super Bantamweight Champion Abner Mares and Featherweight champion Daniel Ponce de Leon, as well as two more fights that feature unbeaten prospects J'Leon Love and Leo Santa Cruz in separate bouts

Let's get it on!


147 lbs.: Floyd Mayweather def. Robert Guerrero by unanimous decision (117-111 x3)

126 lbs.: Abner Mares def. Daniel Ponce de Leon by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 2:20 of Round Nine

160 lbs.: J'Leon Love def. Gabriel Rosado by split decision (94-95, 97-92, 95-94)

122 lbs.: Leo Santa Cruz def. Alexander Munoz by TKO (Corner Stoppage) at 1:05 of Round Five


Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero

Round one: Early clinch. Floyd with a right to the body. Floyd in a more traditional stance rather than the shoulder roll, eats a right hook upstairs and close lefts to the body. Right from Mayweather. Floyd back to the shoulder roll. Guerrero clubs inside as Floyd comes in with the right. Clinch, they club to the body. Straight right from Floyd. Guerrero lands a hard left to the body, they clinch. Floyd lands the lead right. Floyd with a nice left. Floyd misses a right, Guerrero with a left to the body as they clinch. Good right from Floyd countered again by a left to the body. Floyd lands a glancing hook. Very, very close round. I'm giving it to Floyd, but just barely. 10-9 same.

Round two: Guerrero moving forward. Floyd in the corner; Guerrero slams a left upstairs before getting tied up. Again, Floyd straight right met with a left to the body. Clinch, Guerrero chiseling the body. Guerrero forces him back, but Mayweather ducks away. There's the counter sequence again, this time followed by a right upstairs from Guerrero. Floyd has his jab going. Floyd lands a right, Guerrero's left connects. Floyd with a right to the body, jab up top. Robert with a jab to the body. Floyd lands the right without retaliation this time. Floyd against the ropes again and ties Robert up. Floyd with a right to the body. Left hook. Robert lands a left downstairs and eats a stinging right at the bell. He owned the first half of the round, Floyd the second. Damn close, but 20-18 Floyd.

Round three: Floyd backed into the ropes again, answers a right hand downstairs with one to the head. Another right, Guerrero's counters fall just short. Clinch, Guerrero trying to rough him up. Snapping jabs from Floyd. Clean right through Guerrero's guard. Guerrero right hook lands, but he can't capitalize. Floyd backed into the ropes, but lands the right and peels off. Robert's jab lands. Floyd overhand connects, then another clean straight. Guerrero with a rough overhand left and right uppercut inside. Guerrero to the body, there's the bell. Clear Mayweather round, 30-27.

Round four: Robert fairly tentative early on. Floyd blocks the left uppercut. Good left from Guerrero met by a nasty right straight. Robert gets Floyd to the ropes, but can only jab to the body before Floyd gets away. Guerrero to the body. Good counter jab from Floyd and another clean right. Beautiful right hand by Floyd. Guerrero gets Floyd to the ropes and they exchange, Robert landing a couple decent shots downstairs. Floyd with a tight left hook. Robert's jab lands. Floyd taking over, 40-36.

Round five: Floyd cornered again, Robert gets in two body shots before getting tied up. Nice left from Robert connects. Lovely right from Floyd. Body shots from Robert against the ropes. Guerrero counters the right with the left downstairs. They trade jabs. Mayweather dodges a flurry. Another clean right straight hits home. And another, Guerrero counters this one to the body. Good left by Robert. Floyd thumps the body with a right and then a wide one upstairs. Another one. Another straight; he can't miss with it right now. Guerrero digs downstairs to end the round. 50-45 Mayweather.

Round six: Guerrero committing to his jab this round, can't land anything big when he gets Floyd to the ropes again. Guerrero with some clubbing shots into the guard. Floyd's right lands yet again. Stiff Floyd jab. Robert with one of his own and eats a thudding right. Uppercut this time from Floyd. Straight and then a clinch. Guerrero with a left downstairs. Mayweather lands a right, Guerrero lands some blows around Floyd's guard. Great counter jab from Floyd. Another stiff right by Floyd. Guerrero tries to hunt him down with rights at the bell. 60-54 Mayweather.

Round seven: Floyd with a counter hook. Guerrero jackhammering at Floyd's body in the clinch. Floyd's jab gets through. Floyd with a pair of lefts upstairs. Guerrero one-two is blocked. Guerrero unable to capitalize when he gets Floyd into the ropes. Mayweather blocks some lefts, Guerrero settles for short punches in the clinch. Again. Guerrero continues digging to the torso. Clinch. Floyd to the body, Guerrero keeping up a steady stream of shots downstairs. Mayweather with a left upstairs. Clinch, short punches. Floyd didn't take much damage, but he didn't do enough this round. 69-64 Mayweather.

Round eight: Good right from Floyd, Guerrero with some rights to the body in response. Floyd lands another clean right; Guerrero is cut. Right lands again, Guerrero clubs away to the body as Floyd clinches. Floyd tags the body with rights. Another right. Stiff jab by Guerrero, one to the body met by a Floyd left. Straight from Mayweather, then one downstairs. Another right. Another right to the breadbasket. Big right hook stumbles Guerrero. Floyd with rights to the body and head. Complete domination by Floyd. 79-73 Mayweather.

Round nine: Robert still moving forward, still trying to pin Floyd on the ropes, and utterly failing at the moment. Clinch, Guerrero digging into Floyd's torso. Left up top after they separate. Clinch and clubbing from Robert again. Guerrero with a long left downstairs. Guerrero lands with a left downstairs, Floyd meets him with a left hook and a right. Right hook from Robert, eats another counter right. Floyd drops his hands and invites Robert in; Guerrero can't capitalize. Floyd continues landing the right. Guerrero lands on the break. Guerrero lands some short punches with Floyd in the corner. Again, limited activity from Floyd means I give it to Robert. 88-83 Mayweather.

Round ten: Robert has Floyd in the corner yet again, has his shots blocked. Floyd with an uppercut. Clubbing right lands and then a left hook, Guerrero landing to the body in the interim. Guerrero drives a left into Floyd's breadbasket. Mayweather digs some rights downstairs, met by a Guerrero right hook up top. Floyd lands with a right and left. Guerrero unable to capitalize against the ropes. Jabs from Floyd. Floyd's straights fall just short. Last one makes it, round ends. 98-92 Floyd.

Round eleven: Mayweather active with his jab. Guerrero has him against the ropes but can't land anything meaningful. Right hand from Floyd. Jab by Robert. Floyd with a clubbing counter right. Guerrero lands a left, clinches and digs to the body. Counter left hook from Floyd. Right-left. Another right as he avoids Guerrero's counters. Left hook from Floyd as Robert comes in. Left hook after Robert lands a glancing left. Floyd just continues landing with that right and making Guerrero look stupid. 108-101 Mayweather.

Round twelve: Fighters give a friendly hug in the center and Floyd doesn't punch him immediately afterwards .He's improving.

Clinch, Guerrero continues digging away with short punches. Floyd very fresh and hopping around the ring. Clinch, Ghost punching. Lovely 2-1 from Floyd. Clinch. Guerrero is firing every time he gets close enough to Floyd, just not landing. Clinch, chiseling. Again. Floyd lands five punches in quick succession to the head. Floyd lands a good left with his back to the ropes. Good right-left from Mayweather to end the fight. 118-110 same.

Final result: Mayweather def. Guerrero by unanimous decision


Featherweight Championship: Daniel Ponce de Leon vs. Abner Mares

Round one: PDL looking for the long left downstairs. Mares trying to time him coming in. Mares with a three-piece counter attack, glancing impacts. Counter right. PDL throwing overhand lefts, eats a right to the body. PDL lands his long left. Mares digs a series of shots downstairs as PDL comes in. PDL barrels in, Mares forces him back while digging to the body. Mares avoids a big left and lands some thumping body blows. Bell, 10-9 Mares.

Round two: Mares flurries, can't connect. PDL right hook. PDL lands a clubbing left to the head after landing to the body. Mares with a solid three-piece, eats a left downstairs. Mares now on the attack, eats a left to the head. Short left from Mares lands. Mares forces PDL to the ropes and lands a steady strema of punches to the body. PDL upstairs with a left, Mares to the body. Overhand right from Abner. Southpaw one-two from PDL, Mares retaliates to the body. Mares lands a hard left hook and overhand right in the waning seconds of the round that put PDL on his seat for a 10-8 round. Daniel's back up, but in the hole 20-17.

Round three Mares with a hard right downstairs. Mares avoids a winging left and lands a right. Vicious combo from Mares, concluding with a pair to the body. Mares has him against the ropes, goes with a right up top and left to the body. PDL overhand left connects. Another. Both land their power hands. Mares stalking and connecting hard. One-two from Ponce de Leon. Quick exchange. Thumping left to the body from PDL. One-two. Mares's overhand right gets through, then a pair to the body. Mares stuns him with another left hook and they swing big to end the round. 30-26 Mares.

Round four: PDL looking to use the jab early. Mares goes downstairs and strays slightly low. PDL left ofer the top. Mares to the body. PDL with a straight to the body. Mares gets him to the ropes and rips downstairs. PDL waves him on and thumps downstairs. Good straight from PDL and Mares elects to clinch. Overhand right from Abner connects. Left to the top of the head from PDL. Mares with a three-punch combo. Eats a counter overhand, lands a right hook of his own and a long left. PDL stalking forward at the bell. Closer round, I'm leaning towards PDL. 39-36 Mares.

Round five: Mares avoids a wide left. One-two from PDL. Mares thumps to the body after eating a left upstairs. PDL uppercut lands, as does a Mares body shot. PDL with a one-two, Mares forces him to the ropes and clubs him with short punches. PDL with a right hook and lands some rabbit punches as Mares overshoots. PDL with a steady stream of long lefts, bouncing off the guard so far. Mares to the body. Mares overhand right lands. PDL with some short punches in the clinch. Close round, I'm giving it to Daniel for activity. 48-46 Mares.

Round six: Mares ends a three-piece sequence with a left hook that produces a nice cloud of spray. Mares with a few downstairs. PDL is starting to do everything in his power to rough Mares up when he clinches. PDL stalking and thumps a good left to the body. Mares with two to the body and left upstairs. Mares's right lands twice. Both land to the body. PDL lands with a pair of chopping rights. More dirty work inside from PDL. Mares to the body and head. Thumping right downstairs. Right up top. PDL lands a pair of good lefts at the end of the round. I liked Mares's work off his back foot, so 58-55 Mares.

Round seven: Mares with a sequence upstairs. Good one-two from Mares. Good phonebooth exchange, with Mares getting the better of it. Overhand right lands. PDL closes in and gets tied up before he can upload. Right uppercut off the arms of PDL. Body shot from the champion, who eats a pair of straight rights. PDL bullying forward and lands his left downstairs. Mares backs him off with a flurry. Clinch, PDL punctuates some clubbing lefts upstairs with a groin shot. Nady doesn't take a point, and karma agrees. Mares attacks downstairs, PDL much more aggressive now and continues slugging in close. Clean left from PDL. Good right from Abner upstairs. Left-right shots, PDL in pursuit. Mares meets him with a body shot and eats a good left downstairs. Close round, and I think I'm going to give it to PDL for his clubbing work. 67-65 Mares.

Round eight: PDL with a one-two upstairs. Long left connects. PDL gets him to the ropes and whomps away when he gets tied up. PDL left strays low, ref doesn't see it. Mares digs to the body, PDL meets him with an overhand left. More body shots from PDL, Abner responds in kind and eats one up top. Phonebooth, both with lefts to the body. Mares's output seems to have dropped and PDL lands a solid left. Coutner hook from Mares. PDL with a thumping left to the body that may have stunned Abner. Abner is slowing down. Two long rights to the body from Abner and a right straight. If this keeps up, PDL may take over. 76-75 Mares.

Round nine: Mares left hook as he circles away; looks a bit fresher this round. One-two from PDL connects. PDL lands a left, Mares digs two to the body in response. PDL in pursuit and landing his left, but Mares slows him down with a wide overhand right. Mares hook connects. PDL in pursuit, Mares stings him with a left downstairs and to the head. They tie up and Mares crushes him with an overhand right as they separate. Hard knockdown, but PDL is back on his feet. Abner firing away and stings him with a pair of right hands. Abner shows no signs of slowing down and the ref steps in a bit early. In any case, fight's over, Mares wins.

Final result: Mares def. Ponce de Leon by TKO


Middleweight: J'Leon Love vs. Gabriel Rosado

Round one: Trading jabs early on. Love's seems a bit sharper. Love avoids a counter right. Neither man committing at the halfway point of the round, but Love seems to be in control with his jab. Good jab and chopping right, Rosado responds with a pair of hooks. Love sneaks one upstairs after two to the body. Rosado more active with his jab in the latter stages. Love lands a short left at the bell. 10-9 Love.

Round two: Rosado clubs Love inside as they clinch. Good flurry starting at the body by Love. Rosado avoids a hook, but his jabs are falling short. Rosado leads with a solid right into the clinch. Stiff jab. Rosado jabs the body. Clinch from Love as Gabe approaches. Both land their rights. Gabe touches the body, Rosado connects with a right downstairs. Quick exchanges inside; Rosado pursues and bashes Love with some solid rights at the end. Still Love's round for his early work, 20-18.

Round three: Mania stopped listening to me in the first minute and I was too distracted to look at it, but it looked pretty even. Starting at the two-minute mark: Love still doing a good job utilizing his reach advantage. Short hook lands. Rosado with some questionable shots in the clinch. Great lead right by Rosado, followed by a good flurry against the Ropes. Another good right by Rosado, Love responds to the body. Rosado landed the best shots of the round and I'm feeling generous, so 29-28 Love.

Round four: Love doubles up the jab to good effect. Check left hook from Love. Both thump the body with rights. Counter right by Rosado. Rosado now pursuing with purpose. Rosado smacks Love with a solid right after eating a jab. Clinch. Love lands a two-shot combo before clinching up. Both land rights inside. Love lands to the body as Gabriel approaches. Good lead right by Love, then a 2-1. Left hook, then body shot. Clinch. Rosado lands a elft hook as they exchange. Close round, I'm barely leaning towards love. 39-37 Love.

Round five: Quick exchange inside, punctuated by a Rosado right upstairs. Clubbing in the clinch. Love goes downstairs, a Rosado right follows him out. Clinch. Both land their jabs. Rosado with a short series of punches inside. Clash of heads. Love's jab continues to land. Love clubs the body, Rosado with a four-piece flurry in response. Clinch. Nice low-high duo to end the round for Love. Another close round, 49-46 Love. I wouldn't complain about 48-47 Rosado, though.

Round six: Love jabbing high and low. Good 1-3 by Love as he avoids Rosado's counter flurry. Left hook from Love. Rosado smacks him with a right as Love ducks away. Love clinching any time Rosado gets too close. Rosado to the body. Rosado pursuing aggressively, but mostly eating counters for his efforts. There's a good right by Gabriel. Rosado opens up with Love against the ropes and eats a right on Love's exit. Clinch off a Rosado right. Gorgeous 3-2 from Rosado puts Love hard on his seat; he's up at the bell. Great shot; 10-8 Rosado, 57-56 Love.

Round seven: Nice four-piece combo by Love early. Good lead right through the guard. Clinch, Rosado with a short right. Rosado bullies him into the ropes, but can't land clean. Love to the body. Counter overhand from Rosado lands well, Love clinches. Rosado with some solid work as he gets Love into the ropes. Another right and another by Rosado. Love skillfully avoids a combo and clinches. Counter hook from Love and another. Love countering well. Both land hard rights. Love lands a hard right to end the round. Yet another close one, yet another one to Love in my book. 67-65 same.

Round eight: Love connects with a check hook, followed by a solid jab. Clinch. Love opening up to the body. Rosado digs downstairs. Both ripping to the body with left hooks. Hard right from Love around Rosado's glove. Clinch. Rosado digs to the body. Love with a jab and clubbing right as Gabriel comes in. Phone booth slugging; looks like Rosado getting the better of it. Good one-two from Rosado. Love goes high and low with left hooks. Rosado hits with a hard right, gets momentarily stopped in his tracks by a left hook. Love tags him hard with a right, but Rosado elects to punch his way out. Excellent round. Love had the best shot at the end of the round, but I liked Rosado's work in the middle. 76-75 Love.

Round nine: Good one-two from Love. Rosado firing inside but not connecting. Love now the one in pursuit, landing some clubbing hooks. Clinch. Lead right into the clinch. Sneaky lead hook connects. Love with a questionbable left downstairs. Rosado tags him with a right, Love flurries to force him back. Rosado clubbing with the right and lands a damn fine one. Big uppercut. Rosado is hunting Love down with big shots. Clinch. Love beating an aggressive retreat, but not enough to win back the round. 85-85.

Round ten: Rosado in pursuit early. Love clinches. Love attacks, Rosado tags the body in response. Hard left by Love inside. Right uppercut from Rosado at point-blank. Short right hand connects for Rosado and another and another. Love counters with a right of his own, but Rosado is in control of the round so far. Love pumping out his jab in response. Love digs to the body, Rosado goes downstairs with a hook of his own. Clubbing right from Rosado, long lead right from Love. Right downstairs from J'Leon. Stiff jab. Another short right in the clinch by Gabriel. They slug it out inside to end it. 95-94 Rosado.

Final result: Love def. Rosado by split decision


Super Bantamweight: Leo Santa Cruz vs. Alexander Munoz

Round one: Santa Cruz doing good work with straight shots early. Munoz works his way inside, can't land clean. Santa Cruz doubles up the hook. Munoz whiffs, eats a right. Santa Cruz pumping out his jab with regularity. BIG right upstairs and hard left hook by Santa Cruz. Munoz tanks it well. Munoz jabbing as well. Leo digs downstairs. Counter left after a low right hand. More jabs. Munoz with an uppercut and left hook. Jab exchange. Good overhand left from Leo. Big left hook by Santa Cruz; they slug inside and Santa Cruz scores with a good right up top. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round two: Leo aggressive immediately. Phone booth; Munoz digs downstairs and lands an uppercut upstairs. Santa Cruz rips a pair of lefts to the body. Munoz strays low with a left. Good right by Leo. Munoz to the body, hard right up top by Leo. Munoz lands a hard uppercut and overhand right, Leo responds by burying him in punches. Leo's activity is crazy. Close-in slugfest; Munoz's right is finding a home on Leo's face. Leo digs hard downstairs. Santa Cruz just tearing up the body and sneaks in a right hook upstairs. Munoz is landing, but maybe a third of what Leo is. Munoz swinging with authority and a decent amount are slipping through. Munoz doing much better in the latter portion of the round, but it's still Santa Cruz's fight so far. 20-18.

Round three: Clubbing right by Santa Cruz. Munoz digging high and low, Santa Cruz focusing his work downstairs. Mnuoz slips an uppercut through Santa Cruz's guard, Santa Cruz punishes him with thumping shots to the body. Good left hook from Munoz; Santa Cruz's volume isn't there this round. Santa Cruz lands three to the dome. Left hand, hook spam. Body shot. Another as Munoz tries to break through with a hook up top. Both land lefts. Santa Cruz with uppercuts. Santa Cruz forces Munoz back into the ropes and starts pouring on a ridiculous number of punches. Munoz stumbles forwards and falls to his knees. He takes the count and they end the round throwing with reckless abandon. 30-26 Santa Cruz.

Round four: Munoz looks pissed and he refuses to back up again. He clinches up and Santa Cruz continues landing a stream of clubbing punches. Santa Cruz is doing an amazing job of dodging or blocking Munoz's retaliatory shots while punching. Clinch, Santa Cruz digs downstairs. More left hooks to the body. Again and then a right as Munoz turns to complain. Santa Cruz landing that body hook every time he throws it and punctuating it with hard shots upstairs.One-two by Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz opens up with a one-two and the combo goes up to about sixteen-seventeen before Munoz can circle away. Santa Cruz just drowning Munoz in punches. Almost a 10-8, but I'll be conservative. 10-9, 40-35 Santa Cruz.

Round five: Munoz just marches in unheeded. Munoz lands a hard left hook upstairs and Santa Cruz eats it before thumping him with a left. BIG one-two-three and Munoz is down again. He's back up, but his trainer is in the ring and it's over. That was a beating.

Final result: Santa Cruz def. Munoz by TKO


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