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Best of the Best:'s UFC/MMA week in review (5/26/13)

Check out the week that was at! We've got interviews, comments, fanposts, videos and gifs!

As Jerry Lawler would say....Puppies!
As Jerry Lawler would say....Puppies!
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Welcome, Maniacs, to the forty-sixth edition of "This Week in" MMAmania is a gigantic and glorious place and we pump out a ridiculous amount of content. If you don't refresh this site every 60 minutes, you might just miss something amazing.

Have no fears, that's what this weekly article is all about! We'll recap the best of all things MMAmania, whether it be a great comment, a Fan Post, an article, video or something else.

- Comment of the Week: This one goes to Deuce02, for his hilarious comment in regards to Tim Sylvia missing weight for the One FC event with a reference to something that happened in a fight earlier in his career.

He should have carved out a little more time for a nice poop

I guess he can save that for the cage again.

- Deuce02

- Article of the week: It won't win a Pullitzer but I was thoroughly entertained by Anthony Pettis kicking the shit out of some Brazilian Jackass wannabees.

- Statistic of the Week: Chuck Liddell may be retired, but "The Iceman" can still make headlines. The former champion said he thought he could have beaten Anderson Silva and Bam! it's one of our most popular articles of the whole week. He can certainly hang with Silva in terms of fan interest.

- Fanpost of the Week: Great work by unambig as per usual with his UFC 160 report cards, which were spot on.

- Honorable mention fanpost of the week: I'm a huge closet Game of Thrones mark, so Tazer2340's post about the women of the show was a sight for sore eyes, particularly because they took Memorial Day Weekend off.

- Honorable mention comment of the week: Congratulations to Jackbequick, for a top notch joke explaining why you haven't seen any World Series of Fighting 3 posters with Jon Fitch yet.

Then how come ive never see a WSOF ad?
let alone a Fitch ad

- Newfie3


Because a billboard with Jon Fitch on it, along a busy stretch of highway, would cause a ten thousand car pile up.

- Jackbequick

Unshakable loyalty of the week: I couldn't think of a proper category for this one, but The Pride's love for George Roop knows no bounds.

Fuck all the haters
Roop is my boy. I'd pick him over jesus

- The Pride


Jesus would probably have a more successful comeback than Bowles.

- Jackbequick


fights are only three rounds, not three days

- The Pride

- Interview of the Week: In case you missed it, I thought the interview with former fighter and current member of the UFC broadcast booth, Kenny Florian, was very revealing. Go check it out if you missed anything.

But that's not all, there was also an interview with former Bellator champion and upcoming Fight Master coach Joe Warren. .

- Video of the Week: CMore Arianny stripping, if that's your thing.

We don't just have great content on MMAmania, our writers also are very active on Twitter, most notably our beloved Geno Mrosko. Unfortunately, Geno seems to have deleted his Twitter account a while ago, so other Mania writers had to step up their game. Let's see how they did.

Here's our honorary #GenoTime Tweet of the Week: It has nothing to do with MMA, but George Halvatzis Jr.'s tweet about Spelling Bee after parties made me snicker.

If you want to catch any good tweets from your Mania writers, here are our accounts: Thomas Myers, Jesse Holland,Adam Guillen Jr., Mike Bohn, Andrew Richardson, George Halvatsis Jr., Jason Probst and Brian Hemminger.

- Obligatory TNA of the Week: Those look ripe for the picking.


- Scottidog's "Good guy comment of the week" - This goes to not just a comment, but an entire fanpost. Forrest Griffin may not have had the best finish to his career, but his showcase of heart and toughness brought him to the pinnacle of the sport once, and it was nice to see Ulf Murphy bring light to that considering Griffin is walking away from the sport now. I thought this paragraph in particular was awesome:

"Hate all you want. Please do that. Nothing you say can take away what this man has accomplished and what he has done for this sport. If not for Forrest Griffin, there would be no Fox deal. There would be no Brittney Palmer on PPV cards. Jose Aldo never comes to the US. Jon Jones never puts on 5 ounce gloves. Arianny wouldn't even be stripping for new movies (although in my day stripping meant you got a money shot at some point, the dirty tease)."

Lastly, let's finish off the week with some Maniac debate. This week it's less of a debate and more of a question.

Now that he's retired, what's your favorite memory of Forrest Griffin? (good or bad)

That's it for this week. If you've got an extra suggestions for content, or nominations for articles, comments or discussion topics, please feel free to e-mail me at (and I made this e-mail especially for this):

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