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ONE FC 9 results: LIVE online play-by-play updates, fight coverage today (May 31) for 'Rise to Power' in Philippines

Buckle up and WAKE UP (again) because ONE FC 9: "Rise to Power" is set to pop off this morning (May 31, 2013) from Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines, beginning at 6:30 a.m. ET. And is your home for up-to-the-minute coverage of ONE FC 9, which features international mixed martial arts (MMA) stars such as Honorio Banario, Bibiano Fernandes, Eduard Folayang and even Phil Baroni, among others, from start to finish below.

ONE FC, which rapidly emerged as the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in Asia, is gearing up for its third show of 2013, "Rise to Power," which will begin at 6:30 a.m. ET from Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines, featuring a pair of title fights and the conclusion of its Bantamweight Grand Prix tournament.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of ONE FC 9: "Rise to Power," starting with the preliminary under card bouts, which can be viewed online for free, as well as the main card, which is available on pay-per-view (PPV) for just $9.99 right here.

In the ONE FC 9 main event, newly-crowned Featherweight champion Honorio Banario will face former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor Koji Oishi in the former's first 145-pound title defense. The interim Bantamweight strap will also be up for grabs as the No. 1 fighter on the Japanese MMA circuit, Brazilian-born Bibiano Fernandes, dukes it out with Koetsu Okazaki for the vacant 135-pound belt.

Former Shooto champion Masakatsu Ueda will also be in action, facing Kevin Belingon in the final match of the promotion's 135-pound Grand Prix. UFC veterans Kamal Shalorus, Phil Baroni, Yasuhiro Urushitani and Tim Sylvia are also set to compete this morning.

That's not all.


Main Card:

145 lbs.: Koji Oishi def. Honorio Banario by KO (punches) at 1:45 of Round Two
135 lbs.: Bibiano Fernandes def. Koetsu Okazaki by unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Masakatsu Ueda def. Kevin Belingon by unanimous decision
125 lbs.: Yasuhiro Urushitani def. Rey Docyogen by split decision
170 lbs.: Nobutatsu Suzuki def. Phil Baroni by TKO (strikes/injury) at 4:17 of Round One
155 lbs.: Kamal Shalorus def. Eduard Folayang by unanimous decision
125 lbs.: Andrew Leone def. Geje Estaquio by unanimous decision

Under Card:

155 lbs.: Lowen Tynanes def. Felipe Enomoto by TKO (elbows) at 2:41 of Round One
Catchweight: Yusup Saadulaev def. Ryan Diaz by submission (D'arce choke) at 2:57 of Round Two
265 lbs.: Tony Johnson def. Tim Sylvia by TKO (cut) at 3:25 of Round Three


Featherweight Championship: Honorio Banario vs. Koji Oishi

Round one: Banario moving forward early, but neither is engaging. Left hook from Oishi. Banario low kick. Body kick. Big right as part of a 2-1-2 from Banario. Oishi leg kick strays low. Banario presses forward behind the double jab and slams a head kick off of Oishi's forearms. Oishi lands a left to the body. Banario pursuing Oishi with heavy shots, can't land anything clean. Counter left hook from the Japanese fighter. BIG right from Oishi drops Banario, but the Filipino fighter is okay. As soon as he's on his feet he's chasing Oishi with punches and kicks. Right hand buckles Oishi and they swing against the fence. Oishi goes down from a right but Banario doesn't have enough time to put him away. Great round.

Round two: Both fighters seem lucid in the early going. Both tentative. Right to the body from the Japanese veteran. Banario with an inside leg kick. MASSIVE counter right from Oishi and Banario is history. Perfunctory follow-up shots and the ref steps in. Brutal, brutal knockout.

Final result: Oishi def. Banario by KO (punches)


Interim Bantamweight Championship: Bibiano Fernandes vs. Koetsu Okazaki

Round one: First strike is a blocked high kick from Bibi. Koetsu steps in with punches and is immediately taken down. Bibi on top in half guard against the cage. Short punches from Fernandes. Fernandes passes and steps directly into mount. Koetsu tries to rise and Bibi takes his back immediately. Both hooks in, three minutes to work. Okazaki controlling Bibi's right arm, but loses control while punching and Bibi locks up the choke. It's extremely deep, but Okazaki manages to grit his way through it, although he's still got Bibi on his back. Body triangle for the Brazilian. Occasional punches and elbows from Fernandes keeping Okazaki honest. Round ends, easy Fernandes round.

Round two: Bibi immediately shoots in, pressing Okazaki against the fence. He has an underhook, but the action is paused after a knee strays low. Jab to the body from Okazaki, then hard rights. Bibi catches a knee, drags Okazaki to the fence, and takes the back standing. Bibi dismounts and they trade knees against the fence. Takedown denied for Bibi and they disengage. Okazaki with another right downstairs and a low kick. Okazaki punching combo and knee to the body. Huge overhand right from Bibi is shrugged off by Okazaki. Bibi ducks under a punch and gets another takedown against the fence. Hanging out in Okazaki's closed guard. Good right from the Brazilian. Half butterfly now. Bibi stands, eats a few upkicks to the leg, and kicks Okazaki's leg to end the round. Much better round for Okazaki.

Round three: Okazaki circling, flicking out the jab. Bibi right hand falls short. Bibi fakes a takedown, clubs Okazaki with hooks when he sprawls. Jab to the body from the Japanese fighter. Another good right downstairs, but Bibi gets the takedown and goes right to mount. He's postured up and lands a few punches before Okazaki gives up the back. Bibi has both hooks in, clubs at Okazaki's thighs with his heels. Bibi mounts him briefly before taking the back again. Fernandes elbowing Okazaki's shoulder, presumably trying to deaden the arm. He lands a few more punches before Okazaki reverses into Bibi's guard. Okazaki shrugs off an upkick and omaplata attempts before landing a few punches. Bibi rolls to his feet. Bell, currently Bibi's fight.

Round four: Okazaki lands a few straight punches. Bibi with a halfhearted takedown attempt. Real takedown soon follows as he gets Okazaki against the fence. He drags Okazaki down and lands in quarter guard. Now mount. Big elbow from Bibi prompts Okazaki to give up his back again. Bibi briefly tries a neck crank, can't get it. Fernandes has both hooks in and his back against the fence. Armbar attempt isn't even close and Okazaki reverses into his guard. Bibi stands and counters a high kick with a right. Okazaki lands a hard straight to the body, prompting a big overhand right from Bibi. Another has Okazaki on the retreat, though he waves Bibi on. A third one lands and he spends the rest of the round pursuing Okazaki. Bibiano comfortably ahead.

Round five: Bibi moving forward. Counter left hook from Okazaki. Flying knee from the Japanese fighter gives Bibi an opening to press him into the fence, although he can't get the takedown before Okazaki breaks. Good right from Okazaki.

The official stream decides that the event is over and shuts off. Wonderful. I'll have results as soon as One FC gets their act together.

When the stream comes back, Bibi has the belt on. Apparently he won by decision. Let's go with that

Final result: Fernandes def. Okazaki by unanimous decision


Bantamweight Grand Prix Finals: Masakatsu Ueda vs. Kevin Belingon

Round one: First minute consists of pawing and the occasional low kick. Belingon stuffs a long takedown attempt by Ueda. Ueda shoots for an extremely low single and nearly eats a huge kick. Ueda lands a sneaky right hand. Another shot from Ueda and he gets Kevin down. Ueda in an extremely low mount, Kevin wraps him up in open guard. Ueda passes into half guard. Side control now. Belingon with knees to the head from the bottom, Ueda responds with knees to the body. Short punches and knees from Ueda. Ueda has a kimura grip, loses it. Belingon spins and makes it to his feet. Ueda blocks a high kick to end the round. Ueda's round.

Round two: Inside leg kick from Belingon. Head kicks from both men are blocked. Good body kick from the Filipino. Spinning back kick is blocked. Ueda shoots for a takedown, winds up on the bottom, and somehow reverses into top side. Kevin tries to scramble out, manages to regain half guard. Ueda has the kimura grip again, looking for a straight armbar. Belingon escapes, but remains on the bottom. Kevin scrambles up and lands a knee to the head. Ueda narrowly avoids a soccer kick and a spinning back kick, fails on another takedown. Belingon stuffs a takedown. Both men land leg kicks, Ueda lands a jab. Right hook from Ueda. Leg kick lands, high kick is blocked for Belingon. Groin shot from Belingon pauses the action. Round ends, still Ueda's fight.

Round three: Leg kick from Belingon. Nice right hook from Ueda. Sneaky jab. Another solid right from Ueda. Belingon lands a thumping leg kick and manages to avoid a takedown. Ueda head kick is blocked. Another leg kick and solid right from Belingon. Ueda shoots in deep, eats a big knee and repeated hammerfists. Belingon assaulting Ueda as he shoots, landing knees and kicks. Ueda pulls Kevin on top of him in desperation. Bulldog choke attempt as Ueda rolls for top position. Belingon in Ueda finally lands on top but can't capitalize and they're back on their feet. Big right hand from Belingon and another after eating an Ueda body kick. Ueda shoots again and gets side control with forty seconds to go. Ueda passes to mount and takes the back in the waning seconds. Back to mount and he pounds away to end it. Fantastic scrap, I'm leaning towards Belingon.

Final result: Ueda def. Belingon by unanimous decision


Flyweight: Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Rey Docyogen

Round one: Docyogen trying to find his range with kicks. Leg kicks by Rey. Inside low kick from Urushitani, Rey responds in kind. Docyogen to the leg and body. Urushitani blocks a head kick, eats another low kick. Leg kick lands for the Japanese fighter, who shoots against the cage. Nothing doing, lands a knee on the exit. Another blocked head kick from Docyogen. Body punch. Side kicks to the body and leg from Docyogen. Urushitani moves forward and lands a right. Docyogen with a big left hand, Urushitani lands his right. Side kick again from the Filipino. Urushitani lands a counter right hook. Rey lands a side kick, but stumbles and eats some knees from Urushitani. There's the bell, Docyogen's round.

Round two: Urushitani lands the first leg kick of the second round. Rey lands a hard body kick after having a head kick blocked. Two big rights land for the Filipino, Urushitani responds with a body kick. Leg kick by Docyogen, who ducks a spinning backfist. Urushitani gets the plum and lands a couple knees before they separate. Good knees to the body from Urushitani. He gets the front headlock and lands another good knee before Rey escapes. Both men missing with long kicks. Leg kicks connect for both. Action slows down as they miss potshots. Docyogen lands a glancing head kick and a leg kick. Good overhand right after taking a knee to the body. Urushitani lands a leg kick as he pursues Docyogen. Left straight lands. Rey with a right downstairs, Urushitani responds with a leg kick. Another. Good one-two from the Filipino fighter. Bell, still Docyogen's round.

Round three: Rey checks a leg kick, lands a right over the top. Side kick, then a leg kick. Urushitani in pursuit but can't land clean. Right to the body from Docyogen, left body kick by Urushitani. Docyogen eats a counter right hook and is bleeding from the nose. Urushitani pissed off at Docyogen's retreating and waves him forward. Fight pauses to look at Docyogen's broken nose. Urushitani chomping at the big to restart and he charges at Rey, who tries a flying kick. Side kick from Rey, head kick is blocked. Once again. Urushitani still pursuing him, eating the occasional leg kick. Rey slips on a body kick, eats a body kick as he rises. Urushitani charges after him, landing body kicks. Fight ends with Urushitani running after him and waving Rey on. Uninspiring performance, but Rey should win.

Final result: Urushitani def. Docyogen by split decision


Welterweight: Phil Baroni vs. Nobutatsu Suzuki

Round one: Baroni pushing forward with punches. Right hand stings Suzuki, who responds with a knee to the body. Phil lands a low kick. One-two connects. Good body shot by Suzuki, but a right hand form Phil puts him on his seat. He scrambles up, only for Phil to take him down. Suzuki gets back to his feet as they trade knees to the body. Hard low kick by Suzuki. Thumping body blow from Suzuki met by a right hand over the top. Phil ducks a right hook and takes Suzuki down again. Suzuki stands using butterfly guard and Phil grabs a front headlock to land a couple knees. Suzuki lands a body kick, then a pair of leg kicks. Phil with a left-right. Low kick by Suzuki. Nice one-two by Suzuki, Phil backs him off with punches. Body kick by Suzuki, who erupts with knees. Phil drops from a right hand and his ankle is now on backwards. Suzuki pounds him out for a gruesome stoppage.

Final result: Suzuki def. Baroni by TKO (strikes/injury)


Lightweight: Kamal Shalorus vs. Eduard Folayang

Round one: Folayang starts with an inside leg kick, avoids a flurry from Kamal. Big knee to the body from Folayang as Kamal barrels forward in a takedown attempt. Folayang fending him off against the fence, but Shalorus lands a good throw and briefly gets the back as he rises. Folayang gets away, Shalorus hits the same throw and gets top half. Side control now. Folayang spins to his feet and they reset. Wild Shalorus hook falls short. Folayang whips out head kicks that fall short. Good low kick from the Filipino, who narrowly misses with a spinning backfist. Another good leg kick, Shalorus attempts to respond with a spinning heel kick . Folayang throws a much prettier heel kick, only to get lifted up and slammed by Shalorus. Kamal hanging out in half guard, landing short right hands. Folayang regains guard, Shalorus keeps up the ground-and-pound. Folayang pushes him away and eats a soccer kick for his trouble before standing. Folayang lands another good low kick and misses a high kick. Spinning back kick is blocked at the bell. Shalorus round.

Round two: Folayang with an inside leg kick, Kamal responds with a two-piece combo. Shalorus fires off a power double; Folayang stops it, but Shalorus wins the ensuing scramble and lands hard GnP from mount. Folayang scrambles up, gets tossed down again, and eats a few punches before once again rising to his feet. Good kick from Folayang met by a powerful jab. Eduard comes in with a one-two that doesn't connect. Folayang charges in with kicks and gets taken down yet again. Kamal on top in half guard. Kamal in deep on an arm-triangle from half guard, but Eduard gets his arm free. Kamal lands a few short blows before switching sides. Good elbows by Kamal. Another arm-triangle attempt and that's deep. Kamal has mount. Kamal squeezing with all his might and has a grip on his own bicep. Folayang regains half guard and survives to the bell. Still all Shalorus so far.

Round three: Kamal's got a nasty welt under his right eye, but his vision looks unimpeded. Eduard narrowly misses with a pair of head kicks. Nice jab from Kamal. Eduard with a solid left hook. Low kick from Shalorus, then a front kick. Kamal ducks a head kick and responds with a left-right combo. Folayang with a leg kick, falls short with a high kick. Another leg kick. A third, Shalorus fails to catch it. Power double by Kamal lands him directly in a Folayang guillotine. It looks deep, but Kamal is out of it immediately and on top in guard. Shalorus grinding away, passes to half guard. Folayang trying to cage walk and manages to get up and away. Hard leg kick from "Landslide." Another one to the shin. Kamal ducks another head kick, catches a body kick to a takedown. Fight ends with Shalorus inside Folayang's guard. Should be a unanimous decision for Shalorus.

Final result: Shalorus def. Folayang by unanimous decision


Flyweight: Andrew Leone vs. Geje Eustaquio

Round one: And I just learned they score fights as a whole, not round-by-round. Ignore the 10-9s.

Leone presses forward and they tie up. Eustaquio briefly gets Leone down on a trip and lands a knee as he rises. Leone with a lovely throw and he winds up on top. Side control now. Eustaquio scrambles up and gives up his back. Geje punching over his shoulder trying to hit Andrew. Leone's choking arm currently across Geje's jaw. Andrew locks up a body triangle. Leone has it palm-to-palm but it's not under Geje's chin. Geje still punching over his shoulder. Eustaquio peels off the choking hand but remains caught in the body triangle. Leone fishing for the choks but still having trouble getting it under the chin as Geje punches him. Round ends, Leone ahead.

Round two: Leone immediately shoots and he's got the back once again. They're standing and Leone's having trouble getting his hooks in, but he throws Geje down and locks up the body triangle. Both men punching each other simultaneously. Geje blatantly grabs the fence, but Andrew uses the opportunity to lock the choke in under Geje's chin. Geje fighting furiously to survive and miraculously does so. Eustaquio reverses into Leone's guard. He stands up to throw soccer kicks and Leone turns for a single. Geje sprawls, Leone stands and drives him into the fence. Leone trips him down, can't hold him there, and they reset. Andrew leads with a right into a takedown but is denied via underhooks. Jumping kick from Leone does nothing and they taunt each other at the bell. Still Leone's fight so far.

Round three: Stiff jab from Eustaquio. More showboating. Another good jab from Eustaquio, Leone shoots in with a double and lands on top in guard. Andrew passes to half guard and steadily dings away at the body. Side control now. Knees to the head from Leone, he moves to north-south. Geje spins out and gets to his feet. He presses Andrew into the fence, only to get dragged down and his back taken once again. Body triangle. Arm briefly under Geje's chin, but no choke. Andrew has it deep now but loses it. Andrew landing short punches from the back. Leone rides out the round looking for the choke. Utter grappling domination by Leone.

Final result: Leone def. Eustaquio by unanimous decision



Lightweight: Felipe Enomoto vs. Lowen Tynanes

Round one: Enomoto aggressive early, but gets taken down in a hurry. Tynanes in Enomoto's guard, pressing him into the cage. Tynanes passes into half guard and side control in quick succession. Lowen pins down an arm and starts landing elbows and short punches. Enomoto desperately trying to get guard back but just keeps eating elbows from this pseudo-crucifix. Enomoto gets his arm free but continues taking damage. Tynanes just abusing Enomoto. Full crucifix now. The punishment continues for a few more seconds before Shimada steps in. Savage beatdown by Tynanes.

Final result: Tynanes def. Enomoto by TKO (elbows)


Catchweight: Ryan Diaz vs. Yusup Saadulaev

Round one: Diaz came in ten pounds overweight. Boo this man.

Diaz jabbing early, misses a high kick. Yusup with a low kick, blocks one up high. Diaz comes in with a lead right that connects. Hard inside leg kick. Saadulaev answers. Diaz high kick and flying knee look like they land and Diaz easily trips Saadulaev down. Ryan on top in side control. Ryan has the crucifix, but Yusup spins out and they're on their feet once again. Ryan with a hard cut kick. Yusup has yet to shoot and Diaz continues to fire off kicks. Yusup clinches and gets a sacrifice throw, but can't get top position and they reset. Yusup with a low kick, Diaz with one of his own. Another one, harder this time. Saadulaev clinches and pushes Ryan into the fence; Diaz backs him off and has a couple hard kicks blocked. 10-9 Diaz.

Round two: Yusup lands a solid inside leg kick. Another. Diaz comes back with a blocked high kick and a questionable low kick. Diaz catches a Saadulaev body kick but can't get him down. Sneaky lead right lands for Diaz. Saadulaev low kick, Diaz body kick. Yusup ties him up and gets the takedown after a brief skirmish. Saadulaev on top in half guard. Diaz tries to scramble and Yusup takes his back. Both hooks in. Saadulaev spins for an arm-triangle, can't get it, but gets mount. Diaz regains half guard. Yusup hunting a D'arce and gets the tap. Nicely done.

Final result: Saadulaev def. Diaz by submission (D'arce choke)


Heavyweight: Tony Johnson vs. Tim Sylvia

Round one: YouTube stream isn't working, took me too long to realize to just go to One FC's website and watch there. It's 5:40, sue me.

Anyway, two minutes into the fight and Johnson is leaning on Sylvia against the cage. Ref breaks them up. Johnson snaps Timmy's head back with a jab, wades in with an ineffective flurry as Sylvia fires back. Another good jab. Johnson overhand just misses and he shoots in on a double. Sylvia sprawls and they return to their feet. Tim throws an outside leg kick. Stream conks out for thirty seconds, but they're both still standing so I guess nothing happened. Tim with a few more leg kicks, eats another jab from Johnson. Sylvia high kick blocked, right hand isn't. Johnson ducks under for a beautiful takedown and sits in Sylvia's closed guard for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Johnson.

Round two: As a reminder, Sylvia did miss weight, tipping the scales at 271 pounds.

Johnson jab, Sylvia leg kick. Johnson fires off a power double and lands on top in half guard. Johnson thumps Sylvia with a series of lefts. Now rights. Tim just holding on and eating increasingly large shots.Johnson locks up an arm-triangle from half guard, but Sylvia regains guard and Johnson abandons the choke. Tim just holding him down as Johnson lands two more big rights. Johnson mixing up punches to the body and head. Johnson's assault wanes and the ref stands them up. Sylvia lands a right, eats a left hook, and sprawls on a double. Sylvia has the front headlock and lands a few PRIDE knees to the top of Johnson's head. Johnson still latched onto a leg but is making no progress. Ref stands them up. Timmy lands a leg kick and takes a few jabs. Timmy with a good 1-2 to end the round. 10-9, 20-18 Johnson.

Round three: More jabs from Johnson. Sylvia sprawls on a single, Johnson drives him to the cage as Tim tries to elbow the head. Johnson now has an underhook and lands some short lefts. He disengages. Timmy lands a head kick as Johnson leans in, but Tony shoots unimpeded. Tony once again pressing Tim into the cage with dirty boxing. Timmy with some clubbing punches and a pair of good knees. Ref separates them. Tim lands a left hook and a knee; as Tony attempts to clinch, Sylvia smacks him around with short punches and knees. One big knee to the head seems to land flush, but Tony eats it and gets the takedown. Ref pauses the action to look at a nasty cut on Tim's right eye. It's in a bad spot and they call it. TKO win for Tony Johnson.

Final result: Johnson def. Sylvia by TKO (cut)


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