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Wanderlei Silva eyes UFC return in December, wants 'dream fight' against Chael Sonnen in Brazil

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If Chael Sonnen is going to fight Wanderlei Silva, he's going to have to do it on "The Axe Murderer's" terms. That means a trip to Brazil in December, assuming "The American Gangster" has the stones to travel abroad.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight loudmouth Chael Sonnen is coming to Boston, but not to fight arch nemesis Wanderlei Silva as previously rumored, but to help Kenny Florian with insight and analysis in the FUEL TV studio for UFC on FOX Sports 1, which takes place on Aug. 17, 2013 at "Beantown's" TD Garden.

Not that "The Axe Murderer" is dodging the "American Gangster," but he needs some time off after the war he had against Brian Stann at UFC on FUEL TV 8 earlier this year in Japan, according to his recent conversation with Brazil's Spor TV.

True, he emerged the victor, but it was a very punishing fight.

"I will not fight in Boston, that's right. Sonnen still [has] not been officially proposed, no one called me offering to fight. Is it interesting? Yes, very. But if it is held, will be after Boston. Before, or in Boston, no. Now, in Brazil would be a dream. I think he'd even have to wear armor and earplug to walk there. A fight against Sonnen in Brazil would be very interesting. My last in the country was in Belo Horizonte, and the audience was wonderful, was very well received. I had a week of king, did fight of the night ... It was a very good experience. Fight with Sonnen is good for any event. I'm ready for December, in the year-end event. [I need to rest] my head and body for now, because my last fight was very difficult because I was recording the TUF and prepared there. This year I was already two months away from home, and now I have to rest a bit."

Carry on, my wayward son.

Sonnen, fresh off a UFC 159 loss to Jon Jones last month in New Jersey, has been clamoring for a fight against the former PRIDE legend in the wake of a "dirt-bag move" he pulled inside a van a few years back. The former middleweight number one contender, however, has since eased off the accelerator to avoid being a "jerk."

Wandy insists he was never offered the fight.

If and when these two ever hook 'em up, it would be a "dream fight" for Silva if he's able to convince Sonnen to return to Brazil, a place he likely considers hostile territory after his disparaging remarks about Anderson Silva and the Nogueira brothers.

Guard your grill, knuckle up (he ain't the type to give up).