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UFC Quick Quote: Chael Sonnen is a high-quality human being

Score another one for the bad ... good guys?

Ethan Miller

"The experience on TUF was an awesome one. Being on Chael's team, and interacting with him and his coaches, was truly an honor. Chael is such a high-quality human being and really put a lot of effort into making sure everyone, whether you were on Team Sonnen or Team Jones, got the most out of the experience. There weren't many other big things that happened on the show that were not shown really. There were a ton of little stories about guys hanging out and having fun, but the producers did a great job of capturing the most important storylines of the season."

Former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 contestant Jimmy Quinlan (via, who was handed his pink slip after coming up short at UFC on FUEL TV 9 last month in Sweden, has nothing but kind words for coach Chael Sonnen, calling him a "high-quality human being." That's an interesting way to describe "The American Gangster," who is known for his trash talk as much as his in-cage abilities. Perhaps there's more to stories like this than meets the eye? Good person or not, Sonnen needs a win in his next fight after back-to-back losses to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, the latter coming last weekend in Newark, New Jersey (see it here). Wanderlei, perhaps?

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