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UFC 160 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Velasquez vs Bigfoot 2' on May 25 in Las Vegas

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat., May 25, 2013) with UFC 160: "Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2" from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will stage its annual Memorial Day weekend mixed martial arts (MMA) pay-per-view (PPV) event, UFC 160, tonight (Sat., May 25, 2013) from MGM Grand Garden Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 160: "Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2" will feature the second showdown between UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez and 265-pound "Bigfoot" Antonio Silva. Former division kingpin Junior dos Santos will try to get back into the title picture against Mark Hunt, while Glover Teixeira will attempt to make his case for a run at the 205-pound title opposite James Te Huna.

In addition to the top two PPV main card bouts, lightweight contenders Gray Maynard and "red-hot Canadian" T.J. Grant have also been confirmed for the Memorial Day Weekend event in "Sin City." will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire card this evening, starting with the Facebook "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 6:35 p.m. ET, right on through the FX-televised under card bouts at 8 p.m. ET and then main card PPV action, which is slated to begin at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 160) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 160 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


265 lbs.: UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva -- Velasquez wins via TKO (punches) at 1:21 of round one
265 lbs.: Junior dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt -- Dos Santos wins via knockout (spinning heel kick) at 4:18 of round three
205 lbs.: James Te Huna vs. Glover Teixeira -- Teixeira wins via submission (guillotine) at 2:37 of round one
155 lbs.: T.J. Grant vs. Gray Maynard -- Grant wins via TKO at 2:07 of round one
155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. K.J. Noons -- Cerrone wins via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 30-26)
170 lbs.: Mike Pyle vs. Rick Story -- Pyle wins via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
145 lbs.: Dennis Bermudez vs. Max Holloway -- Bermudez wins via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
170 lbs.: Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker -- Whitaker wins via TKO (punches) at 0:41 of round three
155 lbs.: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Abel Trujillo -- Nurmagomedov wins via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
170 lbs.: Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Stephen Thompson -- Thompson wins via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)
135 lbs.: Brian Bowles vs. George Roop -- Roop wins via TKO (punches) at 1:43 of round two
155 lbs.: Estevan Payan vs. Jeremy Stephens -- Stephens wins via unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)

Hemmi here.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva

Round one: Velasquez shoots in with a single but Silva avoids it. Velasquez again shoots in but Silva stuffs it again. Big leg kick from Velasquez and he tags Silva with a big left then right hand. Silva turtles on the ground and Velasquez unloads repeated right hands on the ground as Bigfoot is not fighting back. The ref tells him to fight back and then steps in and stops the fight when he doesn't.

Final result: Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio Silva via TKO (punches) at 1:21 of round one


Junior dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt

Round one: Hunt has control of the cage center early and he fires off an outside leg kick. Dos Santos responds with an inside leg kick of his own. Hunt flashes a left jab and an outside leg kick but it comes up short. Big right hand grazes for dos Santos and Hunt catches dos Santos with some left hooks on the way in. Hunt steps forward with a right hand and dos Santos BLASTS Hunt with a monstrous overhand right that drops him. Hunt rolls, pops back to his feet and somehow is back in the cage center and he looks pissed. Hunt steps forward with some huge hooks but dos Santos backs away. Dos Santos again steps forward with a right hand but Hunt avoids it this time. Hunt continues stalking and fires off a right hand but he can't connect. Huge spinning back fist from Hunt and dos Santos responds with a left hook. Dos Santos just misses with a pair of huge looping hooks and they both fire off massive shots before the round ends. 10-9 dos Santos.

Round two: Hunt steps forward with a huge right hand that grazes dos Santos. Big leg kick from Hunt and dos Santos responds over the top. Good left hook from Hunt catches dos Santos coming in. Hunt keeps up with the left hook counter but dos Santos is starting to land a left jab of his own. Hunt steps forward with a leg kick and a shot to the body. Another right hand from dos Santos and then a stunning jab. Dos Santos steps forward with a big pair of shots but Hunt avoids it. Hunt tries to land a big right but dos Santos circles away. Spinning back kick from dos Santos lands to the body and Hunt backs him off with some right hands. Hunt cracks dos Santos with a left and a right but dos Santos eats it and circles to the cage center. Hunt is eating jabs from dos Santos and his nose is bleeding. Dos Santos ducks a hook and takes Hunt down, landing on top in half guard. Dos Santos passes to side control, dropping a few elbows but Hunt escapes to his feet as time expires. 10-9 dos Santos

Round three: Hunt wings a huge haymaker but dos Santos ducks out of the way. Left jab from Hunt and dos Santos circles back to the cage center. Good leg kicks from Hunt and dos Santos pops him with a stiff jab. Another nice jab from dos Santos and Hunt is backing him into the fence. Hunt lunges with a left hook but it comes up short. Nice short combination from dos Santos and he's peppering Hunt with his jab. Big right hand from dos Santos and Hunt is definitely getting tired. Dos Santos wants to knock Hunt out. Body kick from Hunt but dos Santos responds with an uppercut. Both men land heavy left hooks but dos Santos wobbles Hunt. They both miss with haymakers. One minute left and Hunt needs the knock out. Spinning heel kick from dos Santos cracks Hunt in the skull and Hunt goes down! One more shot from JDS and Hunt is out! Wow!

Final result: Junior dos Santos defeats Mark Hunt via knockout (spinning heel kick) at 4:18 of round three


James Te Huna vs. Glover Teixeira

Round one: Teixeira wastes no time shooting in for a single but he can't get it and instead lands a big right hand on Te Huna. Te Huna fires back with a leg kick and he eats a right from Teixeira again. Uppercut from Te Huna and Teixeira grabs a single, taking Te Huna down and landing in half guard. Te Huna retains full guard, but Teixeira drops some punches from above. Teixeira is working to pass and he gets to side control but Te Huna pops back to his feet. Teixeira grabs his neck, however, and latches on a guillotine, dropping to his back and forcing Te Huna to tap out.

Final result: Glover Teixeira defeats James Te Huna via submission (guillotine) at 2:38 of round one


T.J. Grant vs. Gray Maynard

Round one: Maynard steps forward looking to land with big power. He lands an uppercut and a nice left hook. Maynard is really looking for the uppercut down the middle and Grant responds with a right over the top. Maynard is winging big shots but Grant is hanging in there, responding with rights of his own. Good right from Grant and they exchange. Maynard backs Grant of with a knee but Grant blasts Maynard with a right hand and he's swarming Maynard. Grant is all over Maynard blasting him with a huge flurry of punches and knees and Maynard is in survival mode! Maynard goes down! The ref stops it wow! T.J. Grant will not be denied!

Final result: T.J. Grant defeats Gray Maynard via TKO at 2:07 of round one


Donald Cerrone vs. K.J. Noons

Round one: Cerrone lands a big strike early and Noons is already bleeding near his right eye. Noons fires off a leg kick and Cerrone responds with a push kick down the middle and a snapping leg kick. Good combination from Cerrone and he finishes it off with a head kick that's partially blocked. Cerrone shoots in and takes Noons down, but can't stay on top, although he pops Noons with a right hand as he scrambles to his feet. Inside leg kick from Noons and they trade leg kicks. Noons wings a right hand but eats a huge knee to the body. Noons flashes a jab and Cerrone throws a nice combination, finishing it off with a nasty head kick that lands flush. Cerrone outstrikes him until the horn sounds. 10-9 Cerrone

Round two: Cerrone shoots in and scores a takedown to get things started, nearly taking Noons' back, but instead chooses to pop him with a knee on the way up. Cerrone is just outclassing Noons on the feet here. Noons fires off a right hand but it almost seems like Cerrone is toying with him. Big knee from Cerrone and he scores with an inside leg kick. Noons throws a front kick to the body and just dodges a head kick. Sweeping leg kick from Cerrone and they trade left hands. Noons is swelling out of his left eye and now his nose is bleeding two. Noons lands a left but Cerrone responds with about 10 big shots in combination followed by a knee. Noons' best strike is his left hook but he's absorbing way too much to land it. Spinning back fist from Noons grazes Cerrone and he dives in with a knee but Cerrone takes him down with authority, landing inside his full guard. Cerrone passes to half guard, dropping a few left hands. He stays on top until time expires. 10-9 Cerrone

Round three: Bro hug to get things started and Cerrone pops a few jabs. Big knee up the middle by Cerrone and Noons is moving in slow motion. Noons steps forward with some hooks but Cerrone takes him down with authority, landing inside his guard. Big elbows by Cerrone from top position and he's opened up a new cut on the right side of left side of his face now. Noons feebly tries to throw strikes from bottom but Cerrone's elbows are way more damaging. Huge strikes from Cerroen to the body and head and Cerrone passes to half guard. Cerrone passes to side control and he throws a few hammer fists. Cerrone finishes the fight from top position in side control dropping short right hands. 10-9 Cerrone

Final result: Donald Cerrone defeats K.J. Noons via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 30-26)



Mike Pyle vs. Rick Story

Round one: Sttory shoots in and takes Pyle down, landing inside his full guard. Pyle is being crafty from bottom, throwing his legs up and he nearly catches Story in an armbar but Story escapes by rotating and he takes top position. They return to standing and Story presses forward with huge punches to the head and body, backing Pyle up and hurting him briefly. They reset in the cage center and Story steps forward with a huge flurry, catching Pyle with a massive left hook that flattens him. Story tries to flurry on the ground and Pyle survives, defending just enough to hang on to the horn. 10-8 Story

Round two: Story presses forward, pushing Pyle into the fence and looking to drag him to the canvas. He takes Pyle down but Pyle has an arm isolated and he's trying to work a Kimura from bottom but Story survives and is still on top. Pyle is working for short elbows from bottom as Story is primarily just hanging out in top position inside his guard. Story literally just hugs Pyle from top position for the final two minutes. Screw it, Story did nothing. 10-9 Pyle

Round three: Story throws a big shot early and Pyle is trying to respond here. Front kick from Pyle and Story looks tired. Everything Story is throwing seems to have nothing on it now. Pyle throws a knee on the inside and clips Story with an elbow. Another knee from Pyle and they clinch near the fence. Pyle scores with an elbow over the top, then a right hand on the break. Another huge elbow from Pyle and he's catching Story, who's clearly lost a stop. Story hunches over looking for a takedown, but he eats a pair of big elbows. Story attempts to work some knees with a reverse body lock and Pyle unloads on him. Story is bleeding badly and Pyle is blasting him on the feet. Story saves himself by taking Pyle down in the cage center. Pyle throws his legs up and sweeps Story, taking his back at the end of the fight. He again looks for an armbar but cant' get it. 10-9 Pyle.

Final result: Mike Pyle defeats Rick Story via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)


Dennis Bermudez vs. Max Holloway

Round one: Burmudez takes control of the cage center early and he grabs a leg, working for a takedown but Holloway defends with a standing guillotine choke. Holloway is throwing a crazy amount of feints, keeping Burmudez guessing. Bermudez steps forward with a big 1-2 and fires off a leg kick. Holloway is trying to fend him off with jabs but Bermudez shoots in, pressing Holloway into the fence briefly but they reset. Big leg kick from Bermudez. Spinning back kick from Holloway and it catches Bermudez in the face. Bermudez is hurt and he shoots in for a takedown but gets stuffed. Holloway steps inside with a knee to the body and they clinch as Bermudez tries to clear the cobwebs. Nice right hand from Holloway and he scores with a spinning back kick to the body. Bermudez steps forward with a pair of right hands and he Holloway clips him with another spinning back kick to the head as time expires. 10-9 Holloway

Round two: Bermudez shoots in for a takedown but Holloway stuffs it and takes his back. Bermudez gets out of trouble and Holloway catches him with a head kick on the break. Bermudez is loading up on power shots but he's not landing them efficiently. Holloway works his jab and he peppers Bermudez with a slick combination. Bermudez is coming up short now with nearly everything he throws and he eats another right hand from Holloway. Holloway is getting very comfortable now but he gets staggered by a heavy leg kick. Bermudez clinches, connecting with a nice elbow but Holloway forces a separation. They trade kicks and Holloway is really getting loose now. Bermudez shoots in for another takedown, lifting Holloway over his head and taking him down, but he can't do anything with it, nearly getting caught in an armbar as time expires. 10-9 Holloway

Round three: Bermudez is trying to push the pace here and he shoots in, scoring a takedown early. Holloway tries to get to his feet and he eats a knee on the way up but creates enough separation to escape. Bermudez is pressing forward but Holloway is catching him while moving backward. Bermudez again scores a takedown but Holloway immediately pops to his feet. Now Holloway attempts a takedown but Bermudez stuffs it. Good leg kick from Bermudez and then another as Holloway responds with a right hand. Bermudez scores a trip and he lands on top in half guard. Holloway retains full guard and immediately begins attacking. Good elbows from Bermudez attacking from top position and he's still got one minute to work. Holloway is bleeding now and Bermudez drops more elbows. Bermudez tries to mount but Holloway avoids it. Bermudez drops strikes until time expires. 10-9 Bermudez

Final result: Dennis Bermudez defeats Max Holloway via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)


Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker

Round one: Smith fires off a pair of kicks and shoots in for a takedown, getting stuffed. Whitaker stuffs another takedown, landing a right hand. Smith lunges forward and eats a few counter shots from Whitaker. Smith fires back with a right hand and connects heavily, gaining some respect from Whitaker. Stiff jabs from Whitaker and Smith fires a right hook, trying to close the distance but Whitaker shrugs him off. High kick from Smith and Whitaker responds with a combination. Whitaker is scoring with the jab every time he throws it. Triple jab from Whitaker and Smith fires back with an overhand right. Another takedown attempt from Smith and Whitaker tags him with some combinations. Huge uppercut from Whitaker just misses and Smith steps inside with a right hand. Whitaker is flash knocked down from another right by Smith and Smith dives on him but Whitaker scrambles to his feet with nice defensive grappling. 10-9 Smith

Round two: Whitaker tags Smith early, rocking him and he continues to blast him as Smith desperately shoots in for a takedown. Whitaker avoids being taken down and they reset. Smith is swelling around his right eye but he pops Whitaker with a right hand. Another nice right hand from Smith, but Whitaker pops him with a counter in response. Very nice combination from Whitaker as Smith charges in. Smith shoots for a takedown and he's really working for it but Whitaker avoids it. Smith is really trying to land a huge right hand but Whitaker keeps responding with fast combinations while backing up. Brief break for a low blow but they quickly reset. Whitaker is trying to counter Smith by going under his right hand with a left hook, catching him coming forward. Big left hook from Whitaker and Smith is wobbled. Smith is bleeding now and he shoots for a takedown from the outside. Whitaker pops Smith with a right hand over the top. Huge uppercuts from Whitaker and then a left hook and Smith is in trouble. Smith holds on until the round ends. 10-9 Whitaker

Round three: Whitaker lands some big shots to get things started. Smith is trying to stay in the fight, pushing forward but he walks into a heavy shot from Whitaker. A pair of left counters drop Smith as he charges in and Whitaker follows him with a pair of shots on the canvas to force the ref to put a halt to it.

Final result: Robert Whitaker defeats Colton Smith via TKO (punches) at 0:41 of round three


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Abel Trujillo

Round one: Nurmagomedov and Trujillo have a bit of feeling out process to get things started and Trujillo strikes first blood by shooting in for a takedown and getting it. Nurmagomedov throws his legs up and he's got control of one of Trujillo's arms, forcing a scramble. Nurmagomedov pops to his feet and transitions to a takedown of his own, putting Trujillo down briefly and riding him from behind. Huge takedown from Nurmagomedov and he drags Trujillo to the canvas again. Another takedown from Nurmagomedov and Trujillo pops to his feet but the body lock from Nurmagomedov is just keeping him in complete control here. Nurmagomedov attempts another toss but Trujillo forces a scramble and takes top position. Nurmagomedov locks in a triangle, passing ot mount and Trujillo survives until the bell. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round two: Nurmagomedov opens strongly with some powerful hooks but Trujillo responds by avoiding a takedown and winning a scramble, scoring with some powerful strikes during a flurry. Nurmagomedov blasts Trujillo with a right and he's got the back body lock again. He takes Trujillo down, locking in a body triangle with back control during a scramble. He gives up on the back control and Trujillo pops to his feet but Nurmagomedov has a body lock and takes him down again. Right hands from Nurmagomedov and he's wearing him down. Trujillo rolls through a takedown, briefly mounting but Nurmagomedov gets back to his feet and goes right back to tossing Trujillo around. Right hand from Nurmagomedov and he's giving Trujillo zero room to breathe. Nurmagomedov rides him all the way to the horn. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round three: Trujillo has the cage center early and he wings a right hand but he overcommits and Nurmagomedov drags him to the canvas again with the body lock. Truillo can't break free of the body lock and he has to be incredibly frustrated. Nurmagomedov rides him for a few minutes, occasionally dropping punches. Trujillo tries to get to his feet but he's rag dolled to the canvas time and time again by Nurmagomedov. One minute left and Trujillo can't break free of the body lock, being taken down yet again. Trujillo rolls but Nurmagomedov jumps on him and is in control yet again. One last pair of huge takedowns by Nurmagomedov to close out the fight. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Final result: Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Abel Trujillo via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)



Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Stephen Thompson

Round one: Thompson immediately presses Burrell into the fence and he's looking for a takedown. Burrell responds with some knees to the body. They separate and Thompson scores with a huge kick while Burrell fires back with a short combination. Left hook from Burrell is ducked under and Thompson scores a takedown, although Burrell works back to his feet. Thompson again presses Burrell into the fence. Not sure why Thompson is so adamant about pressing Burrell into the cage. Pair of knees from Thompson and they separate. Burrell presses forward with some looping hooks and they clinch on the inside, circling each other. Thompson scores with an uppercut and kick but Burrell clinches and attempts a takedown but he slips and Thompson briefly has his back. Burrell pops back to standing and pushes him into the fence again. Burrell misses with a pair of huge strikes as the round concludes. 10-9 Thompson

Round two: More clinching from Thompson early and they separate where Thompson scores with some slick hooks to the body. Burrell tries to fire back but they clinch again and separate. Thompson tosses out a 1-2 and they clinch again with Thompson taking inside position. Another stalemate and they break with Thompson scoring another swift combination. Burrell is chasing Thompson around rather than cut him off and Thompson again takes inside position on the fence. Thomspon scores with a combination and throws out a side kick. Big kicks from Thompson here and he's starting to loosen up. Burrell responds with a left hook that connects and they reset. Spinning heel kick from Thompson grazes Burrell and Burrell responds with a spinning elbow that whiffs. Thompson clinches and they battle for position until the horn sounds. 10-9 Thompson

Round three: Burrell opens with a big right hand and a knee to the body. Thompson responds with a clinch and they circle each other battling for position. Thompson starts going to work with some kicks and combinations, but both men have slowed down here. Burrell fires off some uppercuts but Thompson responds with some uppercuts of his own and a knee down the middle. Thompson clinches again and they reset. Nice pair of leg hooks from Burrell and Thompson responds with a huge round kick that stuns him in the cage center. Burrell is just takign these big shots. Thompson is keeping his hands low, which is allowing Burrell to score with left hooks. Thompson shoots for a takedown and gets it but Burrell pops to his feet along the fence and he's pinned there for now. Right hand from Burrell and he dodges a takedown attempt from Thompson. Burrell attempts a flying knee but Thompson sidesteps it and they clinch again. They fire off shots on the inside until time expires. 10-9 Burrell

Final result: Stephen Thompson defeats Nashon Burrell via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)


Brian Bowles vs. George Roop

Round one: Roop wings a head kick early and pushes Bowles back with a front kick followed by a knee up the middle. Bowles drops a right to the body but Roop is keeping him at a distance for now. Left hook scores for Bowles and a right hand stuns Roop. Bowles steps forward trying to follow up but Roop has recovered and he backs him off again. Roop unloads a combination but Bowles hangs tough as nothing significant lands. Big right hand from Bowles and Roop drops. He tries to follow up with a guillotine choke and he passes to full mount. Roop is hanging tough and he's out of the choke but Bowles is still in a dominant position. Right elbow from Bowles and Roop tries to hip escape but Bowles stays on top until time expires. 10-9 Bowles

Round two: Both men trade early and neither is gaining a significant advantage. Nice jab from Roop and Bowles is hurt. Bowles drops to his back and Roop swarms him. Bowles is not fighting back and Roop clocks him with a pair of right uppercuts and then some heavy right hands force the ref to put a stop to it. Wow.

Final result: George Roop defeats Brian Bowles via TKO at 1:43 of round two


Estevan Payan vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round one: Stephens shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Payan has a guillotine but he gives up on it and Stephens goes to work with some looping left hands from above while Payan tries to muster some offense from his back. Big elbow from Stephens and Payan throws a nice upkick, transitioning to an armbar but Stephens spins free and they explode back to standing. Payan is bleeding badly from the the elbow he absorbed on the ground. Stephens changes levels and takes him down along the fence, scoring with a nice uppercut as Payan gets back to his feet. They reset in the cage center, trading leg kicks and he's getting the better of Payan in these exchanges. Huge right hand from Stephens and Payan is wobbled but he can't follow up. Count right from Stephens and he scores with a big right just before the horn. 10-9 Stephens

Round two: Big right hand from Stephens to open things and Payan responds with a pair of leg kicks. Stephens shoots in, scoring a single leg takedown and he's got Payan down along the fence. Payan cagewalks back to his feet but Sttephens is still working for a takedown. Stephens turns the corner and takes him down again and Payan is still bleeding badly. Stephens is in control on top and he advances to Payan's back. He has both hooks in with over 90 seconds left in the round, threatening with a rear naked choke. He throws a knee to the body as the round concludes. 10-9 Stephens

Round three: Good right hand for Stephens to get things started followed by a heavy leg kick. Payan needs to make something happen here. Big head kick from Stephens but Payan absorbs it well. Stephens shoots in, grabbing a body lock and he drags Payan to the canvas. Stephens works to take Payan's back and he's dropping knees to the body as Payan tries to get to his feet. Short right hands from Stephens and Payan gets to his feet but he's pressed into the cage. Stephens has another body lock and Payan reverses the position with just over a minute to work, but Stephens explodes forwards, taking Payan down in the cage center and landing in half guard on top. Elbow from Stephens and some short left hands. Another elbow from Stephens and he slams Payan as time expires. 10-9 Stephens

Final result: Jeremy Stephens defeats Estevan Payan via unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)


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