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Video: Jeremy Stephens weigh-in/fight day vlog for UFC 160 victory over Estevan Payan

Long-time UFC veteran Jeremy Stephens offers a glimpse into some of his pre and post-fight routine for his UFC 160 victory over Estevan Payan.

Get a glimpse of the lead-up to and fallout from one of the bloodiest fights in UFC history.

Veteran Jeremy Stephens dropped down to featherweight for the first time in his career this past weekend (May 25, 2013) for his UFC 160 curtain-jerking bout against Estevan Payan in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the cameras were rolling every step of the way.

Everything from stepping on the scale, shaking Mike Tyson's hand, getting his hands wrapped by Stitch Duran, getting hyped up by Burt Watson and the long walk to the Octagon, the examination by cageside officials, instructions fromthe referees, the unveiling of the fight banner and the pre-fight introductions are covered.

Stephens, who celebrated his birthday just hours after defeating Payan in a grisly unanimous decision, is also shown enjoying the festivities afterwards, including a post-fight limo ride which was well-deserved after a dominant showing.

Will the "Lil' Heathen" have a fresh start at 145 pounds?

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