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UFC Quick Quote: Jake Shields' one dimensional style is a relic of the past

Tyron Woodley has a strong opinion about Jake Shields and his grappling-centric fight-style. Find out why he thinks the former Strikeforce middleweight champion is "on his way out" below.


"He's on his way out. He's a specialist. That's what happened with Royce Gracie-Matt Hughes and when Matt Hughes met GSP, and that's what's going to happen when Jake meets me on June 15.... He's the Last of the Mohicansm... He's the last grappler left in the game, if you think about it. He's the last specialist. The problem is that I'm a good wrestler. I'm a good grappler. I'm a good striker. I'm in the best shape. I think those things are the elements that he can't control. When he tries to take me down and get me on the ground and get me to the one spot where he can win, and he can't do that, now you've got to stand up. Now you've got to get hit. You've got to get kicked in the face. That's the anxiety I want to put into his head, to say, ‘Hey, man, you can only win one way and you can't even get to that spot to even have success.' I think that's going to give me the opportunity to exploit him and get him out of there."

-- Former Strikeforce welterweight title challenger Tyron Woodley had some choice words for Jake Shields during a recent appearance on Sherdog Radio about his apparently archaic fighting style that only focuses on the ground game. To him, no matter how good you are at one specific facet of mixed martial arts (MMA), you need to have a well-rounded game to succeed. Look no further than the leap Woodley made in his last two bouts, transitioning from a grinding top-control wrestler to a ferocious stand-up knockout artist. Woodley will be taking on Shields at UFC 161 in a few weeks (June 15, 2013) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Do you agree with Woodley's take on Shields' fighting style and how do you like his chances against the Cesar Gracie-trained fighter?

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