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TOPPS UFC 2013: 'Knockout' trading cards return ... and hit hard

Topps Releases its flagship UFC Product – UFC Knockout!

Topps "UFC Knockout" returns and it hits hard.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans will be able to get closer to the Octagon than ever before with collectible trading cards featuring all of their favorite fighters, including stars such as Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones and women’s UFC Champion Ronda Rousey, among others.

Many of the stars of the UFC have autographed versions of their trading cards, bringing fans closer to their favorite fighters. In addition to autograph cards from all your favorite fighters, "UFC Knockout" packs unique content that will add to the overall experience and collectability.

UFC Fans and collectors will find special memorabilia cards like Triple Threads autograph cards (cards that include fighter worn gear embedded in them with an autograph) and Fist-O-Graph Cards (cards that feature a fist stamp from your favorite fighters along with his or her autograph).

One of the biggest features of the year’s product is a special autographed Ronda Rousey Championship Belt Card. This feature celebrates the first women’s champion of the UFC with a card featuring her autograph and a mini championship belt embedded in a thick stock card.

Topps "UFC Knockout" is a must have for UFC Fans and collectors. Topps UFC Knockout is available in Hobby Stores on May 22, 2013.

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