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New UFC video game release date 'within the next 12 months' on Xbox ONE using EA Sports 'Ignite' engine

Find out when you can expect the new UFC video game, which is set to take advantage of the brand new EA Sports "Ignite" in-game engine, available on the all-new Xbox ONE within the next 12 months.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is coming to Xbox ONE.

Microsoft today (May 21, 2013) unveiled its next generation video game console at "Xbox reveal," and EA Sports was on hand to announce the development of its new "Ignite" game engine designed to bring players a brand new experience for its new and existing franchises.

Specifically, the updated "Kinect" hardware for Xbox ONE.

They even had UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, as well as UFC featherweight number one contender Anthony Pettis, on hand to showcase a few of their moves. That's bad news for Ben Henderson, who must now watch art imitate life courtesy of the "Showtime kick."


The new UFC video game from EA Sports on Xbox ONE is expected to be released "within the next 12 months," however, no specific timetable was revealed and graphics were limited to a few cinematic sequences. Nevertheless, it's expected to be a far cry from the gameplay featured in THQ's "Undisputed" franchise.

It should also trump "EA Sports MMA," the software publisher's first foray into mixed martial arts (MMA) back when it was in cahoots with Strikeforce.

Expect much more at this year's E3 expo in Los Angeles, Calif., which is less than three weeks away. In the meantime, get more on the new Xbox ONE video game system in our live video thread here, as well as our earlier announcement here.

How about it gamers, are you excited for this one? Or will you reserve judgment until you see what PlayStation 4 has in mind for its next-gen system?

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