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New UFC website aims to expose 'The Truth About Culinary Union 226'

Want to see all the naughty things the Culinary Union has been up to? Then check out, the new website from UFC and ZUFFA designed to expose "The Truth About Culinary Union 226."

So much for taking the high road.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is getting a little tired of the Culinary Union trying to cock-block it not just in New York, but every new (and existing) market they go to. First it was Mandy Moore, then it was the FOX network. Hell, they even went after Toys 'R Us.

But last month's fiasco may have been the final straw.

UFC is coming out swinging with a new website titled "'The Truth About Culinary 226," a dot-com dig that will expose a history of "spending recklessly and squandering [Union] resources" (via Bloody Elbow). In addition, ZUFFA outlines how the "union has been charged with at least 257 unfair labor practices (ULPs) since January 2000, alleging failure to satisfy its duty of fair representation, discrimination, and harassment."

See more here.

The gist of the site is to call the Union out for its phony-bologna stance on moral do-goodery. UFC claims 226 doesn't care about how the legalization of mixed martial arts (MMA) impacts society. Instead, it's payback, or perhaps punishment, stemming from a longstanding feud over the unionization of employees at Station Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Owned by the Fertitta brothers, who not coincidentally own UFC.

I'm not sure what kind of impact this new website will have, if any, but at least there is a point of reference for the uninitiated who may need help discerning between parties in the fight to get MMA sanctioned in New York, where it is currently outlawed.

Read more on that here. See "The Truth Abut Culinary 226" by clicking here.

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