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Vitor Belfort wanted MMA reporter beaten for asking him TRT questions at UFC on FX 8 presser in Brazil

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Bro, do you even train? Silly little reporter, Vitor Belfort will not answer your TRT questions, so don't bother asking!

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

I guess Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is kind of a touchy subject for Vitor Belfort.

"The Phenom," who just last week said he was not ashamed of the controversial treatment for aging athletes (or those who claim to be scrotistically challenged), refused to answer questions regarding TRT following his knockout win over Luke Rockhold (watch it here) at the UFC on FX 8 post-fight press conference in Brazil.

Gag, meet order.

Apparently, "The Phenom" was so incensed by the question, he asked to have the reporter, John Morgan from MMA Junkie, beaten up for even daring to broach the subject, according to one of Brazil's top mixed martial arts (MMA) news outlets.

Calm down, bro.

Belfort recently said he was not afraid of anything, but I suppose Morgan proved that theory wrong. In Johnny's defense, it was a press conference, which is designed to let the media ask questions about topics relevant to the performances seen earlier in the night.

And TRT is about as relevant as it gets right now.

UFC President Dana White has been on the fence about its application in combat sports. While he did vow to "test the shit out of anyone using it," he hasn't been in much of a hurry to book the new division number one contender (we think) anywhere but his native Brazil.

Not that it matters, I suppose, since Belfort said it was God who gave him his strength.

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