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Strikeforce vs. UFC: How the fighters stack up by promotion

Since Strikeforce was shut down earlier this year, a total of 35 fights featuring 'forced crossover' fighters have taken place. How have they done so far? See for yourself.


This post was originally inspired by Tim Burke's article a couple weeks ago on the same subject, but with UFC on FX 8 recently signed, sealed and delivered (results here), we're now an event deeper and two fights further into the "UFC vs. Strikeforce" record.

Let's go to the scorecards.

The overall Strikeforce fighter (SF) record since closure through UFC on FX 8: 17-18

SF vs. established Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter record: 16-17
SF vs. debuting non-SF UFC fighter record: 1-1 (Gegard Mousasi def. Ilir Latifi, Cat Zingano def. Miesha Tate)

SF fighter record by division:
Heavyweight: 1-0
Light Heavyweight: 2-1
Middleweight: 3-2
Welterweight: 5-6*
Lightweight: 5-5
Featherweight : 0-2
Female Bantamweight: 1-2

*Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Yuri Villefort was technically a catchweight fight, but for the sake of argument, it will be included at 170 pounds.

Fights between two Strikeforce fighters: Three (Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche, Adlan Amagov vs. Chris Spang, Burrell vs. Villefort).

Method of victory and defeat for SF:

Wins by KO/TKO: Five
Wins by Submission: Four
Wins by Decision: Eight
Losses by KO/TKO: Eight
Losses by Submission: One
Losses by Decision: Nine

For those curious as to why people like Nate Marquardt and Robbie Lawler are under Strikeforce, they both count. They were in Strikeforce when it closed and then moved back to UFC. They would have likely continued on as Strikeforce fighters otherwise.

The lines, in my opinion, are very easy to draw in those cases.

Basically, I'll leave the debate up to you (and I know a few Maniacs in particular who are guaranteed to bring their own particular brand of... special arguments to the table), but it's pretty clear by the numbers that quite a few people are UFC caliber.

None of the big names have succeeded at the championship level, even people who came over before the closure including Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Luke Rockhold and Alistair Overeem.

But many certainly belonged.

UPDATE: I'd like to put in two things of note that have been brought to my attention since this article was published. The first, which is directly related to the article at hand is that Pat Healy's win was overturned into a no-contest, making the record 16-18 (1NC).

Secondly, people have asked why I didn't include previous fighters that were brought over before the closure of Strikeforce? For starters, that wasn't the intent of Tim's original article, nor was it mine. However, since people have asked, I posted in the comments section below the other people involved, and the record of those people (Jason Miller, Cung Le, 'Reem, etc). It's 14-15. 15-17 (1NC) if you add in Jake Shields. Add all of those changes up and it is 32-35 (2NC)

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