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GLORY 8 results and LIVE kickboxing fight coverage online from Tokyo

GLORY 8 will broadcast live from Tokyo, Japan, later tonight and into tomorrow morning (Fri., May 3, 2013), featuring the Glory Featherweight Quarterfinal tournament. The kickboxing action is scheduled to kick off at 2 a.m. ET and run into the wee hours. will provide LIVE round-by-round results of all the GLORY 8 action below.


GLORY, the world's premiere kickboxing organization, will return to the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan, later tonight (Fri., May 3, 2013) at 2 a.m. ET for the 65 kg 'Slam' featherweight tournament.

Click here to watch the live online video stream of the entire event.

The quarterfinal puts Mosab Amrani against Marcus Vinicius, Masaaki Noiri against Liam Harrison, Abdellah Ezbiri against Gabriel Varga and Yuta Kubo against Chibin Lim, with each winner climbing up the tournament ladder for the semifinal bouts later in the evening.

Also on the GLORY 8 card are K-1 legends Jerome LeBanner and Peter Aerts.

LeBanner will be facing Japanese Muay Thai Champion Koichi Pettas in a rematch after stopping Pettas with just 13 seconds left in their last bout back in January. Aerts will have a hard night ahead of him against the seemingly unstoppable Jamal Ben Saddik, who is coming off back-to-back wins against Remy Bonjasky and Errol Zimmerman.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of GLORY 8 starting with the online PPV broadcast at 1 a.m. ET, which you can watch online RIGHT HERE.

Check out GLORY 8 quick results and play-by-play coverage below.


Featherweight Tournament Final:

Yuto Kubo def. Masaaki Noiri via decision

Main Card:

Peter Aerts def. Jamal Ben Saddik via TKO
Andy Ristie def. Albert Kraus via KO

Featherweight Tournament Semifinals:

Yuta Kubo def. Gabriel Varga via decision
Masaaki Noiri def. Mosab Amrani via decision

Jerome Le Banner def. Koichi Pettas via decision
Yoshihiro Sato def. SungHyun Lee via decision

Featherweight Tournament Quarterfinals:

Yuta Kubo def. Chibin Lim via KO
Gabriel Varga def. Abdellah Ezbiri via decision
Masaaki Noiri def. Liam Harrison via TKO cut stoppage
Mosab Amrani def. Marcus Vinicius via decision

Tournament Reserve Bouts:

Chonglek Super Pro Samui def. Zen Fujita via decision
Andre Bruhl def. Yukihiro Komiya via decision


Pete here, with a minute to showtime.

Yuta Kubo vs. Masaaki Noiri

Round one: Kubo opens with a flurry that doesn't find it's mark. Noiri working his low kick fairly effectively. Kubo goes hard twice to the body and then again when they clinch up. They clinch again and Noiri again throwing heel kicks from the clinch. Noiri lands a nice left hook up top and then a knee in the clinch. Kubo now starting to add some volume punches. Kubo forces the clinch and gets hit twice on the break. Kubo puts a nice combination together. Kubo is going with a lead uppercut to the body over and over again. At the end of a tournament that has to be adding up. Kubo catches a kick and kicks the other one out. Kubo throws a spinning back kick on the bell which connects as Noiri puts his hands down. The kick lands low. They're asking if he can continue.

10-9 Kubo

The illegal blow broke the cup strap. They are replacing it.

Round two: Ten minutes later they restart. Noiri goes back to working the low kicks. Kubo is firing hard with hands at the head. Kubo now shoving Noiri. Noiri responds with a head level kick. Kubo throwing way more volume in this fight. Kubo starts working side kicks. He's again shoving Noiri and now landing outside knees to the body. Nice uppercut from Kubo. More heels to the leg in the clinch from Noiri. Kubo again pounding in some punches and Kubo has clearly done the better work.

20-18 Kubo

Round three: They immediately clinch up and start throwing. Kubo again looking to go to the body. They clinch, break, and Kubo's right back in. Noiri throws a nice two, kick. Kubo comes back with a nice flurry. Kubo working the teep. Noiri tries to knee in the clinch and gets tossed. Kubo leaps right back in with a knee and another clinch. Kubo pressing his man against the ropes. A timeout and warning is called. They go back in and Kubo lands a two punch combination that puts Noiri to the mat. Noiri comes in swinging and looks like he's going out on his shield.

30-27 Kubo

Final result: Yuto Kubo def. Masaaki Noiri via decision


Peter Aerts vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Round one: Aerts starts in on Kamal early, throwing from kind of out of range. Jamal throws some wild shots, knocking Aerts back. Almost every shot Jamal throws puts him down. Clean uppercut puts Aerts down for the 8 count. A time out is called to look at a cut opened up over Aerts eye, but they will resume. Jamal swinging like a mad man. Aerts throws a kick and gets plowed over. Jamal lands a mean body kick and then a knee. Aerts stalks forward and they clinch. Jamal again pawing pretty wild. They call time to check Aerts' cut again. They restart. Aerts starts swinging some nice low kicks. Jamal still head hunting. Jamal puts Aerts to the ropes. Those long punches crashing into Aerts.

10-8 Jamal

Round two: Aerts starts hard and heavy, he throws three punches into Jamal and knocks his man down. They start trading haymakers like a Rocky movie. This may be the least technical contest I've seen. Another time out is called for the eye. But they restart right away. Aerts running in like a lunatic, pushes his man back. He gets Jamal to the corner and drops him for another count with a straight right. Another pawing, wild swinging exchange. They're just throwing everything they got. Clumsy spinning fist from Jamal. Jamal gets knocked down by another knee. TKO victory for Aerts.

Final result: Peter Aerts def. Jamal Ben Saddik via TKO


Albert Kraus vs. Andy Ristie

Round one: Andy comes out right away firing with hands and knees. Kraus throwing some punches with bad intentions but not really landing. Andy is landing low kicks with reckless abandon, now. Kraus pushes his man to the corner and flurries but doesn't land much. Andy back on the offensive. Andy is really working his teeps and leg kicks effectively. Nice kick overhand combination by Ristie. Kraus is just on the receiving end of most of this. Kraus is closing but not landing. Kraus presses forward with punches and lands a few. The clinch breaks and Andy goes back to work with long punches then kicks.

10-9 Andy

Round two: Andy start off again with a big exchange. Andy presses forward with knees and comes up over the top with a knee to the chin, putting Kraus to the canvas. The count starts and the ref waves it off.

Final result: Andy Ristie def. Albert Kraus via KO


Yuta Kubo vs. Gabriel Varga

Round one: Varga opens with a kick that totally wiffs, Kubo answers with a solid kick of his own. Kubo stalking in, defending Varga's kick attempts. Kubo slips and they clinch to no result. Kubo pumping in some nice one-two kick combinations but not landing any of them perfectly. Kubo goes twice to the body hard which actually seems to make Varga turn on in response. Varga is much more timid here than he was in his last fight. Kubo wiffs a spinning heel kick. Kubo gets in tight and shoe shines Varga's body. Very little seems to be happening in the clinch. Kubo lands a kick to the head and then two hooks puts Varga to the canvas. They call it a slip but it seals the round.

10-9 Kubo

Round two: Kubo pumping out the jab, early. Varga trying some quick body and leg kicks. Working much better for him in this round. Kubo comes in hard and tags Varga with a hook up top in the clinch. Varga trying to put that straight right down the middle, gets tagged with a hook. Another shoe shine to Varga's body on the clinch. Kubo ducks a big shot from Varga and goes to the body to counter. Varga working the low kick, again landing pretty solidly. Kubo lands a jab up top. Then goes to the body with hooks, yet again. Varga dives in and gets countered. They clinch at the end of the round.

20-18 Kubo

Round three: Kubo pumping out the jab. Varga comes in with two hard combinations. He's probably feeling the urgency. Kubo tries to size up the spinning back fist twice before finding it. Varga lands a nice low kick. Kubo having a little moretrouble finding his man this time. They clinch up, Varga trying to bully him but Kubo does't have and of it. Kubo lands his first real big shot. He's going to have to put a few of those together, this fight isn't in the bag. They clinch up and Varga full on throws him and gets a warning. Kubo gets up. He lands two hooks. Varga throwing hard. Gets pushed into the corner at the end. This may go to over time rounds.

Final result: Yuta Kubo def. Gabriel Varga via decision


Mosab Amrani vs. Masaaki Noiri

Round one: Noiri throwing a quick set of kicks out. Mosab sizing up that lead uppercut. Mosab is really pushing out the punches. Noiri manages to retake the center of the ring and pump out some round kicks to the legs. Big uppercut from Mosab lands hard. Noiri coming in hard now, high kick gets blocked. Mosab bullying the younger fighter with punches. Mosab now going to the teep without much success. Mosab loading up on his overhands, it seems like he wants that big shot. Noiri lands some hard knees, backing up Mosab. Mosab slips. It gets harsh as Noiri lands a high kick at the very end. Exceptionally close round.

10-9 Mosab.

Round two: Mosab tries to t-off early on. He catches a kick and unloads on Noiri. Noiri now trying to counter with straights over the top. Nice low kick from Noiri. Mosab pounding in that straight into two hooks to the body over and over. Mosab again switching stances a lot. Nice combinations from Mosab. Mosab slips backward. Noiri getting creative hitting Mosab in the thigh during the clinch. Noiri tries a spinning back fist that gets ducked and they end up on the ropes. Mosab throwing such crisp combinations but Noiri still in the game, actually winning out in the clinch. Noiri throws a spinning heel kick that wiffs by Mosab. They end in the clinch.

20-18 Mosab.

Round three: Noiri getting the upper hand landing some serious low kicks early on. Mosab throwing some straight shots. His punches don't seem to have the same pop. Noiri turning up the heat, now. Landing some nice uppercuts. This might be Noiri's best round. Nice spinning back fist by Mosab. Noiri shrugs it off. Noiri again using his heel against Mosab's leg in the clinch. Really pushing forward. This is a brutal fight. Mosab gets turned around and Noiri punishes him with a series to the head. If the last round split, Noiri could actually get this. A big spinning back fist from Noiri and Mosab actually seems hurt at the end. This is anyone's fight.

Final result: Masaaki Noiri def. Mosab Amrani via decision


Jerome Le Banner vs. Koichi Pettas

Round one: Le Banner stalking in. Koichi sizing him up, pumping out the jab. Jerome swings in hard with two up top and a kick. Le Banner picking those inside leg kicks. Le Banner is just so much bigger. Big straight from Le Banner. Koichi taking it like a champ, biding his time. Le Banner has him with his back to the ropes. Koichi landing a straight and kick from the outside. Le Banner still stalking in, bullying Koichi with punches. Koichi is offering a little but offense is all Le Banner

10-9 Le Banner.

Round two: Koichi pumping out the jab, again. Le Banner answering with your standard one-two and kick. Le Banner keeping it simple. Short, two punch combinations. Aiming his kicks after his punches, working the body and legs. Koichi answering the pressure by turning up the pace with straight punches. Koichi is matching output but just appears to be the less damaging fighter, by far. Koichi landing a nice straight up top. Le Banner answering with some bad intentions. Koichi is against the ropes. He's in trouble. Koichi answering with whatever he can but he's hurt. Koichi survives on guts alone.

20-18 Le Banner

Round three: Le Banner starts in again with the straight left hand. Koichi trying to answer with low kicks. Le Banner seems to be throwing fewer kicks or body punches. He wants that head. Koichi lands two separate combinations, both land clean. Best offense he had all fight. Le Banner responds with a nasty body kick. Koichi is starting to fade. Le Banner now bullying Koichi against the ropes, really going to hurt him. Every time Le Banner turns it on, Koichi responds with just enough to get Le Banner to back off. Le Banner comes in with a hook series and nother body kick. Koichi has taken a shocking amount of damage to the body for a man who is still standing. Le Banner ends still pouring it on.

30-27 Le Banner

Final result: Jerome Le Banner def. Koichi Pettas via decision


Yoshihiro Sato vs. SungHyun Lee

Round one: Sato poking out the jab right away. Lee throwing some rapid low kicks and punches but is receiving some abuse for his trouble. The clinches are coming fast and furious but without doing much damamge. Nice knee from Sato. Lee landing a nice kick but Sato is throwing some long knees against his smaller opponent. Outside knees and knees from the clinch both working for Sato. Lee lands a nice two punch combination. Sato working the teep and the knees, again. Lee always seems to land one punch coming in but then gets the worse of the clinch. The knees seem to be doing some good damage.

10-9 Sato

Round two: They immediately get back to clinching. Lee getting some punches coming in, but Sato still just walking straight in and kneeing. Nice hands from Lee with a one-two, upper. A knee from the clinch appears to hurt Lee but he shrugs it off. Lee landing some nice uppercuts. The size advantage of Sato is just so much it's hard to imagine Lee doing damage no matter how slick his punches. Lee now getting Sato on his heels. Lee snapping Sato's head back but they keep clinching up and Sato is just doing better there. Sato ends with a teep. Much closer round but the home town boy still takes it.

20-18 Sato.

Round three: Lee tries to go to work but again we see clinching and kneeing. Lee is landing a few uppercuts to the body. Then to the head. It will require a knockdown to make up the deficit, however. Lee snapping Sato's head back with that uppercut. Sato still throwing knees early and often. Lee ripping to the body trying to do some damage. Sato just keeps on forcing the clinch, Lee finally gets something going with some big hooks his man. Sato responds and for the last thirty we're in a brawl.

29-28 Sato

Final result: Yoshihiro Sato def. SungHyun Lee via decision


Yuta Kubo vs. Chibin Lim

Round one: Both men pumping out some jabs. Lim tries that right high kick but wiffs. A little bit of circling and getting to know you. Kubo draws first bloody with two long kicks. Nice combination ending at the body from Kubo. Lim starting to work the teep. They clash knees kicking. They clinch up multiple times with neither man really gaining the advantage. Lim getting pushed back and eats a few to the body. Kubo lands a nice body kick. Nice right hook from Kubo, Lim a little hesitant. Kubo comes back in with a solid straight. Lim throwing some low kicks but seems to lack an answer. Good hook from Lim at the end.

10-9 Kubo

Round two: Kubo lobbing in that low kick. Lim now landing with jabs and lead uppercuts. Lim slips and Kubo backs him up to the corner. Lim working that outside leg kick very well. Kubo loading up his overhand left. Kubo putting his head right in Lim's face and going body, body, head. Lim needs to keep this on the outside and land those leg kicks, Kubo beating his man to the punch, always seems first. Lim landing a few hooks of his own. Kubo attempts a back fist and lands an accidental elbow. Kubo slips as they exchange low kicks. Lim atches a kick and tosses his man. Kubo gets back up and answers with a low kick. They clinch up and Kubo lands a knee that drops Lim. Lim is down for the full count.

Final result: Yuta Kubo def. Chibin Lim via KO


Abdellah Ezbiri vs. Gabriel Varga

Round one: Ezbiri coming in hard trying to bully Varga with punch kick combinations. Twice in a row, Varga catches the low kick and shoves him down. Ezbiri tries to answer and Varga trips him again. Nice two overhands by Varga, making a good showing as an underdog, early. Ezbiri starting to get that lead upper to the body working. Now Varga going to the body. Lands a nice knee inside the clinch. Ezbiri working the teep, slips again. Ezbiri looks hurt as Varga starts throwing a big overhand. Ezbiri pouring on some offense in the end but Varga is walking him down with hard shots. Ezbiri making good use of the low kick. Ezbiri working some nice body kicks. Varga walks his man down to the ropes and adds another body shot for good measure at the bell.

10-9 Varga

Round two: Varga opening. Ezbiri trying to pour it on. Turning into a brawl, here, which Ezbiri seems more equipped for. They clinch up and Varga throws him down. Now Ezbiri getting some offense going. But they clinch up and a brutal knee from Varga. Varga is landing better and keeping his man on the ropes but Ezbiri is throwing everything but the kitchen sink. Nice back kick to the body from Varga. Varga now landing to the body. Looks like Ezbiri is finally starting to fade. Two big knees from Varga. Ezbiri in trouble. Getting kneed then eating punches when he gets backed up. Ezbiri getting beat here. The repeated tossings to the ground in the clinch don't help.

20-18 Varga

Round three: Varga goes first for the first time. Ezbiri not looking to go without an answer. Varga lands some hard kicks to the body and legs. Ezbiri throws a nice spinning heel kick that partially gets through. Ezbiri not looking to go without a fight. Varga landing to the body. Ezbiri putting on a brave fight but he is just getting beat to the big shots. Varga's landing knees in the clinch. Ezbiri gets lit up by a three punch combination. Varga can do no wrong in the final minute. A nice flurry exchange but Varga gets the better of it. Ezbiri is still swinging like he can win this one. But Varga has to be the one to have it.

30-27 Varga

Final result: Gabriel Varga def. Abdellah Ezbiri via decision


Masaaki Noiri vs. Liam Harrison

Round one: Noiri starting with a fast right low kick. Harrison answers back with more of the same. Harrison getting a nice jab going. Noiri answers. Harrison starts in with some high low combinations to break the stalemate. Noiri puts in a nice knee. Harrison's jab seems to be getting past the defenses. These guys refuse to leave the pocket. It's a little amazing. Harrison slips off one of his own kicks and they resume. Again, both men right in front of each other Noiri now going to the body a little. Trying to tripple up on that jab. Harrison throws a fierce knee to the outside. Harrison lands a nice hook upstairs. Again, swinging from the pocket. Noiri putting some stuff together. Gutsy round, hard to call.

10-9 Harrison

Round two: Noiri opening the festivities. Again, neither man utilizing the ring. Harrison lands some good shots. Noiri comes back in a hurry with some straight swings. Brutal knee, straight up the middle into Noiri's groin and Noiri is down and not moving. This may be over due to accidental NC. Still waiting on Noiri. He is now seated in his corner. Noiri is back up and ready to fight. Noiri gets a kick caught and he gets tripped up. Noiri gets an offensive going. Harrison landing some good knees. Noiri answers with another. Harrison knees. Noiri throws a flying knee that cuts Harrison over the eye. It's called due to cut stoppage.

Final result: Masaaki Noiri def. Liam Harrison via TKO cut stoppage


Mosab Amrani vs. Marcus Vinicius

Round one: Marcus starting on offense with some straights and a low kick. Marcus showing no respect to a man who, on paper, is supposed to beat him. Mosab now getting his game working with some outside knees. Lands a nice uppercut to the body. Mosab throwing some flying knees from the outside. Marcus answering with bad intentions one his kicks. Mosab lobbing out a lot of kicks. Marcus suddenly much more patient. Spoke to soon as they have a pretty rough exchange. Mosab lands the meanest low kick of the night. He tries again and Marcus answers with three punches over the top. Mosab switching to and from south paw trying to confuse his man. Hard round to score.

10-9 Mosab

Round two:Mosab working the teep early. Big head kick misses. Mosab now getting his groove a little. Marcus coming in hard, throws some shoe shine hooks to the body. Marcus now answering with authority, backing up Marcus and going to the body with some long shots. Marcus holding his lead arm out to fake Mosab. Mosab answers. Mosab is landing a nice left shovel hook from both southpaw and righty. Mosab comes in pouring it on at the end of the round. He's throwing the outside uppercut then leaping in with the knee. Marcus finally getting a little timid in the face of Mosab's offense.

20-18 Mosab

Round three: Marcus stalking in early. Mosab throwing knees from the outside with bad intentions. Marcus answers with another knee, but he's hanging back a little while Mosab leaps towards him, swinging for the fences. Nice jab by Marcus. Mosab seems like he wants to put this dude away something fierce. This may be a tiring bout for him considering he may have up to two more fights, tonight. Marcus ducking and shoves Mosab down off a kick attempt. Marcus coming in with the old 1-2-3, Mosab answers. Mosab again landing that left uppercut. Marcus trying to put on an offense but he can't quite find his man, anymore. Big right hand from Mosab. Marcus answers with a nice one of his own at the end, but it looks like too little, too late.

30-27 Mosab.

Final result: Mosab Amrani def. Marcus Vinicius via decision


Chonglek Super Pro Samui vs. Zen Fujita

Round one: Zen lobbing out a few low kicks all get checked down. Samui lands a nice straight up top in combination. Fujita forces the clinch but it gets broken up. Samui is backing Fujita up into the corner and throws a big combination. Fujita avoids and gets out. Two kicks caught by Fujita but he can't do anything with it. Samui is now loading up a lot on that overhand right but can't land it. Big teep to Fujita's face. A lot of clinching up here, Samui seemingly getting the better of the knee exchanges. Fujita is not shy with that leg kick but is keeps getting checked. Samui enjoying that straight-hook leg kick combination lands it twice.

10-9 Samui

Round two: Fujita starting busy with that kick. Samui answers. Another straight-hook-leg kick combination. Fujita catches a kick from Samui yet again but can't get anything to come from it. Some more clinching. Fujita gets his bell rung with a right and Fujita is taunting him to bring more. Samui catches a kick and answers, Fujita answers back with his best shot of the night. Another kick caught and this time Fujita lands a good counter. More competitive than the last round but Samui still seems to have the advantage. Now just beating Fujita to the punch. Another nice combination and mean knees by Samui. Samui catches a kick and throws a wild punch that misses.

20-18 Samui

Round three: Fujita opening, trying to get a jab going but gets right into some wild swings. Samui utilizing some good knees and short punches on the break. Fujita is pressing forward and forcing the clinch but seems to be getting the worst of it while he's there. Fujita now pouring on everything he's got. He can back Samui up but he can't quite hurt him. Nice low kick sweep by Samui. Fujita keeps pressing forward but they again clinch, exchange, and Samui looks better for it. Nice combination from Fujita. Samui returns fire with a big overhand. Again, lots of clinching. Fujita just can't get it done in spite of a gutsy performance.

30-27 Samui

Final result: Chonglek Super Pro Samui def. Zen Fujita via decision


Andre Bruhl vs. Yukihiro Komiya

Round one: Bruhl opens trying to poke with the teep. Komiya returns fire with a few jabs and that long body kick. Komiya throws the first long combination but doesn't land anything. Bruhl coming in behind that jab, using his body position to muscle his man. Bruhl pushes him down. Nice fade by Burhl to avoid the head kick and come right back. Bruhl again stalking forward behind his jab. Komiya is lobbing out some kicks but mostly just beating up Bruhl's arm. Bruhl throwing two and three punch combinations. A lot of head hunting and he's landing. Komiya is trying to return fire but missing often. Bruhl now teeping high. Scrapes Komiya's face. Komiya trying to work his kicks. Does land two teeps towards the end.

10-9 Bruhl

Round two: Komiya tries to start aggressive but Bruhl is right in his face. Bruhl gets aggressive and gets tripped for his trouble. Komiya starting to turn the tide. They clinch up, Bruhl lands a nice knee but gets pushed over. Komiya starting to try out the jab. They trade jabs with Bruhl getting the better of it. Komiya trying to poke with leg kicks but is having a little trouble with his range. Komiya starting to do well forcing the clinch and brawling a little bit. Bruhl back to trying to reestablish the jab. Komiya clinches up and throws some good knees. That body kick that Bruhl keeps blocking seems to be working as Bruhl's arm is a little mussed up.

19-19 All

Round three: With everything to play for, Komiya is really turning up the pace with that body kick. Big flurry by Komiya. Hard to tell is any hit but he is just throwing a lot. They clinch up and Bruhl gets flung against the ropes but answers with some straights. They get broken and clinch up again after a punch or two. This is becoming an ugly fight. Now they trade kicks and clinch up and exchange again. Bruhl seems to be landing more often by Komiya is putting out more offense. Hard to tell where the advantage is. Komiya tries to push the pace and gets lit the eff up in a fast paced exchange. Komiya not going out into that good night, still pushing the pace. Komiya loading up on that outside knee. Bruhl throwing everything he's got. This is anyone's fight.

Final result: Andre Bruhl def. Yukihiro Komiya via decision


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